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Lost love

08 November 2008 - 06:28 AM

Hello ..
I've been reading fanfic for the last two monthes, thanks for all the writers that I have read there fics.
So I made my mind yesterday and I felt that I need to make my own fic as well.

here my first fanfic called "Lost love" ..
sorry for the grammars mistakes If there is some :drool:

Chapter 1 :

Summer 2008, in the middle of meeting with the leaders of H!P groups. "Before you go I need to tell you something" Nakazawa said that while giving unsure look to Abe-san. "Well, there will be a special guest will join us in this event and the H!P graduation concert". "I know who is it" Miki whisper to Aya ear. "Goto-san will be joining us in this 2 events", "WHY?! She didn't graduated already" Abe replay with annoyed fac. "yes she is, but she is our special guest" Yasuda –san reply trying to explain.
After a while the meeting is over, "Nachii, come here I need to talk to you" Nakazawa walk toward her with smile trying to cheer her up, "Is there more special shocks today?","Don't give me this look" she start to play with nachii hair, "Forget about what happened in the past and try to enjoy your last duty as H!P member", "How can I forget what she did" she reply with a deep sad look. Nakazawa start to scratch the back of her head, don't know what to say. She knows that nachii still have feeling for Goto.
She grip nachii hand and walk out of the room, "come on I will buy you some ice-cream", "Thank you yuko but I feel like going home early today", "Are you sure?", "Yes" Abe hugged yuko and leave.

Ai enter morning musume dressing room with some papers in her hands. She saw that everyone busy with talking and no one noticed her except Risa, she come near Ai and ask her "How was the meeting?"
"umm, not to well in the end" Ai reply with unsure eyes. "Gather the girls", "Girls come here and sit on the table Ai have something to tell us" Risa shout. "Ooh Ai, when did you come?!"Reian asked. "While you were busy with Eri" Rina blushed. "Anyways, we have a trip to Hawaii next week with all H!P members, we will have FC event and we will shoot two photo books there", "That’s all?!" Koharu asked, "No there will be a special guest will join us in the trip and the H!P graduation concert".
"Who?!!" they all replay together, "Goto-san" Ai replay looking at Reina shock face and Eri hurt face.
The silent fill the room. "Why the hell my heart beating so fast when I heard her name" Rina thoughts.
Ai break the silent "Well, here your schedule for Hawaii trip no one interest to have a look?"
"Is there a free day?" sayumi asked with hope eyes. "Yes there is, anyways go home for now and have a rest, the trip will be after 3 days from now".

They all walked out of the room heading back home, but the atmosphere changed when Nakazawa-san come near Reina "I need to talk to you for a minute Tanaka-san", "I will be waiting for you in the parking lot", Reina nod and give Eri the key of the car. Eri sitting in the car with a lot of thoughts in her head, suddenly Rina open the door and start to drive in silent heading home. Eri tried to say something but when she saw Reina eyes she changed her mind and keep quiet.
"What with this hurt eyes Reina, Am here for you, Am here to hug you and kiss your pain away" Eri thoughts.
"Am sorry Eri, but I can't involve you in this" Reina thoughts.

Ai apartment 10:46pm. Risa moving around with her white robe preparing to take a shower and Ai sitting on the sofa.
"ouch" Ai shout in pain, "mo, Ai how many times I have told you to wait for your coffee to get little bit cold" Ai stick her tongue out in pain, "Let me see" Risa get close to Ai and sit on her lap "Its hurt" Ai look to Risa in pain. "Let me cool it for you" Risa get close to Ai face and start to suck Ai tongue for few minutes, "Better?", "Yes" Ai start to blush like little kid. Risa smirked "How cute", "What?", "Your face so cute when you blush". Risa get up from Ai lap and make her way to the bedroom "I need to talk a shower", "Wait for me I will take it with you, I need to finish what you start".


well I like TakaGaki so I will try to make a lot of action of them in the next chapters lol, and who knows if there relationship will stay XD joking ..