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Your real-life 48 Experiences

01 July 2013 - 07:31 PM

Post your stories or tales of akb here!  One of the best things about this fandom is how many different events there are and often how accessible the girls are to fans.  If you one day get to see them in person, it's something you'll want to share!  I'll start things off.



AKB48 So Long! Handshake Event 5/26,6/1

I had written details down a month ago but when I upgraded my computer I accidentally wiped the file :blink: .  So aside form NGOs report which I had written elsewhere some of them may be a little short...but sweet!  This event was at Makuhari Messe which is actually the same place where I attended Gocchin's final concert more than a year prior so I was feeling confident that I could at least get to the correct train station this time (of course there's more than one makuhari station).  Well, I guess it went just a tad better...


Small AKB Cafe side story
At the Cafe, the girl asked for our oshimen and I told her Sayaka for my friend.  Last time I was there they just gave you a random coaster but this time I thought they would actually give you who you want.  Well, almost.  She brought them out and started mixing them up.  My friend wasn't ready for this and he ended up missing out on Sayaka's coaster  :fp: .  I was laughing though and the girl also was having a good time laughing at his misfortune :lolol: .  It's funny because they really mix them up slowly on purpose so anyone can get it right.

AKB Stock Market Exchange

08 December 2012 - 10:01 PM

This game is pretty legit. I would recommend trying it out. Make an account and you start with 1 million yen to buy stocks.
the tutorial is here http://www.48kei.net/tutorial

It's like buying stocks but the stocks are of girls in the 48 groups. You buy and sell and get dividends when they do something or have a special events etc. You can get badges of your oshi that cost more and more money and are just for show :gitaa:

Honestly this thing is really well done...get on it!

Cowboy Bebop

08 September 2008 - 05:25 AM

Cowboy Bebop might have been the first anime i ever saw, pretty sure it was. It is and always will be my favorite. The great thing about it is this: even if ur with ppl who don't like anime or that kind of stuff AT ALL they will love bebop. That has happened to me a lot and it just happened this weekend again which is wut brought this up. All the characters are great i think it's a perfect cast, I love the animation, the fights, the humor, it's just pure pwn.

Posted Image

Ikebukuro West Gate Park

04 April 2008 - 11:18 PM

hey i just started watching this drama on youtube it's pretty sweet. I found it only after i saw YanPapa because Maki was in it. Then i found this one because it had both Ai Kato ( <3 )and Tomoya Nagase. I'm only on episode 3 but from wut i can tell it's about some gang and the main characters trying to find this killer who takes girls to Love Hotels and kills them. Oh ya and it has Ken Watanabe! I was freakin excited when i actually recognized someone in a JDrama wow...anyway im hooked.
EDIT: damn i did a pulled a marathon to finish it and it was awesome! now my favorite show XD . There are so many characters and they all are acted great, you really feel for them.
Here are some of the major chars that were awesome:
Posted Image Kubozuka Yosuke :they call him King and he's a gang leader and Makoto's(the main char) friend, he's a badass
Posted ImageKato Ai: She plays Hikaru, Makoto's best friend, she can be annoying but i think i love her (Ai)
Posted ImageNagase Tomoya: Makoto, the main char, he's pretty badass like King
Posted ImageYokoyama (Watanabe Ken ) bet's Makoto his BMW he can beat him at bowling even tho he's never played lol
Posted Imageone more...Yamashita Tomohisa as Shun. His role isn't quite as active or important but from comments it appears girls think he's o so cute (I don't buy it)