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In Topic: Nonaka Miki (野中美希)

11 December 2019 - 09:53 AM

I still think there is a decent possibility that she didn’t know the meaning of “I’m cumming”
This isn’t a diss against her English, since it is plenty fine, and I’m not saying she is a prude either, but I don’t see many opportunities for her to pick up sexual slang.

First of all, like mentioned before, she left America when she was about 10 and I also didn’t even know what “cumming” meant until I was about 15. But most importantly, her teenage years and young adult life have been spent being busy with school and work. It also seems that she keeps up with piano, which is a huge workload that the average teenage kid can’t even dream of.

Almost all of her daily interactions are in Japanese. If she didn’t know the concept of orgasm or how to say it in Japanese, that would be pretty surprising. I do not see her having her many instances to have more “PG-13 or R rated” conversations in English. Even though I’ve been learning Japanese for a long time, I still sometimes surprise myself by gaps in vocabulary that everyone, including I would assume I know. For example I just had a revelation last night that I don’t know the word for “spit”, neither the noun or verb.

I can easily see the situation on the radio playing out like this:

-Corner is for girls saying mostly non-erotic words, but saying them sexily for laughs
-Someone suggests “I’m coming” thinking they’re so witty
-Sanma or whoever knows what “cumming” is and thinks this is hilarious and goes with that
-Miki sees “I’m coming” and thinks like I’m coming (to your house) or something along those lines.
-She goes along with it “I’m coming~~”

Unless Miki is spending her free time watching western porn or R rated media, or is talking with friends in English in vivid details about their sexual escapades, there is a very real chance she never came across this slang.


While I don’t think the segment is “classy”, I’m not freaking out about it, and I’m not gonna lie, it got a good laugh out of me when I heard it.
I would also prefer if she did know what it meant and was just having a laugh about it, because she might feel bad about being duped into saying something really sexual. I have flashbacks to class when some kids asked me about liking roast beef, and as a certified beef lover said yes, and the whole class laughed at me. After asking around I figured out what “roast beef” was slang for, and in retrospect in that context it should have been obvious.

I’m just salty that some random Japanese person quotes me on 2ch and says it’s naive to think that she doesn’t know what it means, when it is perfectly plausible that she doesn’t. Whatever, 2ch dude, I say you are naive for assuming that being proficient in another language means that you magically know all vocabulary and slang. Some people like Miki are too busy being a professional awesome person performer to sit around all day looking at smut online, unlike you, 2ch dude.

In Topic: Country Girls

18 October 2019 - 09:09 PM

Man, Country Girls management must have really treated their girls like garbage to only have two remaining members in H!P, and the only ones that stayed are a girl that left CM years ago, and the other in their flagship group but always seems depressed (at least to me). We know they put the group on the back burner, but I also wonder if Uta’s family saw a lot of red flags and that’s why they took her out?

I also am curious as to Funakki’s decision, was she upset and decided to go down with the group as retaliation, or is she tired of this idol life and this was just an easy out for her?

They have been adding new girls to H!P at an alarming rate lately, maybe they’re trying to “clean house”? Or maybe they just have too many girls to take care of with too little staff to manage it well.

I don’t know, things don’t seem good to me.

In Topic: Hello! Project Kenshuusei Recitals 2019

30 April 2019 - 12:52 AM

Edit: I’m stupid

In Topic: Shouwa Era Idols (1970s & 1980s)

07 April 2018 - 09:28 AM

Finally getting around to making a post...I'm a very big fan of 70's idols. I'll put all of the videos in spoilers.


Ishino Mako


Probably my favorite idol from this time, she's so adorable and it's so fun to see her bop around on stage. She is still so adorable, even though she's already 57! She exudes cuteness at every moment. (Debuted in 78 and had a relatively short idol career, about 3 years, but has a lot of material from this time) She mostly sung cute/fun pop songs, very 70's.




Itou Sakiko


Why do I like her so much? I don't know, I just do. She seems kind of awkward as a teenager, but still has an elegance about her, it's charming. She has a lot of serious/intense music, I like a lot of it and it's really nostalgic for me. It's hard to find her stuff online, unfortunately.




Iwasaki Hiromi


H!P fans might know her from "Romance", Momusu covered it as a b-side to pepper keibu and on their cover you album. She is most famous for her very emotional songs and great voice. She started off doing run of the mill 70's pop music, but quickly transitioned to more "serious" music. A lot of her songs are written by Tsutsumi Kyohei, I like his work a lot. He also did some work with Buono.


Her albums are all really good, I've listened a lot to all of her albums until '82, she changed direction in a way I didn't like.

I recommend in no particular order:

Salvia, a lot of beautiful songs

Koibitotachi, a cover album, mostly of european music but I really like the selection.

Aozora, her first album and used to be my favorite. It's refreshing to listen to and reminds me of summer.

Fantasy, a lot of disco type songs.




Shoutouts that I don't think were mentioned yet in this thread:

Sakakibara Ikue, Hayami Yu, Ishikawa Hitomi, Asaoka Megumi.



If people are interested, I will probably post more later.


In Topic: [6/6] Suzuki Airi Solo Debut Album「Do me a favor」

24 March 2018 - 07:42 PM

this is just about the poshest thing i have ever read on this website.

"is more suited for people with no personality" - Really? hahahahahha you know Airi is going to shine no matter what she does, and we also know from her C-ute days that she does Cool really well. You may be passionate about making music yourself, but that doesn't automatically make you right. I personally like making music as well, and I find these to be absolute bobs. It is a matter of opinion, and just because you think you are higher than everyone else and that pop is 'garbage' doesn't make you right about it, it is just your opinion lol.

I love this album, I have finally had the time to listen to each and every song that it out. My favourites are Mikansei Girl and Perfect Timing - they are such polar opposites in sound and Airi sounds perfect in both of them. She can do anything.

OH and by the sound of it i am going to love the hell out of "moment"..... what a beautitiful sounding song.


I think we can safely assume that I don't find all pop garbage, considering I have almost 2000 posts on this site. For a recent example, I think SEXY SEXY is a great song, and would work well with the concept of Airi's new direction. Even if you like her music, there's no denying that there are countless artists already doing songs exactly like it. You can't say the same for most of the H!P catalogue, and you will be hard pressed to find more music with the distinct H!P flavor that isn't written by the same people that already write H!P music.

I think Airi is so much more than just a "cool" person, she's cute, funny, smart...she can do so many different things and it seems like a waste to limit her to this cool persona. Just because she can do it well doesn't mean that it's the only thing she should do. There are tons of bland cool girls, you can't throw a stone without hitting one. I would rather have another boring girl doing these songs than have Airi waste her potential.