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NozomiChans Hello Project Store.

21 January 2013 - 08:27 PM

This shop has been opened by Himalia™ and items will be added by NozomiChan soon.

I will testify that NozomiChan is completly trustworthy and more than just being able to purchase items from this shop she can also get you items that you may want in Japan not just Hello Project related. If you wish to deal with her please use the PM option on Hello Online.

Mini Moni (ミニモニ。)

17 July 2011 - 11:06 AM

Personally i love Mini Moni everything about them. All members were great and it was a real shame they split up such a popular unit.

Good songs, great on tv awesome at concerts. Even had their own one which is great.

They had a movie and untold amounts of merchandise.

Clearly designed for the kids but had a huge adult fanbase as well.

I know they are long gone now and the chances of them ever performing together in their true form (Mari Yaguchi, Mika Todd, Ai Kago and Nozomi Tsuji) is almost zero we can still hope.

All members has clear roles and all complimented each other well its would be unfair to say any member was clearly more important than the others.
Ai Takahashi was an odd addition she came in when popularity was starting to dwindle and Mari Yaguchi left the group. This i feel was a clear attempt at pushing her but UFA did not really think this one through there would of been far better options for her.

Share your favourite moments in this thread.

Deal or no deal game

24 June 2011 - 04:15 PM

This is a stand alone game for someone who wins the elimination chamber.

If they forfit their prize in the chamber they can play this game instead.

This is fundamentally a game of luck with the potential to win nothing or win a far larger prize.
The prize pool will consist of the following.

1 Empty Box
2 Booby Prize
3 5 photo/trading cards
4 10 photo/trading cards
5 Uchiwa (from selection)
6 20 photo/trading cards
7 HP key/phonechain /wallet (from selection)
8 25 photo/trading cards
9 30 photo/trading cards
10 NEW non fanclub cd (includes preorders)
11 40 photo/trading cards.
12 New non fanclub dvd (includes preorders)
13 50 photo/trading cards
14 60 photo/trading cards
15 80 photo/trading cards
16 Concert shirt (Including preorders)
17 Sports Towel (Including preorders) These are more like cloth posters.
18 Photo book (Includes preorders)
19 100 photo/trading cards
20 5000yen Fan club order
21 Fan Club Item (Specifically an old item that cannot be ordered via FC anymore)
22 Fan Club DvD. (from selection)
23 Autographed item. (from selection)
24 10000yen FC order.
25 Life size poster (from selection)
26 Autographed Ai no Tane.

For those who do not know the rules.

All prizes in each box are randomised before the game starts
Then you would select one box at the start of the game.

Each round you would then be asked to eliminate boxes from the ones that remain.

At that point i would tell you what prizes you eliminated.

I would then make you an offer for the unknown prize in your box.

You then decide if you should take the prize i have offered (DEAL)

or if you wish to keep playing to win a potentially better prize (NO DEAL)

This continues until you accept my deal or have run out of boxes in which case you must take the prize in you box.

The girls of M-Line

01 March 2011 - 10:20 AM

This is a simple discussion and poll thread inspired by what was spoken about in the Dream Morning Musume thread.

The main point is to see how popular members are depending on what voting method is used.

Who is most popular is only 1 vote is allowed.
Some members might not so well on that principle but may excell if the top X are allowed since they may do well on many but win few.

FIrst of all who you can vote for.

Yuko Nakazawa
Kaori Iida
Natsumi Abe
Kei Yasuda
Mari Yaguchi
Hitomi Yoshizawa
Rika Ishikawa
Nozomi Tsuji
Asami Konno
Makoto Ogawa
Miki Fujimoto
Koharu Kusumi

Because the polls on this site wont allow for exactly what i intend it will have to be done via pm

Simple enough all you need to do is send your favourite 5 members in order via pm.

What you must not do is have people in joint positions you must choose someone for each position.

So no choosing 4 and then saying the rest are all joint 5th.

The poll table will be updated periodically in the most recent post of the thread and the first post.

Talking about why you have voted might be good as well but remember your vote only counts if you send the vote via pm you do not have to post who you voted for,