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21 November 2009 - 09:55 PM


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(---> Hajime, Yukko, Gori, Emi, Jiro)
I love this group ^^; They've got great music and great personalities~

Singer: Gori
Guitarist: Jiro
Bass: Yukko
Keyboard: Hajime
Drums: Emi

Website: http://www.lili5.com/Profile.html

PV- Anata no Uta:

Some Performances:


When I went to Japan this summer one of best experiences was actually meeting this group. I had been gushing about them after seeing them perform, and then a couple weeks later my host mom was like "Lets make cookies" So we did and I helped her wrap them, and then in the morning suprisingly I was told to come to the door and Emi was there (turns out her aunt cleans(?) the apartment complex I stayed in~) So I got really excited. And told my host sister about it. Then Later in the day I was told to go outside and ALL of LiLi was there!!! I was practically shaking <3 And Jiro really talked to me.. in english!! The other ones too...except for the Keyboard guy XD So because I made cookies for them I got to talk to them and take a picture and got their CD and Poster!

Really Exciting!

EUFs Avatars,Sigs,Etc!~~~~

28 April 2009 - 01:41 AM

Haha, I'm not very good at making things yet but I do like my simple ones XD And I've made alot and alot of the are of people I dont see being made into sigs/avatars very often, I'll start with some avatars..

Since Kanna is Gone.. Here are some of her~:
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

My Beloved Eggies!~
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Erika-Captain Duo
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Feel free to use/comment XD

Satou Ayano (佐藤綾乃)

02 March 2009 - 03:22 PM

Ayano Sato is 14 years old, her announcement for being a new egg is here:

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I hope I'm not wrong about her being a new egg! She's almost looks like a doll, she has small features it looks like <3 And looks young for being 14! If anyone can tell anything from whats writen in the magazine please dont hesitate to post what it says :( I see the word Buono twice so maybe she is a Buono fan? If so, we know she has good taste in music <3

I cant wait for more pictres of this pretty new girl :blink:

7 Princess

28 February 2009 - 08:42 PM

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Ex/Member Info:

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Known for being the "lead singer". Left the group because of school/age.

Name : 吳昭英 / 오소영 / Oh So Young
Birth Date : Jan. 05, 1995
Heigh t: 159 cm
Weight : n/a
Dream Career : Lawyer
Hobby : Imitating voices, singing, telling fairy tales
Talent : Singing Pop Songs

June 2006 Korean kids singing contest - THE BEST AWARD
April 23, 2004 Creative Kid Song Contest ~ Gold
2004 Best Song Award ~ Gold
Performed for KBS "Kids Songs World" (開開,童謠世界)

2003.冬天 彩鈴寶貝--七公主 (Winter Ringtone Babies -- 7 Princess)
2006.04.26. 七公主的純愛日記 Princess Diary
2007.01.26. 四季童話 (The Four Seasons of Fairy Tales)

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no longer a member
Name : 黃世喜 / 황세희 / Hwang Se Hee
Birth Date : June 16, 1995
Height : 124cm
Weight : 28kg
Hobby : Jazz, Hip Hop, Dance, Acting
Talent : Dancing and RbR

KBS "Mommy and Me" - as the talented kid dancer
Movie 海盜,當了迪斯科王
Bank CF Commerical

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no longer a member
Name : 權高恩 / 권고은 / Kwon Go Eun
Birth Date : Nov. 23, 1997
Height : 130 cm
Weight : 28kg
Hobby : Dancing, Singing, Playing the piano

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Name : 金成玲 / 김성령 / Kim Sung Ryung
Nickname : Barbie Doll
Birth Date : Dec. 30, 1998
Height : 115cm
Weight : 17kg
Hobby : Dancing, Singing, Acting
Talent : Ringtone performance (?), immitating 趙亨基's voice

Experience :
Baby Home Net Star's Photo Award
MBC 傳播紀錄片 ~ visitor
Ringtone: My Favorite Grasshopper

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Name : 黃智禹 / 황지우 / Hwang Ji Woo
Birth Date : Jan. 28, 1998
Height : 110cm
Hobby : Dancing, Singing, Acting
Talent : Weather Broadcast host

Experience :
Ringtone "Heart Must Be Kind"

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left group because the performances make her too tired

Name : 朴惟琳 / 박유림 / Park Yoo Lim
Birth Date : Aug. 15, 1999
Height : 116cm
Weight : 17.5kg
Hobby : Singing and Dancing
Talent : Sing trot & Pop Songs

Experience: Ringtone "Go to the Beach", "Easy Song"
Drama: KBS Kids Song World

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left the group because she was involved/busy with so many K-Dramas

Name: 李英惟 / 이영유 / Lee Young Yoo
Birth Date: July 10, 1998
BirthPlace: Tokyo, Japan
Nationality: Korea
Height: 120cm
Weight: 20kg
Hobby: Acting, Dancing, Singing, Imgination, Japanese, vocal chord wool
Talent: Imitating 金喜善 & 全道賢's voice, sad and happy expression

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Name: So Young
Birth Date: Oct. 16, 1997
Weight: 19kg

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Name: 李承熙 / 이승희 / Lee Sung Hee (aka Crystal)
Birth Date: March 23, 1998
Height: 129cm
Weight: 24kg
Experience: EBS Ding-Dong-Daen Kindergarten
Hobby: Singing, Dancing, Walking
CF: National Charity Commercial
info taken from Asian fanatics forum

- 7Princess Love Song
- 7Princess Milk Song
- Introduction in English

Picture Slideshows:

Hashida Mirei

05 February 2009 - 10:15 PM


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Birthday: 4/28/1992
Nicknames: Miree, Oppai-chan (Fan nickname)
Blood type: B
Home: Chiba prefecture
Place of birth: Fukuoka
Height: 157cm
Speciality:Singing anything, laughing
Habit: Laughing
Favourite celebrity: Crystal Kay, Ray J, Keita (Lead)
Favourite subject: Physical Education
Least favourite subject: Math, Science
Favourite brand: SLY
Sex: Girl (wanted to be born as a boy)
Shoe size: 24.5cm
Favourite expression: Smile
Favourite flower: Salvia
Favourite TV show/movie: Umizaru
Favourite food/drink: Anything, Kentucky fried chicken, Matcha milk
Least favourite food: Beans (any kind)

Mirei seemed kind of... rebelous some of her time in H!P :D She's the infamous egg that supposedly "insulted" Mai (from C-ute) and the "wotas" XD

She was really pretty and definetely had some skill! Which is why I'm glad she hasnt stopped reaching for her dreams... (info posted by Men0 at jpopmusic) :

She still active as a singer, with a genuine fansite.

She even was on a album release last year.

;) the pictures from the fansite are definetely new to me!

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