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ErikaUmedaFan's Blog > Hello Kitty Part 2

Posted 29 June 2010

Part 2 of my Hello Kitty collection :sob: ~! We are still not done yet! ALOT of this I got in Japan :sob:

ErikaUmedaFan's Blog > Erika with Kanna Blog Translation

Posted 11 April 2010

I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo Excited when I was shown that Erika has a blog!! So for the first time ever I tried to translate something! <3 I think it turned out really well for my first time


Everyone, What...

ErikaUmedaFan's Blog > Update of all things EUF !!!

Posted 11 April 2009


ErikaUmedaFan's Blog > With me lately

Posted 08 November 2008


ErikaUmedaFan's Blog > Hello Kitty Part 1

Posted 22 October 2008

Showing off my obsession for helloy kitty :rolleyes:

Part 1 of my collection (MANY more parts to go but I can only post so many pictures apparently x_x :GGRR: )...