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Guide to Momusuindo for English-speaking visitors

Welcome to Momusuindo forum, the largest Morning Musume & Hello! Project fan community of Indonesian speakers! We have grown quite large since our birth in 2006, and we have quite some productive folks making all sorts of H!P related works (remixes, subbed videos, wallpapers, English translations, etc). It would be great if the international community can also share our enthusiasm, so that's why we've made this small guide. Read on!

First of all, you should register a user name. Many of our subforums are restricted to registered users to prevent irresponsible stealing. You will note that this board uses an English UI so that will ease your journey quite a bit. The captcha at the registration process can be quite hard but don't be discouraged, just try again and again.

Once you've registered, head on to the self introduction subforum and go make yourself a self introduction thread (topic). You can use English and most of us would probably understand it (they teach us English starting from elementary school!). Throw in a few Indonesian words that you know for a bonus impression point. Note that after a while your self intro thread will get locked, as to not bump over the newer ones.

After that, head over to Momusuindo Local Community subforum and see if your country has a thread already! If not, go ahead and make it, or perhaps just join the fun on other English-speaking threads (like Japan). The threads there are mostly for subregions in Indonesia, but you can see that we already have USA and Japan. We would be thrilled if other countries such as Korea and Spain appear there. On the local community thread, you can use English or your native language. It's the place to have fun discussions with fellow members from the same area, and also with other members that have interest with the community's language. Share to the rest of the world about the H!P fandom in your country! Teach us your language! Basically, just have fun... Also, feel free to join the talks on other local communities.

Now, things get tricky after here. This is an Indonesian forum afterall, so for most of the subforums the prefered language is Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia). That's why, for subforums like "Momusu General and News Area" and "Momusu Member Area" (the generic types that you see on any English-speaking H!P forum) it is within our interest to keep the discussion flowing smoothly in the Indonesian language. We CAN speak English, but we create this forum so that we can talk about our beloved idols in Indonesian language, right? If you're interested to participate on those forums, better learn some Indonesian XD . (It's not that hard)

However (and this is where the fun really starts for YOU), we have many subforums for user-submitted works! On those subforums, you are specifically allowed and invited to:
* Post your own works using English description
* Comment to other people's work in English (saying thanks, giving criticism, etc)
* Make a request in English (many of our members accept requests)

Here are those subforums and threads specifically for user sumbitted contents, and where you are encouraged to participate also even if using English. Please just note one thing: Don't steal our works! That means, give credits to the original author, and generally don't republish without permission. OK, here they are:
* Momusuindo Talent Corner: For audio/video stuffs related to H!P. Karaoke, OPV, remix, band performance, etc. We have some really good stuffs here, check it out!
* Momusu and H!P Graphics Area: Wallpapers, drawings, signatures, avatars... The subforum name should be clear enough. Many threads allow you to make requests. Do show your skillz here too.
* Sing along (lyrics and chord momusu): Chords for Morning Musume songs that you can play on your guitar or piano! You can make requests here.
* Sing along (Lyrics and Chords Hello!Project/non Momusu): Chords for H!P songs that you can play on your guitar or piano! You can make request here.
* MMIF Works Area: Direct downloads of Momusuindo's official subbing team MMIF.
* Lyrics Translation Lab: Indonesian and English lyrics translation. You can also make a request and discuss (correct) the translation (bring it on, fellow nihongo learners!). You can even post your translation attempt and have other members comment on it! It's really a cool place, but sorry only limited to users with 50+ posts (no need to rush, we ban people trying to increase their post counts irresponsibly). We impose this restriction because we prefer our translations to be peer reviewed before being posted outside.
* Lyrics Scan Collection: We upload scanned lyrics (the most authoritative thing) and make its transcription/transliteration or crosscheck with works from other sites.
* Momusu and H!P Sharing Area: The place to share H!P related files. You can only see this forum after getting 50 posts.
* Momusuindo Projects: This is for recruiting members and coordinating a medium to large scale projects related to H!P. Want to make an H!P game and need a place to host discussions, while potentially recruiting participants from Indonesian fans? Want to make an international group dub team? Feel free to use this place (if the project grows large and needs a whole subforum, we might accomodate it).
* Art Graphics Area: This is also for showing off your graphics skills but for non-H!P related works.
* Audio Video Creativity Area: Like the Momusuindo Talent Corner, but for non-H!P related works.

So yeah, please enjoy our works on those subforums/threads. Also please do participate on those places because English is OK there. The forum has actually detailed rules but it's written in Indonesian. Basically if you behave in a civilized manner and avoid double posting you'll do fine. If you violate one of the rules, our moderators will simply warn you so that you won't repeat it again. Other places outside the forum that you might be interested are the Automatic Gallery and MMIF's official site.

Browse the forum around and have fun. Using Google Translate might help you a bit (or not, that program is often times wacky, furthermore we use a really slangy language on the forum)

If you have questions, feel free to ask!

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