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AKB48 China

02 May 2018 - 06:36 AM

AKB48 is trying to hit the Chinese market again.

Apparently there will be 3 teams: Team SH (Shanghai), Team BJ (Beijing), and Team GZ (Guangzhou).

Currently they are competing on Produce 101 China with their two official members.

I wonder how this will be... I also wonder if they're going to be on the same shows as SNH48. It'll be interesting/awkward.

I'm also curious as to how Heavy Rotation will be split between SNH48, TPE48, and Team SH. Will it be the same song?! We'll find out next soon!

[EDIT] They performed their version of Heavy Rotation on Produce 101 China. It has different lyrics.

WEBSITE: https://audition.akb48-china.com/audition2018/requirements.php


10 June 2009 - 07:09 AM

In case you don't know, FL Studio is a simple producing program for people like me, who like to make quick music tracks.

I've been somewhat improperly been using it to create original music, compose arrangements for my already written songs, and to a lesser extent create remix's for asian music (mostly H!P or BoA).

Anybody else in this forum use this program? It's awesome.

Rockstars Live - iPod touch/iPhone app

01 June 2009 - 02:45 AM

If you don't know, it's this [currently] free RPG app for the iphone, I got highly addicted. Basically, it's basically a text RPG, it's not a rhythm game as one would think by looking at the title.

If anybody plays, my band code is 1ZN31N

if you want me to join your band to, just drop in your band code! ;)

VH1 reality shows! Who loves them like I do?!

04 April 2009 - 06:17 AM

If anything can make me love reality tv, it's VH1. All these shows are dramalicious and I love (and hate) the some of the characters people "act" in these shows. Anybody here watch these shows?

Right now I'm watching the current season of I Love Money and the Rock of Love Bus.

If you know don't how these shows were spawned, it all started with a show called the Surreal Life which housed different celebs of different natures together. One season led to a spin-off of two cast members who fell in "love", Flavor Flav and Brigette Nielson. After they broke up, another spin-off spawned with Flavor Flav called... FLAVOR OF LOVE. That eventually led into a sequal and and two spin-offs, one featuring a controversal loser, New York, with I LOVE NEW YORK, and the other featuring the other losers of Flavor of Love in CHARM SCHOOL.

Indirectly spun-off the FoL series (more likely it was inspired), was Rock of Love. That show in turn would host 2 more sequals and it's own CHARM SCHOOL. Also spun off from these shows: the upcoming Daisy of Love and Trophy Wife.

With all those shows, they then decided to throw in some people from each show into a competition show called I LOVE MONEY. The show itself got yet another spin-off from two losers of the show, who are also brothers, called REAL CHANCE OF LOVE. With that in the mix, I LOVE MONEY got a sequal featuring many from all these past shows and REAL CHANCE OF LOVE.

Also, with the depature of FoL and RoL, they made a new show featuring Ray-J and finding his "true love". O_O... >_>.

All these shows... :unsure:

Se7en [세븐]

19 March 2009 - 08:44 PM

I was suprised to see he didn't have his own thread!!! :) I'm pretty sure there are other fans in this community as well! I even think Goto Maki was a fan of Se7en too.

Attached File  0406_se7en.jpg   65.18K   7 downloads

You can read history about him on his wikipedia page. As I don't feel like copying and pasting that type of information here. So I'll just showcase you some of his material to show you how awesome he is!

So, alongside with BoA and RAIN, Se7en's also been topping the charts in both Korea and Japan as well as working on his US career. He was already featured in a version of Amerie's "Take Control (Youtube Link)", unfortunately only in the asian release of her CD.

Please support him and buy his english album when it's out!



I have his second CD, but I burned it as a AAC on my computer and for some reason I didn't have the last two tracks on my iTunes, so I found a copy my friend gave me (of mp3's) and will post it here:
DOWNLOAD 2nd Album - Must Listen

Although, if you want, you can PM me and I'll rip and upload a 320kbps of the album <3

YokShim -욕심- 『ヨク・シム』 "Greed" Live @ Love Letter video [mp4]
Download Here

YokShim is my most favorite song from him, and I hope you enjoy it the same way I do. I listen to it a lot. It's the song that made me like him as an artist as I did not really find him that interesting in the beginning.