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In Topic: Yoshizawa Hitomi (吉澤ひとみ)

29 August 2010 - 09:04 PM

Don't know if anyone here still remember me or not because it was such a long time ago since I last visit this thread (and also H!O) <3

I just decided to drop by and share my experience with Yossie from today's Japan Festa :wub:
It's going to be very long though. Feel free to skip if you don't wanna read someone going crazy ^^

Well, to start with, I must say that today is really one of the best days in my life!!! Or actually, to be particular it was the 2nd best day in my life >____<
(The 1st best day in my life is when I got to meet and experience so many things with Nacchi in Japan Festa 2 years ago lol)
As a Nacchi fan who changed from being a Yossie fan, I must say I'm sooooo soooo sooooo happy that I got to meet and make great memories with my fav idol.

Today I went to the event area since 7 o'clock in the morning. From 2 years of experience with Nacchi and Mikitty in Japan Festa, we fans know that Yossie is going to rehearse for the show early in the morning but we don't know exactly when. There were 10 of us there in the morning. 8 Thai fans and 2 Japanese fans. We waited until about 8.30am when the staffs started to come and clear out the area (H!P have the rule that no fan can watch the rehearsal in the event area but it's okay if you watch from aside). The staffs said that Yossie will come and rehearse at 9 o'clock so we moved ourselves away from the area into the department store. The department store is on the right hand side of the stage and the whole wall is made of glass so we can see the stage pretty clear. After wait for a while, Yossie finally appeared >_____<
OMG!!!!! She's just sooooooooo pretty. Although she was a bit skinny but she looked so bright. She wore casual cloth in white tone and only put on light make up. We fans were leaning on the glass wall and waved to her like mad . It must be a pretty scary sight but when Yossie saw us, she still waved to us cheerfully. Then when she started practicing for Sexy Boy, she even turned to our way and dance the hand move with us!!!!! Soooooo lovely. Too bad one of the H!P staff told something to her and she stopped (probably told her she shouldn't play with us).
Yossie only sang Sexy Boy about half way through and stopped the rehearsal without singing any other songs though. She walked down the stage so we thought she might be leaving but actually she walked to the place where the audience would be standing and check how she would be seen on stage. OMG! I was so impressed because Nacchi and Mikitty never did that!!! Evenmore, after checking she pulled out her mobilephone and ask the staff to take a photo of her in the event area!!! Her pose was soooo cute, I wonder if there's any way we could see it. Too bad she doesn't have a blog. Then, before leaving the area she walked pass a piece of garbage on the floor and even picked it up and throw it in the garbage bin. We fans were really impressed that she even cares to do that!! Yossie is really such a nice and friendly person!!

Okay, then the wait goes on from 10 o'clock until 3.30pm when the mini concert started (not sure when the concert really start because it was a bit late). Nothing particular happened just that I was able to chat with a few Yossie's Japanese fans. They were really friendly and gave out H!P stuffs they had with them. I got a big Hangry keychain, very beautiful >___<
Some fact about the Japanese fans is that compared to Nacchi and Mikitty, Yossie seem to have the most fans coming from Japan to see her. I think there was about 10. All most all of them were female fan with only 2 men. Nacchi and Mikitty only have male fan though (at least from what I saw).

Since my group was the first group to get to the event area, I was able to stand in the middle front. A really good spot because Yossie stood in the far front at the middle of the stage the most >____<

Now, about the live.
The moment the MCs annouced Yossie's name everyone started to scream their lungs out (LOL). It was a bit of a surprise to hear her sing Happy Summer Wedding because that's not the song I predicted she would sing. But kyaaaaaaa~ her move was just toooo cute!!! She looks really happy and she sang the song very well. Everyone there could cheer to the song perfectly with the "Papala" and the "Hai" and most of the people in the front can sing to the whole song. Yossie looked really really surprised to see the crowd cheering her that much and to see lots of people sing to the song. I can really see her eyes looking at us fans one by one. OMG, I'm so happy and she was just so close I though I would die >___< Very very beautiful!!!
After Happy Summer Wedding she sang I WISH and the crowd got even more crazy. There was a lot of MM old school fans there so we're happy to hear her singing old songs. Yossie was just so happy and fun all the time and that personality of her cheered the audience up more and more. It was really so fun.
On the first MC it was an interview section. I'm too happy and couldn't remember everything completely (gotta watch vid to remind everything >_<) but the funniest part is whey she played the Rika-chan's "HAPPY~". Soooooooo cute. And she also replied to my friend's request (she's also standing in the front) by playing a Thai gag by doing the "Tom Yum Kung" pose. How cute of her!!!! All through the concet she played and interact with fans alot!!
After the MC Yossie sang Sexy Boy with a cover dance group as backdancers. She's just so caring and looked back to the cover dance group every once in a while through out the song and she doesn't mind at all when the girls came close to her. Yossie really seemed to be having fun. I crowd also cheer to this song madly XD
On the next MC (or the last MC, I'm not so sure. a little bit mixed up) Yossie took a picture with the sponsers and Mainichi's owners. I was really impressed again when I saw Yossie who's holding a huge bouquet tried to move herself and set her body in the way so that one of the leaf won't be in front of the person beside her while they were posing for the media to take pictures. Once again, Yossie was just so caring <3
Then on the cover dance group section, Yossie was supposed to only sit and watch them from the side but she danced along right from the start. Yossie looked so fun and she cheered to the song very energetically, laughing and smile all the time. She looked as if she wanted to dance with them a lot of time and when she finally stood up to dance in Roman ~My Dear Boy~, the song was cut off right there so she laughed and returned to her seat looking a bit embarressed! Sooo cute again!!! But when the next song, Sexy Boy started, she couldn't keep sitting anymore and stood up to dance with the cover dance group until the end of the show in a very friendly manner. The crowd really went mad at that time. I also screamed like crazy. Well, you wouldn't think that someone from a strict agency like H!P (or ex-H!P) would do something like that won't you!!!! She's really really really friendly and down to earth.
Then for Kanashimi Twilight and Roman ~My Dear Boy~ Yossie looks sooooo cool. Although not much people can sing to the two song but everyone still cheered loudly. At first I thought Roman ~My Dear Boy~ would be the last song but when she said there's going to be another song and the music to Mr. Moonlight started, I'm realllllly so happy XD This is the song that I wanted to see the most! Now I can die happily (lol).

All in all, it was a great great great live. I'm sure everyone there enjoyed it.
I cheered, screamed and danced until I was soooo tired after the live. Tired but happy.
To be honest, although I'm more of a Nacchi fan, Yossie's performance is the best from the 3 performances.
I loved Nacchi's performance 2 years ago and it is still my best memory but sice her songs are quite slow, it was more of a touching moment than having fun through out the concert.
But for Yossie, it was not only a hot and awesomely fun concert but it's also funny cute friendly concert with a lot of great moments. 1 hour never seemed so short before.

Okay, then after the live I went to register for the fan meeting section. I think there was about 60 of us who got to attend the fan meeting. 1 Japanese fan also got to participate because she won one of the game and got a ticket.
Waiting for Yossie in the room was just so exciting. For me, I was really really really impressed with the live until at that moment, my feeling for Yossie was at MAX!! So while waiting for her to come in my heart beat so fast and I can only think about the words I would like to say to her over and over in my head so that I won't get too excited and forget everything :P When Yossie walked in, she wore the same costume as from the live and greeted us with a beautiful big smile. The first part of the fan meeting is Q&A and I was able to asked the second question. The question was nothing much really, just asking her if she understood how much everyone love her from how we all reacted to her energetically in the live and then asked her to please keep it as her memory forever :o
I can't remember all the questions asked but from what I can remember, there was a girl asking who would she like to make as lover from H!P member. She thought about it for a bit and first said Ayaya but after that a lot of fans yell out random H!P member's name and she ended up talking about what she thinks about each of them (LOL). Then Yossie was also asked from one fan to do the "Dossun!" pose with everyone!!! She looked a bit embarresed and said "I never thought I'd have to do that pose here" but she did it anyway. She even asked us to do it 2 times. It was really really fun.
The Q&A section went on quite long because Yossie seemed to not mind about no matter how many questions were asked and no matter what it was about. She also answered to fans who only shout out here and there even if it wasn't even a question. Yossie seemed to be able to make every questions and answers fun!! I know I've already said it a dozen times but she's really really friendly.
The next section is opening an OPV that won the contest for Yossie to watch. The OPV is full of clips of Yossie right from the audition until the present time. Most of it was quite an embaressing clip for Yossie like the clip from Uta Doki where she wore a cute fluffy dress and clips of her singing sexy songs XD . Yossie looked so embarresed and cover her face a lot while watching the OPV. Sooooo cute.
Then it's time for a group shot with Yossie. Luckily I was able to sit in the front near to Yossie. The pic was only taken by Mainichi's camera so we have to wait until they update their site.

For the last bit, the handshake event.
Her hands were just sooooo soft >___<. She was so close to me and she looked soooo beautiful and bright. Seemed as if her eyes and her skin shines (LOL)
I wanted to say so many things but was out of word. Can only say the words that I prepared before. She listen to me so carefully and I really can't match my eyes with her for too long because it was too beautiful. Yossie is really so lovely.
I think I still left some information forgotten but that's all I can think of for now. I'm too happy right now, smiling like crazy.
Surely going to be crazy and go daydreaming about the event today for months :P

Phew, such a long post.
Hope you don't mind it being too long.
Sorry if some of it sounds confusing but right now I'm too lazy to read over <3

In Topic: Abe Natsumi (安倍なつみ)

09 August 2009 - 05:39 PM

Hope your 28th year will be filled with happiness and smile and that it is a great great great year for you.
Hope you succeed with everything you do and hope you'll keep making great music for us fans.
I love you so much and I'll love you always. Please keep on smiling the way you always smile. Your gorgeous smile makes so many more people smile on with you!
I'll always be your fan and cheer for you forever and ever!!!

PS. Also, thank you for all the birthday wishes to me.
I'm so happy to have my birthday right before Nacchi's birthday XD
I'll keep on my wotaness forever ^^~

Hehehe, but I need to confess that I haven't start translating again yet >_<
Too much homework on the weekend TT^TT

In Topic: Abe Natsumi (安倍なつみ)

05 August 2009 - 06:50 PM

^ Yeah, it's always nice to see the two of them together. They really do look alike in that pic, don't they ^^;
Nacchi blogged about it too...... but don't know when I'll reach that entry :)
Ahhhhh, so many entries waiting for me and I haven't even start yet :P OMG! Looks like it's going to take me forever.... lol

I think I'll be able to start translating again on Friday.

One magazine scan today.. though the picture isn't that new to us XD
Attached File  639.jpg   658.32K   58 downloads
LOL~ Nacchi and Aibon on the same page XD

In Topic: Mano Erina (真野恵里菜)

04 August 2009 - 07:54 PM

Hey, does anyone here still remember me~ ^_^
I've just finished with my midterm exam and haven't been posting here for a long time <3

Sorry to know that this single isn't doing that well.
I really love this single (and all her single :D )... really don't understand why the sales is lower than her usual standard.
Like Chobi, I think the sales will pick up soon.

About the new single, I love the name of it <3
Wonder if this one will be slower since her latest 2 are all upbeat.
Already can't wait to hear it~!!!!

Okay now, like usual. I've translated the songs of her new single.
Sorry that this time it's a bit late.

Sekai wa Summer Party

Let's go!
Sunahama ni ima
PIANO oki saa
Kono MERODII wo kanadetara
Nanika ga okoru

Let's go!
Mitsumeai kono
Tsumasaki de ima
Kirameki nagara aoi sora
Tonde yukou!

IGUASU no taki wo suberi orita ato
MACHUPICHU de tori no uta wo kikimashou
Kokoro no DOA ga hiraiteku shinkokyuu

SUFINKUSU ga me wo maruku shiteru ma ni
GONDORA ni futari tobinocchaou
Towa no ai chikaisou na

Let's go!
Kimi ga sou ima
Nayanderu koto
Saa kono yubi ni atsumetara
Kaze ni tobasou

Let's go!
Umikaze no iro
Mi ni matoi ima
Sora no ue kara mioroseba
Ai ga ippai!

Banri no choujou sanpo shita ato
TEEBURU MAUNTEN de ocha shimashouka
Kinou to kyou ga UINKU shite iru

TAAJIMAHARU wa ai no monogatari
Watashitachi ni chotto oshiete kureteru
Towa no ai kizuku CHANSU

AOZAI wo yurashiteku kuroi kami
BIICHI ni wa tsukikage no SHIRUETTO
Mabiru no kakera sasayaki nokoshite

BIRUBAO ga giniro ni hikaru yoru
SUKAATO no suso fuwari hirugaeru
Towa no ai chikaisou na

The World is a Summer Party

Let's go!
Placing the piano on the sandy beach
Okay, if I play this melody, something is going to happen

Let's go!
Look at me, right now walking on tiptoe like this
Let's fly over the shiny blue sky!

After sliding down the Iguazu Falls
Let's listen to the song of the birds at Machu Picchu
Take a deep breath as the door of our hearts open up

While still staring at the Sphinx with amazement
We suddenly jump on to the gondola
A summer party as if it's a vow to our endless love

Let's go!
That's right, with the things you're worrying about right now
Okay, let's gather it together with these fingers and let the wind blow it away

Let's go!
Right now, wrap yourself with the color of the sea breeze
If you look down from above the sky, there's love all over!

After taking a walk on The Great Wall of China
Won't you have a tea with me on Table Mountain
Yesterday and today is winking at each other

The Taj Mahal is a love story
And it's teaching us something
A summer party, realizing about the chance to our endless love

My black hair that's swaying on the ao dai (**Vietnamese national costume)
On the beach there's a silhouette of the moon
Just leave the whispering sound of fragments from daytime behind

Bilbao that is shining in silver at night
The hem of my skirt is fluttering fluffily
A summer party as if it's a vow to our endless love

Jasmine Tea

Kokoro no dokoka ni
Shimatte oita kotoba
Anata ni todokanai
Kono omoi wa doko e?

Tatoeba me ga dete
Wasurerareta hanatachi
Dare ni mo kirei to
Iwarenai samishisa

Koishite iru koto
Hazukashii koto janai no ni
Doushite konna ni
Ittari kitari suru no

Juuni no watashi to
Hakkiri chigau tokoro
Jibun ni oshiete agetai...

NETTO de iroiro
Kensaku shiteta toki ni
Anata no BUROGU ga
Tamatama me ni tomaru

Otona no kaidan
Assari kakenuketeru
Kono te ga todokanai
Soko wa donna tokoro?

Ikiteru akashi ga
Hoshii to omou yoru ni
Namida no atsusa ni
Mou ichido kangaeteru

Koori kuchi ni fukunde
Fudan no watashi ni modoru wa...

Koishite iru koto
Hazukashii koto janai no ni
Doushite konna ni
Ittari kitari suru no

Juuni no watashi wa
Mou koko ni wa inai to
Jibun ni oshiete agetai...

Ikiteru akashi ga
Hoshii to omou yoru ni
Namida no atsusa ni
Mou ichido kangaeteru

Koori kuchi ni fukunde
Fudan no watashi ni modoru wa...

Jasmine Tea

The words that had been locked up somewhere inside my heart
That thought that I wasn't able to express to you, where has it gone?

For example, the flowers that were forgotten although their buds had already sprouted
The loneliness of not being praised by anyone about their beauty

Though falling in love is not something to be embarrassed about
Why do I have to be this much nervous

The differences between me and my 12-year-old self
That's what I want to tell to myself..

When I was searching for things in the internet
I happened to lay my eyes on your blog

I'm readily running up the stairway to adulthood
That place that I haven't reached, how is it like?

Thinking once again about the heat of the tears
and the nights that I feel I wanted the proof of my existence

By drinking this jasmine tea with ice
I want to turn back into my usual self...

Though falling in love is not something to be embarrassed about
Why do I have to be this much nervous

My 12-year-old self is no longer here anymore
That's what I want to tell to myself..

Thinking once again about the heat of the tears
and the nights that I feel I wanted the proof of my existence

By drinking this jasmine tea with ice
I want to turn back into my usual self...


..can't tell you how much I love Jasmine Tea <3
It's definitely my favorite song at the moment.

In Topic: Abe Natsumi (安倍なつみ)

03 August 2009 - 04:57 PM

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe how long I had been away from this thread (and from the internet).
Almost 3 weeks!!! :)
I've never been away this long before, honestly.

Really sorry guys but since the start of my second year in the university I've gotten a lot more busy with studying and small tests (3 small Japanese tests everyweek!!).
Then, with my midterm I decided to try to totally abandon myself from the internet (which I had never managed to succeed before :) ). My midterm was 2 weeks long, it just ended on Friday last week. I thought I'd come back here after that but unfortunately I've gotten some problem and was just able to solved it now.

But anyway, I'm backkkk~!
I'm so sad I missed posting here on the Natsumi no Hi, 23rd of July :D
But I did celebrate that day out at my place :)
Right now I've got so much to catch up!!!! So many things to download and of course....
I've got to catch up with her blog too ^^;
OMG, I bet she had already posted so much~

I'll be right back with the blog translation soon.... probably within this week but I got to catch up with reading it first :D :) :)

PS. this thread had really grew so quiet, hadn't it?
Hahaha, don't worry. I'm back now so I'll make it alive again :)