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15 July 2020 - 04:08 AM

One Chance has to be the worst failed launch of any pop group ever. I was so excited when they were announced. To this day, I don’t think they've released anything or even had one concert.


And of all the GEMbers to continue their careers, it was the least talented, oldest, and least talented who joined SG :S


To answer your question, I don’t know. You forgot Jurin though :)


29 June 2020 - 05:25 AM

Playlist includes Winter/Holiday 2019 concert, new album showcase (only songs from their recent album), zenryoku series (concerts without MCs or breaks), and a concert from February (probably one of the only real concerts they did this year).


04 June 2020 - 08:03 AM

I think the videos are cute enough. They could be cuter if she allowed fans (specifically me) choose her outfits (for example, a tasteful bikini made of a material that dissolves in water or air). Practically every idol group is doing random things until they can resume concerts and events.


I'm still getting through all of the full concerts they posted on their youtube channels. I've always wondered why they (and other groups) have film crews record their concerts when there is no intention to release them commercially. It's generous of them to post them in their entirety. Kome was probably in her pajamas one night and started thinking, "The fans are getting restless and very frisky. We should release all of the concert videos" and then called Yuki and told her to make herself useful and edit the footage and upload them.


Kome has been interested in golf recently and she was involved in a video of her playing with another idol (who is also cute, but even though I'm an idol expert, I won't act like I know her or the group she is in, Harajuku Dreammate). The videos are interesting even if you aren't a fan of golf imo.


My favorite new-gen members. I don't know how to post images, but I love this photo:


Yuu has actually been on a health-related hiatus since last month:


They were supposed to have their 10th anniversary concert in a week, but had to cancel it. When they announced this concert months ago, I was planning on going. In my 8 years of being a SG fan, this would have been the first time I could go to one of their June anniversary concerts, since I previously always had school in June. When I was in Japan in January, I went to their album release event in Osaka and it was the most lifeless SG live I've ever experienced. The crowds were small for both mini-lives and it was sad seeing them perform in those conditions, which is why I was particularly looking forward to their anniversary concert. Especially now that I really like Yuu, Chika, and Aika, who've filled the void left when Hotaru graduated. It's shocking how their "Road to 2020" played out like this.

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16 February 2020 - 06:16 AM

Monogatari just finished their final performance as they have now disbanded. It was streamed on showroom and it was bittersweet.


I could rant until the end of time about how this group was mismanaged. When they were known as Harajuku Monogatari, they were one of the hottest and most unique groups ever.


31 December 2019 - 02:16 AM

It’s too bad what happened. After the original lineup, the new members have been either complete hits or complete misses. She was great since day 1. That gen turned out to be a disaster outside of her and Yumeri.


I think the new album is pretty solid. Most of the songs are good, better than their material from the previous 3-4 years imo. Which is why Hotaru graduating hurts the group. Along with Koume and Yumeri, she was one of the few members who could appeal to casuals.


I’m going to their album event in Osaka next week. I’m lucky they scheduled something because after their December 22 concert their schedule was practically empty.