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in the same days Natsumi mom haved -birthdays 60years.. and my mom this days die ...12days before 70years...;(( I'mm completely alone ..... before few days I sending presen... Updated 14 Aug · 3 comments

About Me

Sumimasen minnasan - Natsumi fans and tomodachi
Hontouni gomen nasai.

Ogenkidesuka. Bokuwa genkide.

My namae Svatopluk (short Svata [pronounce svatya]) I live in Czech republic (Bohemia) - this old Czechoslovak (center Europa). My city is Karvina. Live here 36years. My know about works are more -big. Iam handyman and in my job have 57 machines for correction - repairs and maintenances. I like smile, shower, working, music - meditation instrumental jpop, mystic, buddhism, zenbuddhism, ocha -matcha is oishii, etc....

Unfortunately have huge collection Abe Natsumi and Asami, please dont writes, that Your shocking....please no...but write other You questions.... This collection in my website is dont full, I dont updating, because I have small time. How much qty I have items? I dont know, but next 1/3 items is dont write in website. I know that is badly, but will bid do all for updating website. Only for your writes, that I dont have so big shelf for all. I must buying any big shelf or create.

PS: You have items what I dont have? Maybe I would buying, but only original. You want my collection? I can sell.... but like would change for Natsumi-chan. My life is only for Natsumi-chan and Asami-chan....

PS2: Natsumi is normal girl for me -nothing extra with good character, but my feeling and esteem as to angel. Singing, films, modeling is her job... how my job. Her job is hard. More fans says that have cute face.... I think that is normal and therefore I loving you... I dont want her money or popularity (I would like secrets....and like want reciprocate feeling)

small my collections items and dont all items in photos here ....... its nothing be live with Natsumi and Asami Abe.... my heart is her......I dont want other girl
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You have dreams about H!P girl ? I have 1-2x for week about Natsumi...... I know her how my shoe :nosebleed:

loves this Natsumi songs:
Sato no aki , Aiwa ringo
Furusato (solo Abe) , Hare ame nochi suki (solo Abe)
22 sai no watashi, Furusato
Sora LIFE GOES ON, Too far away
Yan Nacchau, Shousetsu no naka no futari
Ai hitohira (solo Abe), 25 ~Vingt-Cinq~
Otona he no Elevator, Gesshoku no Hikari
Gakusei jidai, Watashi no Koibito na noni

and loves all Asami songs....
Aitai, Ai no Mizu wo Kudasai, Jounetsu setsuna, Milk........

= ==## ##== =
please help me....

I like would have - buying (ONLY original dvds no copy)... You can find e-shop or sellers ?
I search in eshops and dont finding.... (yesasia, cdjapan, amazon....)

this films dramas with Natsumi Abe
2001 Mutai Arata no Doubutsu Nikki ~Aiken Rosinante no Sainan~
2001 Saigo no Natsuyasumi
2002 Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo
2002 Shinshun Wide Jidaigeki Mibugishiden~Shinsengumi
2006 Prison Girl
2006 Konyakusha Kara no Isho ~Tokoutain ni Sasageta 60nen Ai~

You have or know about this original films/dorama ...please write me...
doumo arigatou
= ==## ##== =

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    My list purchase items N+A Abe is http://abenatsumi.unas.cz/rare.htm
    I'm handyman . . . . creating, editing all objects - graphics, music, video, PC hardware, software - hifi audio, working swords katana, cannon, working I am locksmith, sometimes lathe, ceramic, learn Nihongo, cook food, tea, reparation pumping device and gearbox and variety of appliance, electric mains, brickwork and paintwork - decorater, designer, feng - shui, yoga, mystica, Tibet, Zen, - Japanese culture.
    私は なつみ 麻美(Ami) 安倍-さま 愛して ください。 私の お-ねがいします by perfect and only なっち-さま ありがとう ございます なっち-さま。 Svata。

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