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Shirow's Blog > Shirow & Lolli do London 2008 tour PART 1

Posted 26 October 2008

DISCLAIMER : The following entry contains events and times that are merely my thoughts and opinions, they follow no solid time line and are probably taken out of context, my memory sucks at times so bear with me.

Shirow & Lolli do London 2008 tour

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I wake up...

Shirow's Blog > Surprise!

Posted 01 October 2008

Ever since I was a little boy I always loved to get kinder surprise eggs, the chocolate is really really tasty and I always enjoyed seeing what crappy little toy would be inside.
My friend got me 2 of them yesterday ^^

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Lets open...

Shirow's Blog > I'M RICH!!!! .... I think ....

Posted 18 September 2008

I just got this lovely email ...

From Miss Josephine Hadi

l am happy to request for your assistance and also to go into business partnership with you, i believe that you will not betrayed my trust which i am going to lay on you
I am Miss Josephine Hadi ,the only daughter of my late parents Chief Engr.Alhaji Samuel Hadi My...

Shirow's Blog > I'm getting drunk with Lolli

Posted 10 September 2008

Its awwww right :good:

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Shirow's Blog > Back from bloodstock ... sunburnt and ultra hungover

Posted 18 August 2008


Just got back today from the festival ... the first thing I did was jump in the shower, grab some food and dive onto the internet ... I dont think I've been without the internet for this long ... seriously .. I was getting withdrawal symptoms, there was a tent with internet access (£1.50 for 15 minutes) ... I was very tempted to get a quick...