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Komatsu's blog > Doki Miki Night.. :'(

Posted 22 September 2007

What? Man, How could do they (whoever's in charge) do this to Miki's fans?! DMN was probably the only thing I looked forward to every week because it's all 100% Miki. And now.. It's not going to be here anymore! GAM pretty much on hiatus because of Aya's new album/single thing and.. :) What's else is there to look to...

Komatsu's blog > Went shopping and this occurs...

Posted 09 September 2007

Got bored online today so instead I went shopping with my roommate Erin. ^^;

Erin wanted to go to a tattoo/piercing parlor to get a few piercings done in *ahem* a few places, one of which I can I safely say is an industrial. While waiting for her to get done, One of the girls who work there was chatting me up. Even asked me for my phone number! I...

Komatsu's blog > Rofl, New Love Machine single cover retake..

Posted 04 September 2007

..With the new lineup of Morning Musume. Check it out!

Posted Image
Posted Image

Could this mean.. a New Love Machine curse?! :) Oh my gah! If it 'comes true', Eri will be next to leave. NUUUUUUUUUU.


Komatsu's blog > *sniffle* My hard drive is DEAD! :(

Posted 03 September 2007

What the HECK-------------!!

After all the trouble I went through to get back my stolen laptop and it's parts; The harddrive is completely dead. I figured it would be since the hard drive caddy tray was missing and it had some small dings in it because it's gone... WHY! WHY!!! Everything I had on it while...

Komatsu's blog > @[email protected]

Posted 24 August 2007

Geez, I've been sitting here for half an hour now trying to think of something to write. I really don't know what I should do with blog thing here. I have two others that I barely use too. lol. *sigh*

Just because I'm a bit bored; This is for Charmy Renai. Everyone else should disregard this. lol -- Our Hello! Project...