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Kazearashi's Wotaku Corner > Kazenomise Updates

Posted 12 September 2008

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Woot! A little bit updates from my blog... Now my I started to write my Otaku blog in English too! =D lol... So I'm writing in two languages now... ;D

More info on my updates can be seen in my post...

Kazearashi's Wotaku Corner > My Blog Moved

Posted 11 August 2008

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My blog site finally has opened!!! :wub: So yeah I just opened my blog site a few days ago... ^^;

Okay, that's the good news... The bad news is... It's not in English... :good: Sorry folks... >< I've been thinking of it quite...

Kazearashi's Wotaku Corner > Nendoroid Shana and More Nendoroids...

Posted 23 July 2008

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キタ― キタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━ッ!!

KITAAA~~~ :rolleyes:

Finally the news about nendo shana is out and confirmed! ><

There are two versions of shana's nendo... But...

Kazearashi's Wotaku Corner > "Little Busters!" Rap

Posted 23 July 2008

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The new release for "Little Busters!" title called "Little Busters! EX" is another two...

Kazearashi's Wotaku Corner > Back in Station

Posted 17 July 2008

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Been a few days since i came back from spending my holiday in Indonesia... Going back to everday live...

Maybe if i have time to sort out the photos taken when i was there i will make a post for em... :rolleyes:

Anyway just bumped to a very well done idolmaster MAD from...