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SanrioTIME > H!P Podcast series: StD Podcast (ep.2, 3, 4)

Posted 09 April 2014

About 7 weeks ago, I was finally able to start up my old legendary (aka. no one cares) H!P podcast series with a new host, Dran. Renamed it from STD (Sanrio Toxic Duo) to now StD (Sanrio to Dran). The viewership might not be that high, but I'm proud to say that we have fun and look forward to each recording as we bring in our silliness onto the show and...

SanrioTIME > New H!P Podcast Series: StD Podcast!

Posted 20 February 2014

Perhaps you haven’t noticed, and good for you if you have, a new podcast series has just launched and it’s already the most popular topic on the streetz (aka streets) in the past eternity. This show called the StD (Sanrio とDran) Podcast hosted by Sanrio and Dran is hilarious, silly, relaxing, cool and entertaining as the two go through Hello!Project rela...

SanrioTIME > TKMR Talktime: Morning Musume - Brainstorming PV Commentary

Posted 07 May 2013

Hey guys,

So if you haven't heard, us over at takamaruyo.net started a new short video series called TKMR TalkTime where we do small discussions and commentaries. The responses have been very positive! :D

The second video is up. We did a commentary on Morning Musume's Brainstorming PV. Please check it out!


SanrioTIME > New Video Series: TKMR TalkTime

Posted 04 May 2013

We at takamaruyo.net  are starting something new and exciting on our youtube channel named TKMR TalkTime. It’s a new video series where we choose one Hello!Project related topic or video each time and have a short discussion or a video commentary on it.

As of right now, we are planned to have a new video up every 3 or 4 days. There will be a post here on...

SanrioTIME > TKMR Music Awards 2012

Posted 29 April 2013

It’s already been four full months since another year as passed us by, and you can blame sanrio for being super duper [s]lazy  busy for this feature. Nevertheless, it was yet another year full of wonderful music from our beloved Hello!Project. The TKMR crew  gathers once again to determine for the Song and PV of the year.

The TKMR Music Award Picks of 20...