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Mame! > Gaki at 11.... Kawaii~~~

Posted 21 May 2007

Gaki used to model in the kids section before she joined Morning Musume.
She was only 11 years old in the picture.... cute, huh?

Posted Image

Mame! > Only three years...............

Posted 16 May 2007

....... but look how much they have grown!

Hello! Project Kids - 2004 picure

Posted Image

(Note: Two of them are not in Hello! Project anymore)
They look so...

Mame! > Hello! Project Kids Relationship Map .... and plus two other people

Posted 16 May 2007

Hi, long time no see, long time no blog.............. Hope you are well? (:P)v

Found this from ........ somewhere.
The Hello! Project 2007 relationship map - Berryz Koubou, C-ute, Kusumi Koharu and Mitsui Aika.
If you can't read the kanji characters, think of it like this:
blue lines = positive relationship
black lines = neutral relationship

Mame! > Watch Code Geass!

Posted 29 April 2007

I recommend this anime --> Code Geass. The character design is by CLAMP, of Chobits and xxxHolic fame.

It's 2010, (that's a couple years away) and the world is dominated by Britannia Empire, the last major force on the Earth. They sought to conquer and colonize the last...

Mame! > Embed Music in your Blog

Posted 28 April 2007

SeraphK just gave me a good idea to add another element to the blog - Music.

It's been a LONG time since I've done this, but it's a cool thing to have. It invites your readers to linger around longer and read your blog. Or lures your readers to come back to your blog just...