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Seraph's Sanctuary > Stuff

Posted 12 February 2009

Unfortunately its random crap, so read, don't read all up to you.

Actually...originally, a week after my last post, I was going to post something else content wise, but obviously that entire plan got screwed up. As to why it got screwed up....let's just say an unfortunate kink was discovered. Real details on the kink will be discussed at a later...

Seraph's Sanctuary > Initial PV thoughts

Posted 21 January 2009

Hi people!~ guess what!....An actual update that has a splash of content to it instead of random crap yay~ :good:

hah, anyways, as the title says, initial thoughts on the current PV 泣いちゃうかも(nai chau kamo), and possibly more random crap....(every post needs random crap, lol)

Hm...first thought, JunJun looks good. Well, not that she...

Seraph's Sanctuary > Wishing Well

Posted 21 October 2008

Hi...yes....long time no see...various reasons as to why, but none of that useless information needs to be told, since...well....its useless information. Busy...that's what I'll say and yes, it is the truth, so no questions asked please.

First off, since I don't like spamming the forum. A well wished Happy Birthday...

Seraph's Sanctuary > Greetings from Singapore

Posted 02 June 2008

Ok, so this post is actually REALLY late. I was intending to post this back at the very beginning of May, but due to circumstances, I was unable to. About those circumstances, since my last post I was busy with university work, final exams and what not, which finished near the end of April. So, after that I should have had a lot of free time right??...

Seraph's Sanctuary > A Lasting Tribute

Posted 11 April 2008

I really don't have any creativity in making title's, but everyone knows this already, so on to the matter at hand!~A lasting tribute and a VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR DEAR AEWEN!!!!~ \(:lol:\) \(^_^)/ (/^_^)/ yay~ YAAY~Its actually quite sad at how little I can do...but, I'll do what I can. So here is a...