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Request: a H!PKids complete history OPV

20 November 2009 - 05:38 AM

I am planning on building a BK/C-ute (H!PKids) multimedia display from my BK/C-ute singles and albums and a digital photo frame.
(You may have seen my current wall display here:)
Posted Image

The new display will contain a digital photo frame, surrounded by the various BK/C-ute (and possibly Buono!) singles and albums, spiraling outward from around the photo frame in chronological order. The digital photo frame will play an OPV of the history of the H!PKids, followed by the PV's.

What I am searching for is a video clip montage/OPV (or homemade documentary) of a brief (approx. 10 minutes) history of the H!P Kids, from auditions and first appearance on TV, through starring in films and dramas, as well as any (and as many as possible) memorable and noteworthy events in their history (i.e. subgroups, debuts, graduations, awards, concerts, etc.)
What I would really like to see is an OPV that could sum up all of the H!PKids history in 10 minutes, and inform someone completely unfamiliar with them of their history.

Is there an OPV you have seen out there that even closely resembles this? Would/Could you make an OPV like this?
(Should I ask the mods to see if I need to make this a contest and offer a prize?)

(I was hoping to have this display done by the 26th of November, but haven't been able to realize my design because I lack this one important ingredient.)