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[5/28 - 5/30] ℃-ute FC Tour in Okinawa (~FINAL’’キューティー’’VA℃ATION~)

23 March 2017 - 09:27 AM

℃-ute are having one last FC Tour, this time in Okinawa.





Participants fly out from the Tokyo, Nagoya, or Osaka areas on the morning of 5/28, and return at night on 5/30. There are events with ℃-ute scheduled for all 3 days.

It will probably be somewhat similar to the Hawaii FC Tours, which are always a ton of fun.


I just applied today, along with 3 friends.


The cutoff to apply is tomorrow, 3/24!  :o



Is anyone else going too? :)

I'm super excited to go on my first FanClub tour in 5 years, and visiting Okinawa again after 10 years!

Morning Musume '14 Fan Club Tour in HAWAII 2014

03 May 2014 - 05:33 AM

Morning Musume '14's fan club tour to Hawaii for 2014 was announced recently!

The two "event days" take place on August 22nd and August 23rd. The number of days spent in Hawaii for the full tour depend on which course you choose: A, B or C.




I would go on another MM Hawaii fanclub tour if I were still living in Hawaii!!! I went on MM's 2011 and ℃-ute's 2012 Hawaii fanclub tours.

The typical price is ~250,000yen and up for people in Japan... but if you join the tour from Hawaii and not Japan, they reduce it to ~190,000yen :)

The last date to sign-up is by June 13th, 2014.




They are also planning "Optional Tours", but the details are not on the page yet. If they are anything like the previous optional tours, then it will be riding on a bus with the members to a famous sightseeing spot, and playing games with them along the way. For the extra cost (was ~5000yen last time), it's really not an option, you have to do it! You can read about my previous experiences on the Hawaii tours on my blog.

The details and application sheet are attached. 

Possible problem with embedded video on the tracker discription pages

24 October 2011 - 04:34 AM

I noticed a problem a while ago with the embedding of youtube video and links directly on the tracker description pages. I've only decided to bring it up now in a new topic because I've seen it happening more and more recently....

The problem is: If someone embeds a video into the torrent description page, and enough people click the video, then it will auto-generate an "As seen on ____" link on the youtube page that will lead back to the tracker. UFA has no control over the "As seen on" link, and cannot remove it from their youtube site.

For example, I got to this page from the "As seen on Hello!Project" link directly from the official mbcmschannel youtube page as follows:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Maybe I'm a bit paranoid, and UFA staff probably have known about the H!O tracker for a long time..... but the H!O staff should disable embedded video and hyperlinks on the tracker pages.
It's probably not a big problem for something like "Mobekimasu tte Nani?", but just imagine you are a UFA staff that follows that "As seen on ____" link from your official DVD preview clip directly to where you can download the whole DVD on H!O. You will probably be quite angry....

Sorry if the H!O staff already knows about this, I just thought I should bring this to their attention.