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zeroyon's Blog > Tokyo Girls' Style FC Bus Tour to Shizuoka 2017

Posted 08 May 2017

I went on a Fanclub Tour for Tokyo Girls' Style recently, and I thought I would write up a short report on how it went. Sorry if it doesn't go into a lot of detail... I had to work Saturday and Sunday, and haven't had much sleep..

On the morning of May 5th, all wotas assembled at Shin-Yokohama station at 7:30AM, and they divided us up into different buse...

zeroyon's Blog > ℃-ute HAWAII FC TOUR 2012

Posted 26 March 2012

My first ℃-ute Hawaii FC Tour just finished recently, I had a BLAST! Just like for the MM tour in 2011, I had to do long hours of overtime at work during the days leading up to the tour, so I was a bit sleepy/drowsy throughout the entire thing... and my recollection is a little fuzzy... >_<

I'll try and make this concise and easy to read,...

zeroyon's Blog > 2011 MM HAWAII FC TOUR

Posted 27 July 2011

The tour finished a few days ago, and I had a great time. I'll write what happened here for anyone who wants to read it, but please note my recollection of everything is a little bit fuzzy. It probably has something to do with me having to work 20 hours of OT the three days before the tour and getting very little sleep... >_<