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Hello!Fansubs Recruitment

04 October 2013 - 07:40 PM

Dear Readers,

I have to start off firstly by saying that I've gotten permission from Haku to post about this here. As I was always hesitant in regards to breaching of H!O/HPS in regard to finding potential staff for Hello!Fansubs.

Anyway, I'll try to make this brief although that doesn't usually turn out well when it comes to me posting.

H!F is currently and always searching for more staff to help us in subbing H!P content.

I'll first start off with the Staff that we are looking for:
Translators: You're the one that basically makes a project possible for release. We provide you with the Timings to a given project and you simply have to input the translations in accordance to the provided timing.

Karaoke Typesetters: You bring life into a PV. We've been fortunate enough to have Tomo-chan be with us and basically being sole Karaoke TSer for the team. We've had some aide us in the past and sadly they've all moved on/ become solo acts so all our PV/Perf's are put onto Tomo-chan. So if there's others that may be experienced/interested in this, be warned, the screening process can be quite intimidating but Tomo-chan only wants the best when it comes to doing PV/Perfs.

Timers (Select projects): Although I'm still the one doing most of the timing for projects, there are some requests that we'd like to fulfill, but I don't quite want to time those and we do have a backup timer (raven412) but again he's selective of said projects. For those that may be interested in this position, be warned, I may just put you on a "back-up list" until said projects come to hand to need a timer for it.

Okay and now with the positions out of the way, let's sorta spoil you all in regards to what projects H!F has had on the backburner {Some of these date way back to when H!F debuted back in '07 =X}

Projects (completed but pending translations):
- 2 Alo-Hello!'s {There's 1 more but not timed yet}
- 11 Utaban's {There's 13 more that aren't timed}
- 5 Greeting DVD's
- 8 PB/Extended DVD's
- 3 Random shows {All 3 need timings}
- 26 PV Making of's
- ## Way too many PV/Perf's {Mostly pending Karaoke TS, a chunk needing K-timing}

So all in all, we have a LOT of projects that are just pending translations, so that's the reason I've come to post about it on H!O. I may not be on the forums that often except in the Troubleshooting sections due to aiding some users with the Tracker/Torrent issues.

And again I apologize for making this thread much longer than it should be so...

We are seeking out Translators to help us push out numerous releases that we have in store for the fans/community.

If you, or if you happen to know anyone that may be able to help us, please leave a message either in this thread or shoot me a PM and I'll be more than welcome to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for your time and as well as thank you to all of you who have supported us in our 6 years of existence and still going strong by providing weekly releases for over a year now =X

Torrent Comments

14 March 2013 - 02:05 PM

This is a stretch, but I just thought to ask it.


Is there a feature / possible to get some sort of email notifications upon Torrent Comments? Whether it's on your own uploaded torrent or any other. Since sometimes it's just easier to keep track opposed to trying to memorize the amount of comments.


Might be dumb, but thought to ask.



Change of FPS?

04 April 2009 - 09:58 PM

Dear Fans,

With the 'success' of the 60FPS encodes of the PV's/Making of's, as the dl's show that H264 still outweigh the XviD.

Here is the next question I would like to as you all.

And this will only be applied to the H264 Encodes as well.

Would you like to see longer DVD's that are roughly 50+ minutes encoded at 60fps as well?

As I'm already aware that my upload rate isn't that great and don't want to apply the 60FPS to both H264/XviD, as the XviD filesize will be humungo.

And with the awesome compression that H264 offers, the size increase compared to the XviD with the addition of 60FPS would be well worth it.

So gonna just set up a new poll to get your opinion.

Remember this is only for H264, so technically yes, cheating the XviD-ers a bit, but then again it's still being done opposed to 'phased-out' =P

Cinderella the Musical

10 December 2008 - 05:15 PM

Dear Readers,

[Wasn't too sure where to post this, so here again like my Previous Poll]

I have received a few Emails/PM's from a few users here that have read my Comment on JPHIP's release about dropping the project. BUt they were wondering if we would still consider subbing it.

As one email was actually from a Translator of another group and it wasn't necessary but pointed out a few things and hoped for H!F to reconsider...

And although I have talked about this over with our original Timer/TS'er, who is fine with working on it... He's concerned if we do it that we won't get many dl's as most people would have already DL'ed JPHIP's version.

Haven't talked to our Translator about it, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind too much.

So in the end, creating this poll to see how much of an interest the fans have in us doing an H!F Version of the Musical.

This poll will end probably at the end of the day, we'll see.

Because we don't want to waste our efforts if it goes to show not many will be interested... Like with a few of our other projects ><


When voting, please post a comment if possible
^Might increase the odds of us doing it if more feedback.

[H!F] Yorosen! Resolution Release

05 November 2008 - 08:19 PM

Dear Readers,

(Not sure if this is in the right place to post this, if not please move to somewhere that it fits)

Anyway, onto my question...

As you've noticed, we have just released Week 4 (Eri) and there was a change of resolution along the way due to not having the proper RAW file as the Uploader poofed vanished, (Returned but uploaded the ENTIRE week as one big file). But anyway, now there are different Providers for this week and most probably the weeks to come as well... So we cannot be certain if we will be able to get the original RAW's that we use (1440.mpeg){Not .ts due to the hassle that brings}

So we are left with 2 Choices for future releases so you can 'vote' so to speak as to which option you'd prefer:
(Deadline, basically when I return from Class tonight which is in hmmm 8ish hours?)
{I'll be keeping tab from time to time}

1. Make our releases CONSISTENT at 1024 Resolution
2. Make our releases INCONSISTENT by opting for 1280 when available BUT if it isn't, to go at 1024

We'll decide according to how you favor. As we don't really want to go through too much trouble given this is already a weekly thing and we still have a buffet to go through of other projects which I'm sure you'll all love whenever we complete those.

When I return, I'll have a mod close this by saying so as it's just to get it done and over with.