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SacredCultivator's Blog > My Anime Expo Adventures

Posted 05 July 2009

Dear REaders,

Just linking to where you can read about my Adventures =P

SacredCultivator's Blog > H!F Recruiting

Posted 02 January 2009

Dear Readers,

Haven't posted a blog in a while...

Oh well, this probably will not work, but just thought I'd see if there happens to be any interested party that might want to join H!F.

We are currently looking for:
Karaoke Typesetters

We do not place any deadlines for projects unless it is for a special...

SacredCultivator's Blog > Trip to Hawaii

Posted 16 August 2007

Dear Readers,

Soooo too lazy to write up a detailed summary of my trip so I thought I would greatly condense it.

Day 1:
-Waited at the AirPort, noticed that the signs have JAPANESE on them now lol.
-Flight took about 5 and a half hours and ehhh I sadly incorrectly loaded a few dramas onto my laptop so they didn't play...

SacredCultivator's Blog > Poetry/Quotes/Short Stories

Posted 07 February 2007

Dear Readers,

I just thought that I would share with you all my works I did in the past where I was into Poetry.

Rather than show you each individual one I thought it would be easier for me to provide you a link to...

SacredCultivator's Blog > FanSubbing

Posted 07 February 2007

Dear Readers,

The below are Links to projects that I have taken part of.
I shall list them according to FanSub Team: