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Ma Chia-Ling, Team 4

20 December 2020 - 12:08 AM



Name: Mǎ Jiālíng (Ma Chia-Ling, 馬嘉伶)

Nickname: Macharin (まちゃりん)

Birthdate: 21 December, 1996

Birthplace: Kaohsiung

Blood type: A

Height: 158cm

Debut: December, 2015


Always slow on the uptake, despite the fact that Macharin has been in the group since 2015, because she was only in the senbatsu for one single, 2018's Jabaja, I didn't really notice her, more fool me. A lot of this could be put down to me forever swooning over Yukirin, because I'm stuck in the past, and I still love the old members, but randomly watching old episodes of AKBINGO tonight, and then watching some of the episodes from last year, just before they cancelled the show, I found that Macharin really stood out, and I really kind of want to support her now.


*looks nervously around* I mean, I'm not saying that I'm giving up my loyalty to the old members, but I think it's good to appreciate AKB for what it is today, as well as loving what it once was, and I kind of feel that liking new members won't change how I feel about the past, or how fondly I remember those days, and just how much I have cried over members graduating, but we should all give the new members a chance, especially now that they're in a tough place. So, ah, I guess I'm supporting Macharin from now on. Please support me supporting her, lol. Thank you. :P