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H!P What Ifs

09 June 2020 - 03:35 PM

y'know i always think about hypothetical situations with idols, like if something did/didn't happen or if something different happened. i got the idea to make this thread from a discussion i saw on r/kpop, and i thought it'd be fun to talk about here lol


i'll start with one: what if dambara ruru and yanagawa nanami were put in morning musume instead of juice=juice?


(also i looked through this subforum to find a similar discussion but i couldn't seem to find one, so if there is a thread about the same topic i'm sorry lol)

yuri's graphics!!! ♡

12 April 2020 - 05:39 PM

so i know graphics threads are like an ancient relic of the past and nobody's done them on h!o in forever, but i started making graphics for myself a few months ago, and as i got better at it i kinda wanted to share them with other fans. i post them to my dreamwidth already, but there's no hello! project fans there so i figured i should post them to h!o. i didn't have the ability to make new topics yet though, so i had to wait, but i've been watching my count like a HAWK and i literally just hit 100 posts so right after i saw that i went and started this thread.
i mostly make wallpapers (1366x768, but i can make bigger), but i've also been making icons (100x100, but i can make bigger too) a lot. i've never tried making a forum signature, but it's probably not that hard so i wanna try it sometime soon. i wanted to put my past graphics in a spoiler but i can't seem to figure out how to do that so if you wanna see those visit my dreamwidth comm!! ^.^

btw i don't really feel that confident in my ability to make stuff for other people, but i'm happy to take requests if anyone has some!
(p.s. i'm in nyc and schools just got closed for the rest of the year bc corona, which means i suddenly have a TON of free time, so i'll probably be updating this a lot lol)