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In Topic: Create your new H!P Unit/Supergroup!

Today, 06:47 AM

^^ i love that so much omg!!!! the members are absolutely perfect :0

In Topic: Create your new H!P Unit/Supergroup!

Yesterday, 07:15 AM

of course a buono revival unit, not like the same name and everything but y'know, a trio with a rock sound doing anime songs. i'm not really sure who i'd want in the group, but i feel like miimi, riai, and layla would fit. i've also been thinking about a similar fantasy unit where the girls did precure songs, with those same members + homachan and meichan because i'm a filthy 15ki stan. honestly though i'm super nostalgic for buono so i'd instantly love any unit h!p ever does that's even remotely similar to them lol
also this one's kinda dumb but basically, dance club as a real unit with singles and everything. of course they'd be performance based and mostly just a concert unit like they already are but i'd love to see them as an actual group that released edm bangers for singles every now and then, even if they were just digital singles or something. it'd be cool and they could dance to their own songs at concerts


oh and this is completely self indulgent but i think i would actually die if they made a vocal powerhouse (...for the most part) group with a rock style and ruru, chel, miyo, kishimon, and rikako as members. kinda like buono minus the anime stuff, and maybe with a more mature sound? i doubt anything like that would ever happen but this is about fantasies anyway so lol

Here are my ideas:

  • A unit for cutesy-type songs: Yokoyama, Mei, Yume, Minami, Rin
  • A Hip-hop unit that would sing and rap - Ayumi, Momohime, Uemura, Miyo, Kamiko, Kaedii


u r an absolute genius omg now i really wanna see both of these become real units LMAO

In Topic: Hirose Ayaka (広瀬彩海)

09 July 2020 - 08:30 AM

woah the blonde looks great! it really suits her

In Topic: Juice=Juice

08 July 2020 - 06:13 PM

i hope we get at least one 9nin j=j song cuz of corona, like a digital single would be perfect for it. i just really wanna hear reirei and karin on the same track together tbh lol

In Topic: Forum Design + updates

08 July 2020 - 05:53 PM

ooh they look really cool!! i've been meaning to make more headers (i kinda wanna add fancy textures/bgs to them like the akb headers have too) but i'm lazy lol