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Obscure Unreleased Idol Music

02 February 2021 - 06:45 PM

i know there's the unreleased h!p songs thread but i mean stuff as in like, really obscure songs that'll probably never see the light of day ever. like those 2 lilpri days that never got released and maachan's song that she deleted. there probably isn't much out there that's known in the fandom but i'm curious about it so uhh, if anyone knows any obscure unreleased stuff feel free to post lol

Hayashi Mirei, SKE KKS

31 January 2021 - 12:57 AM

Name: Hayashi Mirei (林美澪)
Nickname: Miichan (みーちゃん)
Birthdate: March 10, 2009
Birthplace: Aichi, Japan
Agency: Zest Inc.
Official SHOWROOM: https://www.showroom...8_MIREI_HAYASHI

Hobbies: Reading and writing
Special Skills: Dancing
Favorite food: Strawberry, chocolate
Favorite word: "Continuation is strength"
Youngest member of SKE48 & the first member born after the debut of SKE48

Unit Song on SKE48's new single: Change Your World

so i originally found out about hayashi mirei a bit after getting into 48g in late 2019, when ske48's 10th generation was announced, and mirei's name was making the rounds because she was born in 2009, and thus the youngest member in not only ske48, but all of 48g. and of course as i like to say 24/7 here that made me feel ancient, but i thought she was adorable and kept her in my mind since i wanted to see how she'd grow as a member and everything (and well, i didn't have an ske oshi and she was a good contender lol). recently ske announced a new single with jurina as center for her graduation, and an entire group senbatsu, so this was mirei's first senbatsu! i was really happy and looking forward to seeing her in the mv, and though she wasn't really visible (as far as i could tell lol) i was surprised to find out she had been included on a b-side called "change your world", in a unit formed by jurina with members she saw as the future of ske. and i was so so happy to see jurina herself considered mirei as a future star!! mirei is so stunning in the mv (she's the tiny one with the high ponytail and shorts), she looks awesome and gets a lot of screentime, and also gets to show off her awesome dancing skills. so all in all, i really love mirei and you should too LOL

Twinkle (トゥインクル)

12 January 2021 - 01:06 AM



Twinkle (トゥインクル) is a 3-member group under J-Academy, and originally debuted with 5 members in 2013.



Latest Single:

Hana Flower (2020)
i found this group in early 2020, and i instantly loved them! i'm still kinda iffy that the girls are so young but i think they're super cute, and their whole magical girl concept is just so adorable. they have good music too, i think they mostly perform covers but they release original singles every now and then and it's surprisingly really good. hana flower got me into them, idk what genre it is exactly but i think it's actually close to dream pop and it's really catchy and calming. i even bought the cd some time after discovering them bc i just really wanted the song in better quality, and i'm happy to have it!

Speculations for 2021

03 January 2021 - 10:55 AM

decided to start a speculations/predictions thread for 2021 since it's fun guessing how things will go, and i haven't seen a thread for it yet lol

anyway, here's my predictions from last year! correct predictions are green, incorrect predictions are red, and anything in between is yellow:



new speculation + predictions time!



  • more 15ki push except stronger focus on rio
  • part of me feels like there'll either be no graduations, a lot of grads, or one or two grads of older members, specifically 9/10/11ki. could also be a surprise and be someone from 12/13ki but i really hope not lol
  • 16th album
  • more 15ki photobooks, specifically rio but after her huge sales probably ones for homamei too


  • ok honestly after the 2020 drought my expectations for beyooooonds are completely in the gutter
  • 3rd single halfway through the year or towards the end
  • i want a 2nd album to make up for the drought but again not getting my hopes up and just expecting 2 singles lol
  • mayyyybe another stage play towards the end of the year? after the sleeping beauty one is done


  • 9ki push 9ki push 9ki push 9KI PUSH
  • a LOT more layla in singles
  • also layla pb considering the ton of gravure she did in 2020
  • hopefully no new members, we just got 9ki so let them settle in and establish themselves
  • pleeeeease no grads, but if there is i'm expecting any members that joined prior to 2018


  • they're the most unpredictable tbh, after losing their ace i wouldn't say they've lost their footing but everything's up in the air for them, so either things will be the same style wise or a complete image overhaul; hoping for the former lol
  • ruru front girl push. this is a completely and wholly unbiased opinion
  • idk about a reirei push besides the usual new member stuff but it's possible
  • kanatomo grad ;_; part of me also feels like sayubee might go but hopefully not
  • 2 singles? maybe an album too since they're due for it

tsubaki factory:

  • some back girls are pushed to make up for risamaru loss
  • 1 single maybe. unless they wanna keep up the minimal 2020 momentum, then they should do 2. but also they didn't really have any momentum so what am i saying lololol
  • hopefully 2nd album because like j=j they're due for it
  • kisora pb PLEASE

other h!p:

  • yeah i have no clue what else they'll think of for concerts re: pandemic but honestly i like what they've done so more of that, and some random shit too lol
  • more news about kss unit besides what they've been doing, i've made my kss unit debut agenda well known but like please i actually want them to debut T_T
  • speaking of which, debut or not i expect more members to be added to the unit. hoping natsume but maybe also runo, ruli, momo, anyone really. or they could surprise everyone and add yuliya lol

Hello!Online Top H!P Songs of 2020 - RESULTS POSTED

30 December 2020 - 04:59 AM

Hello!Online Top H!P Songs of 2020

so i noticed this was held in previous years but nobody started one this year, so i decided to host it myself! i believe next year will be 10 years since the poll started so i'd like to keep that tradition going, even if i wasn't around for the previous polls (well i was for last year but i was still lurking lol). rules and previous results are below, as well as the voting format and song list!
past results:
2011: Uchouten LOVE - S/mileage
2012: One Two Three - Morning Musume
2013: Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke - Morning Musume
2014: Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe - Morning Musume '14
2015: Ima Sugu Tobikomu Yuuki - Morning Musume '15
2016: Mukidashi de Mukiatte - Morning Musume '16
2017: Fiesta! Fiesta! - Juice=Juice
2018: Kon'ya Dake Ukaretakatta - Tsubaki Factory
2019: “Hitori de Ikirare Sou” tte Sore tte Nee, Homete Iru no? - Juice=Juice


  • only vote for eligible songs (song list is below)
  • maximum amount of songs to vote is 10 (you can vote less if you don't have 10 to vote for)
  • all votes are final


voting format:
+10 Song
+9 Song
+8 Song
+7 Song
+6 Song
+5 Song
+4 Song
+3 Song
+2 Song
+1 Song
replace "song" with the title of the song you are voting for (eligible songs below)
eligible songs list:



Deadline for voting is February 1, 2021 UTC-05:00