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In Topic: Game of Thrones

11 August 2019 - 03:06 AM

It looks to be true that the momentum of ASOIAF and GOT has taken off on a scale not before seen for any other story. People have come together via the internet to create a vast collective audience that has made GOT a true cultural phenomenon. But with that rise has also come with it some insane blind sided group think. I think the s8e3 was terrible. Utterly terrible. Like a great work of art was suddenly raped into a basic TV show. It was both terrible and tedious.

What made GOT great was the balance of characters and the raw realism of the story. It looks like (read dual cultivation novel [all chapters] - kisslightnovels) the Night King is just another cartoonish villain with no history, no reason, no character. So I guess this is the end of that whole story now? Ok, well that’s a wrap, now onto Cersei.

The build up to Arya being Azor Ahai? Seriously? Sounds like the creators tortuously tried to give a ‘gotcha’ moment to fans. Too much. Stick to the traditional characters of Dany or Jon. Making Arya suddenly the long awaited savior gave such a wtf? moment. And in a really bad way.

I could go on, but thinking more of how that last episode was such a huge disappointment honestly sucks. I’m a huge fan. (was for the show, now even more hopeful for the books). GOT is now a lesson on how great works of art can get fucked in the ass and then turn everyone into a bunch of cheerleading zombies (I mean wights). ###### group think. No matter how much empty praise is doled out, it won’t get the taste of piss out of my mouth and eyes.

In Topic: Manga Collections

30 July 2019 - 10:26 AM

Well…my manga collection is not that many because i just buy the first volumes and read the others online…but, i will show you a part of my collection…

I know it’s not that many compared to others…but, i’m saving money for my “future purposes” and if you are wondering why it’s filled with naruto…then you should have seen my username…anyways..that’s for my answer…(it’s also incomplete because i was too late to buy them all…)