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Hello!Project Online







Summary of the Fanfiction:
"Hello!Project Online" is a multi-part story that retells the adventures of Yokoyama Reina and her friends in the virtual world of the same name. The protagonists discover and experience in different ways, which laws, joys and dangers this dream reality holds ready for them. Finally, they become aware of the great responsibility they have to bear and that each one of them has abilities that leave the limits of reality far behind them. But what is the ultimate price they have to pay? How great is the willingness to give everything and to completely eliminate all rationality? A battle for survival begins...


- Chapters released: 1 / ?
- Rating: P18 (Some descriptions of violence)
- Characters: Yokoyama Reina (First Protagonist), Kamikokuryo Moe (Second Protagonist), All other members of Hello!Project (including following groups: Morning Musume, °C-ute, Angerme, Juice=Juice, Country Girls, Kobushi Factory, Tsubaki Factory, Kenshuusei), Various current and former members as well as employees 
- Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Epos, Virtual Reality, Friendship, Action/Adventure





Hey ho together!

I'm glad you got lost in my fanfiction. I hope you discover one or the other story for your mental well-being. Before I present the first chapter, I'd like to say a few words to you.

First of all I want to make it clear that I didn't create any of the characters (apart from a few exceptions) myself. They're all from Hello!Project. Only the behaviour patterns, actions and motivation of the individual figures are conceived by me and only follow the real images rudimentarily. Therefore I hope that you don't resent me if your " favourite " doesn't behave in the way you are used to or expected from her.

Mainly all my creations revolve around the virtual reality "Hello!Project Online". The multi-part story of the same name is the main series of my works and tells about the adventures Yokoyama Reina (main protagonist of my series) and her companions experience in the virtual world. Here, the different genres give each other a hand. From action-packed scene descriptions to humorously stupid conversations to dramatic twists, everything is included.

Friendship, loyalty, responsibility and selflessness are the virtues I want to convey with my stories. I take all the time in the world to develop and progress the characters and environment in the entire cosiness given to me. So if you are looking for a story that is told quickly, you won't necessarily get your money's worth here. But you can rely on me when it comes to the loving and respectful handling of the characters, because for each of them I have worked out an independent characteristic that gradually comes to bear.

But since I only have one thread and don't work out detailed storylines, I am basically my own reader, who is there with excitement and emotions and doesn't know the final products of the events as well as the developments of the individual characters. This approach contains clear advantages and disadvantages. However, I would like to base my approach on the positive aspects. On the one hand, I always remain motivated when writing, because after all, I want it to go on just like you do. On the other hand I can experience the life of the admirable idols of my world day by day and spend "real" time with them.

I was especially inspired by animes like Sword Art Online or Log Horizon. But you should mention that these already existing worlds are much better than some people say they are. As long as you only focus on the implementation of the environment and not directly on the shallow characteristics of the characters, you can get really good ideas for your own story.

The important messages contained in my works are fundamentally oriented towards the current problems and questions of our own world. How far should we go in the research and development of independently thinking AIs? What vital decisions should we leave to computers? In which directions is the use of virtual reality developing? How do people behave in stress-generated or even life-threatening situations? What happens when we are robbed of our thoughts? Which psychological damages (or cures?) are caused by virtually generated brains?
I could continue to ask these questions. Ultimately, it is best if you make yourselves a picture of my written subjects. Get involved in the world of "Hello!Project Online" and simply enjoy the weekly chapters released on Monday (Central European Time) in which Reina, Kamiko and the many other characters try to find themselves and explore the virtual world in its entirety.
I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you!

To prepare you for what is to come at the beginning, you should know that this story is set in an alternative universe. The core focus is on the fantasy, drama and adventure elements mixed with a good portion of friendship. I don't focus heavily on pairings and romance, nor will this be a peaceful story. However, if there are any opportunities (as you might notice in the second chapter), I will of course allow the characters to have a togetherness.

Naturally I try to represent events, chronologies and characters as truthfully as possible. Nevertheless, be prepared for everything and don't judge me too harshly. But of course any criticism is welcome. In addition it has to be said that this story is a translation of my already in German written version, which you can read on Fanfiktion.de under the same name.

I'm not even sure if anyone is reading this at all, but I just publish chapters every week. On the one hand for my own joy, on the other hand someone might accidentally discover the story and like it. Then I did everything right in the end.

Furthermore it should be mentioned that "Hello!Project Online" basically describes the life and adolescence of Yokoyama Reina. But it is my goal to integrate all the idols that are available to me into the story and to give everyone their own unique appearance. Sooner or later, the narrative perspective changes from time to time, so that the focus is not only on Yoko.

All in all, it will be an adventure in which we will get closer to the members of Hello!Project. It's always sad to see them all gradually graduate. That's why I want to give you and myself the opportunity to share experiences with the heroines from Japan before they possibly disappear completely from our lives. I wish you a lot of fun now!

Let's go to the REHAB Academy! Let's go to the Haven!

ON TO ...





1st Arc: "My name is Yokoyama Reina"

Chapter 1: The Awakening




Glistening light enveloped a scrawny figure. Small, slim and thin. Her silhouette wavered through the void. Where was she? Who was she?

Restless, without goal in mind, the figure wandered around. Did she move forward? No! Backwards? Or did she move to the side? She did not know. She did not understand it and felt disoriented.

She was filled with inner emptiness. She was a lost being. Lost in the Nothingness of an endless time...


"Yokoyama Reina..."

In the distance, a soft voice echoed. The shadowy figure longed for this being in a non-existent world. She had never heard such a pleasant sound before and yet it seemed so familiar.

"Yokoyama Reina!"

The voice became louder. The figure didn't know if she actually drew closer, but slowly a warm-hearted feeling spread on her skin. A smile crept onto her face.

A smile...

Suddenly hands appeared in front of her. The person slowly looked at them and realized that they were her own. She gently touched her face. It felt flawless. Soft lips, snub nose, long dark brown hair gently touching her shoulders. She, the silhouette shape, was a girl.

"Come to yourself, Reina!"

Reina? Was that her name? Yokoyama Reina? Quietly she spoke the words to herself. Within a few seconds the name had literally burned into her mind. And for some reason she smiled again at the newly acquired knowledge. She had to grin wider and wider until it finally turned into a resounding, hearty laughter.

After a few minutes Reina calmed down. Feelings of happiness swept through her body. Laughter. What a pleasant diversion. It seemed so familiar to her. And although she should have panicked, she was satisfied. She could remember absolutely nothing. Neither a past life nor family, friends or responsibilities. Nevertheless, she felt an inner balance, the feeling of a balance, which dispelled all sorrow and worry in an instant.

Again she looked at her hands. Reina had a light skin tone, but a slight tan could not be denied. What was her descent?

Now looking around a little more attentively, she slowly examined her surroundings. The glistening light had almost completely disappeared in the meantime. Instead she discovered clear shapes. Reina was in a small room. White walls, whose plaster was already peeling slightly off, surrounded her. A small metal desk with a wooden chair and a feather bed were the only visible furnishings in the room. On the ceiling there was the bright neon light that had surrounded her just a few minutes ago.

The girl didn't know how she got here. She also didn't know what was waiting for her behind the door, which silhouette was now noticeable in a gray tone on one corner of the room. Instinctively she turned in that very direction of the door. Her left hand grabbed the knob. She felt the cool metal on her fingers.

Then there was a slight jolt. The room was filled with a resounding squeak. The door moved. A gentle breeze stroked Reina's face. What was waiting for her beyond this room?

An excited feeling twitched through her body. A tickling feeling of curiosity flashed through her chest. With her eyes wide open, she slammed the door. And her mouth opened in surprise, but no sound came out.

In front of her was a vast hall, covered in warm light sent out by enormous chandeliers. Red and white flags woven into each other and created a fascinating spectacle of colours. On the other side, directly opposite Reina, a marble, shining white staircase stretched upwards. At least 200 steps, Reina calculated roughly and her fascination increased even more. Who lived here?

"As of today, this will be your home, Yokoyama Reina."

Completely surprised that she was not alone, the young girl turned to her side. From one of the many doors on the left and right sides of the large hall a young woman approached her. The brown-blonde hair blew gracefully, as did her movement. Proud and attentive at the same time. Every step radiated security and dignity.

"My name is Goto Maki. And from now on you are one of my students."

Reina's eyes widened.

"W-what? Your disciple? What do you mean by that? Student of what?

After all, they were facing each other directly. The young girl was definitely only a few inches smaller than the stranger, but the enormous presence emanating from Goto Maki was overwhelming. Reina's knees began to tremble. What was suddenly going on with her?

The woman seemed to notice the insecurity. An almost motherly expression graced her face.

"Don't be afraid! You will soon learn everything. It would be best if you accompanied me. We did not expect you here immediately. But how do you say it: Better too early than too late, isn't it?

Goto Maki looked happily at Reina, but she didn't seem to expect an answer. Instead she turned around on her heel, waved her hand, a sign that Reina should follow her, and walked gracefully towards the marble stairs.

Completely perplexed, Reina walked after her. What was awaiting her now? Who was the woman with this incredible aura?

The girl felt the curiosity again. The woman claimed that this was now her new home. That meant that there must also be a former home. But not a single thought had a memory of a past life. It felt strange to think about it. She felt that there was a clear past for her. But she just couldn't reach for it. Any attempt to create a memory failed. But for some reason she didn't mind at all.

Her eyes were fixed to the ground, lost in thought. She was confused by the golden-yellow check patterns of the tiles. Her right eye twitched.


Reina frowned silently. Goto Maki had her eyes on the girl and looked at her mysteriously. Reina hadn't noticed this at all as she wallowed in her thoughts and stopped abruptly. Worried, the girl asked:

"What i-is strange?"

Reina felt pierced by this intense look that was meant for her. For a short time they remained in one place. The woman didn't seem to make any effort to give an answer or at least to continue walking.

When Reina finally decided to ask again, the features of her companion relaxed.

"It's nothing. I only found it interesting that you were so willing to be comfortable with the situation. I know quite opposite examples."

Reminiscing in further remembrance, Goto Maki set off again. A grin lay on her face. Reina reassured this immensely. The woman seemed to be a good person. Her smile was honest, felt the girl.

Much more determined than before, she followed her new acquaintance. Uncertainty and tension accompanied her closely.



To be continued...