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In Topic: Hello! Online General Election 2020

02 January 2021 - 03:07 PM

Lol holy cheetos Kitario winning Best Visual over Sato.


The boss is here to stay.



That's it for now, in around 4 hours, next, best group result will be announced. :D



Omg, I can't wait, it's a mystery who's gonna win! :ph34r:

In Topic: Satoyoshi Utano (里吉うたの)

30 December 2020 - 03:17 PM

Stage48 gets more traffic than here (probably mostly because of boringzaka but oh well) and one of the things people do a lot there is reposting social media stuff (especially in the Team 8 section ^^; ), but it doesn't get any warnings even though the mods are more strict there.


So either way, my post was more meant to say "I respect it but I don't think it'll change much in how much talk/discussion there is in these threads". Maybe it wasn't clear because I always try to put in a bit of humour even though I'm not funny.


Lord knows I don't follow any social media (yikes, where do people find the patience), be it of either individual Idols or groups.


And when something hot happens which will inevitably skew the dialog that way, the thread will naturally be flooded with opinions so it's really fine IMO.

In Topic: Satoyoshi Utano (里吉うたの)

29 December 2020 - 07:36 PM

You're a warrior and a fighter. And an annoying ruru oshi.


I think these forums are more for light banter, sharing important info and taking it easy rather than a constant news feed twitter is these days and they will stay so.


But I respect the idea and the attitude.


(Although Sato Masaki's thread refuses to die or even slow down, what do people see in THAT girl? Hhahahaha... Oh no, I can hear the pitchforks)

In Topic: Tsubaki Factory (つばきファクトリー)

29 December 2020 - 01:54 AM

Yo but check out Kisora's part on the birthday event digest:



Damn, girl is breaking hearts out there.

In Topic: Ogata Risa (小片リサ)

28 December 2020 - 10:00 PM



I'll miss your mysterious mood hidden behind an indifferent face full of things you shouldn't have written down.


It was too soon for the Ogata's of this company to leave.