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In Topic: Dambara Ruru (段原瑠々)

Yesterday, 01:23 AM

Yes, I'm not complaining tho, Ruru as the lead singer in a song is my dream ever since she was announced as a member of Juice=Juice


Her last solo is... magnificent 


Akari and Rei also deserve this push, they have amazing vocals.


It's just that Juice=Juice has so many powerful vocals it's unfair if half of the group don't have the chance to show it.

In Topic: What happened to our H!O vets? And H!O in general?

Yesterday, 01:04 AM

I remember when I tried to get into twitter I felt too lonely, screaming into the void.


Interesting... I have my Twitter on private just to scream into the void.


You could try to follow people you know from H!O and other people you are interested in, there is also @hpfandominfo, the person who runs the account helps new fans to get into the fandom.


I used to have a twitter acount but I also felt lonely, later I discovered this blog and was like: are blogs still a thing?, so I signed up but I was just a silent member because there are a lot of senior members, I been a harowota since 2016 that I feel awkward talking about how much I love the actual h!p, I hope this blog shines again because is the only place where I can read and share things about h!p.


I had the same feeling, even nowadays to be honest, it also doesn't help my English isn't good and I'm ashamed of it, but even if I've never commented that much before, this place made me a H!P fan, I have always loved to read the discussions here, which is a thing that almost never happens on Twitter. I hope one day the community will migrate back to H!O.   

In Topic: Dambara Ruru (段原瑠々)

03 December 2020 - 06:04 PM


Have you guys listened to Juice=Juice's newest song? It's so beautiful.


Ruru got so many solo lines and she sounds amazing.


Even tho I love the song, I hope the next one to have a fairer line distribution. Sayuki, Manaka and the young girls deserve solo as well.

In Topic: Hello! Online General Election 2020

01 December 2020 - 01:05 AM

Best Idol:


+10 Dambara Ruru

+9 Kawamura Ayano

+8 Sasaki Rikako

+7 Hamaura Ayano

+6 Funaki Musubu

+5 Murota Mizuki

+4 Kanazawa Tomoko

+3 Hirose Ayaka

+2 Asakura Kiki

+1 Kamikokuryo Moe


Best Group: Kobush Factory


Best Singer: Dambara Ruru


Best Dancer: Sasaki Rikako


Best Visual: Sasaki Rikako


Best Personality: Funaki Musubu

In Topic: Dambara Ruru (段原瑠々)

30 November 2020 - 12:15 AM


By the way, the annual election is going on, I voted for her as my favorite member.


I dont' know if she is popular among the fandom (is it to much to dream for a top15?) but if anyone think she deserves your vote then it'd be really nice if you voted for her. 

i voted for her as my fave too :] i think she's quite popular in the overseas fandom actually, iirc she ranked #1 in a recent twitter election? i don't know if she'll get #1 this time since the vote's much more widespread but hopefully she ranks high at least hehe



^ Ruru was nº2 in the H!O elections last year, and being nº 2 in these days is almost like being nº1 (cause of  Maa´s dictatorship, you know   :ph34r: )


I really didn't know that. I know she has some fans here on Hello! Online and I know some people on Twitter as well but it's not even closer to the amount of people who talk about the members of Morning Musume and BEYOOOOONDS and none of her performances were nominated to that category as well even tho she had more performances?


I hope she to do quite well tho. I voted for her in every category I could, except for best dancer that one is Rikako