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In Topic: Weird/Experimental H!P Songs

08 September 2020 - 07:31 PM

The first song that I thought of is "WHY" from Morning Musume's 3rd -LOVE Paradise- album. It's recorded by each girl singing an individual syllable, and I think its the only H!P song that I find completely unlistenable lol.


In Topic: Jun Jun / Li Chun (ジュンジュン / 李純)

14 August 2020 - 06:17 PM

I'm not the person who posted originally, but she had a pretty long solo near the end of "Nakidasu Kamo Shirenai Yo", the B-side to Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai. It's one of my favourite B-sides!

In Topic: Hello! Online Top H!p Songs of 2019 Fan Poll- Results Posted

20 December 2019 - 08:49 PM

+10 "Hitori de Ikirare Sou" tte Sore tte Nee, Homete Iru no?
+09 Megane no Otoko no Ko
+08 Keseyashinai Kimochi
+07 Nippon no DNA!
+06 Kame ni Nare!
+05 Koi wa Accha Accha
+04 I Surrender Aisaredo Ai
+03 Atsui!
+02 Go Waist
+01 Jinsei Blues

In Topic: Hello! Online General Election 2019

20 December 2019 - 08:42 PM

Best idol:
+10 Dambara Ruru
+9 Yamaki Risa
+8 Takagi Sayuki
+7 Nomura Minami
+6 Fukumura Mizuki
+5 Katsuta Rina
+4 Haga Akane
+3 Uemura Akari
+2 Ikuta Erina
+1 Inoue Rei


Best group: Juice=Juice
Best Newcomer: Okamura Homare
Best Singer: Takagi Sayuki
Best Dancer: Inaba Manaka
Best Visual: Okamura Homare
Best Personality: Dambara Ruru

In Topic: Sayashi Riho (鞘師里保)

30 June 2019 - 02:41 PM

I think it's actually this link:




But anyway, its wild to see riho performing in uk!!