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Fluffis' touring J=J Europe store

09 August 2017 - 08:32 PM

After having my debit card scammed in Japan I am selling a few things more than I originally intended. Luckily for my luggage weight limit I managed to get some things sold already. The money will not be able to replace what was stolen from me, but it will hopefully let me buy some of that German chocolate I love so much in Dortmund. Due to the mail system being absolutely unreliable and horrid in my country I am bringing all the H!P stuff I want to sell/trade to the J=J European concerts. I just want avoid dealing with their services. I have only done my prices in Euros for now but they will be converted for the London show. I think my prices are reasonable when comparing to what can be found on Yahoo Auctions Japan, but if you buy a lot of stuff or if you think somehting is unreasonably priced let me know. I am negotiable. How to locate me at the venue? Look for the short idiot in a custom made Sayuki T-shirt lol. 


2L shots/Angerme postcard: 1.5€ each


L Shots: 1€ each


Trading Cards: 0.5€ each

Top row selling

The rest I will try to trade, please send me a PM before the concert date in London if you want to trade. If I don't get a trading deal for a member then I will sell her too.

Mizuki -> Sayumi

Miki -> Ogata H, Riho or Group ver

Kudo -> Riho

Ayumi -> Ogata H or Riho

Rina -> Ayaka or Group ver

Haruna I -> Sayumi or Riho

Akari -> Sayuki

Karin -> Tomoko

Karin - Tomoko

Sayuki -> Tomoko


Used Regular CDs: 2.5€ each

Roman my dear boy & Iroppoi jirettai: 2.5€ each

Jidanda Dance & Feel! Kanjiru yo: 3€ each

Most of these I have never played the CD of, but as normal with CDs they are impossible to keep "mind" as soon as the plastic is removed. The two event v DVDs I have watched 2-3 times each. The Jidanda and Feel Juice=Juice CDs are sealed and comes with a random trading card inside. 


Mixed goods

Sealed white Zukki Emotion in motion Medium sized T-shirt: 16€

Sealed Zukki Microfiber Towel: 7€

Sayumi DVD that I watched twice: 15€

FC order holders: free

I don't know what these are called but you get them when you order L-shot fanclub photos. I find them pointless and I don't think they have any value. The one at the bottom shows you what they look like. 


Posters A3 sized: 1€ each

I have no idea if this is a reasonable price. None of them are what I would consider to be in good enough condition for a fan who wants to frame the posters. But if you are fine with just pasting them up on a wall they are good enough for that. Imgbox decided to flip my pictures and even afre re-uploading them it still did not work. 


Kpop stuff, socks, cards and stickers: free






18 April 2016 - 09:24 PM

 Thank you Mixi for posting valuable information about many things regarding the group.  :)



Predia debuted in 2011. They were known as pre-dia until December 2011 and are signed under Platinum Passport. .They are currently 10 members. Their discography consists of 3 albums, 2 mini albums and soon to be 13 singles. 



From left to right: Mizuno Mai, Hayashi Yuzuka, Sakurako, Minato Akane, Maeda Yuu, Sawaguchi Keiko, Murakami Rumina, Aoyama Reiko, Okamura Akina, and Matsumoto Runa. 


Youtube channels: crownrecord (music videos) predia Official Channel (lives and backstage) Oficial twitter: pre_dia

Video playlist of "The documentary of predia"


Current Members:

Murakami Rumina (村上瑠美奈) 1989 leader twitter instagram blog

Minato Akane (湊あかね) 1990 sub-leader twitter blog

Aoyama Reiko (青山玲子) 1987 twitter instagram blog

Okamura Akina (岡村明奈) 1986 sub-leader twitter blog

Matsumoto Runa (松本ルナ) 1990 twitter blog


Mizuno Mai (水野まい) - 1988 twitter blog

Sawaguchi Keiko (沢口けいこ) 1991 twitter blog

Sakurako (桜子) 1990 twitter blog

Hayashi Yuzuka (林弓束) 1987 twitter blog

Maeda Yuu (前田ゆう) 1989 twitter instagram blog


Former members:


Kirikawa Risa (桐川りさ)

Ishii Yukiko (石井由希子)

Umakoshi Sachiko (馬越幸子)

Yosaka Yui (與坂唯)

Murakami Marina (村上まりな)

Takeda Megumi (竹田愛)

Izumi Terumi (和泉テルミ)


Latest PV from Best of predia "THE ONE" 12/19