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Eternity > Eternity affiliated with HSUSA

Posted 31 August 2011

Hey guys super exciting news! Eternity has been accepted into Hello Store USA’s affiliates program!

This affiliate program provides us with a unique opportunity to gain discounts for ordering things for the site. This is basically if you click the banner we uploaded on our WEBSITE and go...

Eternity > Eternity site Looking for Volunteers!

Posted 09 August 2011

Lately we've been working hard on reactivating Eternity and updating our website and the time has come to ask for help!
As you know our website http://eternity.uruwashii.org/ is constantly updated with news about H!P and it's sometimes hard to keep up with everything so we'd like to see who wants to volunteer to do it. We basically need...

Eternity > And the winner is...

Posted 23 May 2011


Eternity > Eternity's Auditions!!!

Posted 15 May 2011


Arielsoul's Blog > Watching Cutie JUMP (2009)...

Posted 21 February 2011

.. I cried. :sob:
I actually watched it for the 1st time today... (yeah took me a long time, I know ^^; ) .. For some reason I kept on thinking I had watched it already.. but when I was just about to burn it to a DVD to free some space in my HD.. I realized I never watched it.. so I had to.
The last part, when they are all crying trying to sing.. and one...