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ロクサス > Japan Stuff (Big Pic Warning)

Posted 13 June 2008

More japan stuff from my trip

Warning: Pics kinda...

ロクサス > Japan 3rd Post (Akiba, Harajuku, Shibuya, etc)

Posted 10 June 2008

Woooo i'm posting again

Lets see, I went to a Maid Cafe today at the becking of one of my friends, and one of the Maids performed the entire dance to C-ute's Ookina Ai de Motomashite

Went to a store in Akiba that is basically a multi-floor store, with an arcade on the 6th floor and an AKB48 place on the 8th floor, the Arcade and the 5th floor was...

ロクサス > JAPAN 2 - Shibuya

Posted 03 June 2008

So many girls in loli doll and schoolgirl here o_O

Anyway, today was my "The World Ends With You/Subarashiki Kono Sekai" tour
I started coming out of the station and seeing the head statue
Walking under the bridge, we came out at Hachiko and the Scramble, we then wandered around various streets
A couple of places we went from TWEWY:
-109 (104 in...

ロクサス > JAPAN 1 - Shinjuku and Akihabara

Posted 02 June 2008

11:11pm Japan!

Yesterday me and my friends got to JPN

Our hotel being in Shinjuku we wandered around
Ending up getting very lost, and getting near ginza, which was the opposite of the place we wanted to go
We got back to our hotel safely

Today, we woke up and went to Akihabara, we stopped at some arcades around shinjuku and played some games,...

ロクサス > Leaving US in 2 days

Posted 29 May 2008

2 days from this post, i'll be in Japan, i'll see if i can get to a computer and post pics of the stuff we do, but if i can't, don't hold it against me, i'll post stuff when i get back