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How do you celebrate Easter?

25 March 2016 - 01:55 PM

I live in Poland. We celebrate here Easter and 3 days before (so called Triduum). The most popular tradition here is making paintings on eggs. On Saturday we go to church with a basket with food, then a priest blesses it (the food). On Sunday morning we have a special breakfast including "blessed" food. But first we share eggs with each other. We also celebrate on Monday, I guess it's the most playful holiday. We have a tradition of spilling water on each other (something like ice bucket challenge XD). How about your country?

My dream setlist/medley

24 March 2016 - 01:09 PM

I don't think there is already topic like this. Well, as far as I've seen. So we choose a H!P group (or during a Harocon), write a setlist/medley with some notes like "that girl leads" or "this is shuffle performance of x, y, z) etc.
My example
Medley/mini live Morning Musume'16
*What is LOVE (1st verse and chorus)
*Songs (shuffle: Fukumura, Sato, Kudo, Ogata, Nonaka)
*Aruiteru (shuffle: Suzuki, Oda)
*Crazy about you (shuffe:Ikuta, Ishida, Kudo)
*Otome no timing (shuffle: Iikubo, Makino, Haga)
*Koi no dance Site ("sexy beam" Suzuki)