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Home Sweet Home (a SayaIshi fanfic)

03 January 2017 - 10:02 PM

To celebrate the new year, here is a new fanfic celebrating our favorite pairing : SayaIshi! (Sayashi Riho x Ishida Ayumi from Morning Musume)

Enjoy! ;)


Rated M Fanfic











Chapter 1: Wandering




It was a hot afternoon of June. A long dark-haired girl was wandering in the streets of Tokyo with a huge travel bag on her shoulder. The chunky silhouette didn’t seem to know where to go and was nervously checking at her cellphone. It had been four days since she came back in Japan and she was out on the streets, again.


She had spent four days at Suzuki Kanon’s apartment, her best friend, before being booted out. The ex-Morning Musume member complained about her laziness, her difficulty at waking up and, above all, her messy way of living.


The poor girl needed to find a place to sleep quickly since the sun was already setting. She sure thought about giving a call to Masaki, Haruka or Sakura but the three still lived with their parents and she didn’t want to crash into families.


It was the same for Mizuki and she regretted it badly. She would have loved to live with the so sexy Fuku-chan! She could have been able to touch her skin all day long! And maybe even at night!


A sly grin broke on the girl’s face but she was soon taken out of her reverie by the vibration of her phone. She was running out of battery.


Damn! She needed to act and quickly.


She suddenly remembered that Haruna, from the 10th generation, was living alone in Tokyo. She decided to give it a try but she landed on her answering machine:



Hello you. I don’t know who you are but you are, for sure, a good person since you call me! Unfortunately, I can’t answer right know, I spend the day with Aya-chan. Wish me good luck, I think I’ll need it! Thank you! Fu fu fu



The girl lifted an eyebrow as she was listening to the strange message. The woman nicknamed “Honey” didn’t change although she was nearly 24 years old, still so bizarre! No wondered she was close friend with Wada Ayaka, the leader of Angerme...


Then she thought about calling her kouhai but it would be too shameful for her to ask for their help.


And she thought about her senpai.


Takahashi Ai was married, so, it was out of the question for her to disturb her peaceful life. Likewise, Michishige Sayumi and Kamei Eri were on cloud 9, living their romance to the fullest since Sayumi’s graduation. Niigaki Risa was on tour with her theater company. And there was Mitsui Aika but she had never been close to her, so, she would find it odd to ask for her help.


And there was Tanaka Reina.


But the girl was scared of her well-known parties with the Lovendor crew where a lot of drinking was involved. Totally desperate, she still decided to give it a try.


Moshi-moshi?” A familiar yankee voice answered.


Tanaka-san? It’s me...” The girl announced shyly.


Oh my gosh! Does it mean...you’re finally back? I mean, in Japan?” Reina exclaimed loudly.




Since when?!” The yankee couldn’t hide her excitation any longer.


Last saturday.”


And ya didn’t tell me?! Ya little...I’m gonna kick your butt when I see ya!” The Rokky growled. She was now talking in her famous Fukuoka dialect.


I’m sorry! I didn’t want to bother you...” The girl cried out in panic.


Still the same...certain things don’t change, huh!” Reina retorted on an indignant tone, feigning to pout.


Sorry.” The kouhai answered with a faint voice again.


So! We must definitely party! And Sayu and Eri must definitely come! They’ll be so happy to see ya! Ai-chan and Gaki-san too! But ya already saw them, nah?” The senpai suggested, totally pumped up.


No. In fact, I have a more urgent problem to settle. Right now I...I don’t have any place to be...” The girl confessed quietly. She was ashamed to be in such a situation and very pale now.


What?! But what happened?! Ya know ya can tell me and ask me anythin’!” Reina said with concern.


Well...my parents don’t want me to go back home since I haven’t find a job yet and, in any case, I need to live in Tokyo in order to find one. I had stayed at Kanon-chan’s apartment for four days but I got kicked out. I suppose my character is unbearable for her...” The girl explained with guilt and sadness in her voice.


######! That sucks! Suzuki’s always been a pain in the ass! I’m really sorry for ya but don’t worry, ya can stay at my apartment! It won’t be too fun since I often hit the road with Lovendor but if you’re willin’ to be alone, I thin’ it’ll be fine!”


Thank you Tanaka-san! You’re saving my life!” The girl exclaimed happily. She then breathed a sigh of relief.


The only problem is that I’m in Fukuoka right now and I couldn’t make it before tomorrow mornin’ but, and I said BUT, ya can call Sayu! I’m sure she can help out for tonight and you’ll be safe if it’s just one night!” The Rokky suggested with confidence and on a friendly tone to reassure her kouhai. She nevertheless seemed highly amused by her last sentence and was giggling happily.


Ok.” The girl answered on a deaf tone, unable to hide the disappointment in her voice.


If Sayu doesn’t answer, try Eri! Call one or the other, it’s quite the same ya know...”




My lil’ bro says hi to ya!”




Promise me ya’ll call Sayu, ok? I can’t imagine ya sleepin’ in the street tonight!”


I promise, don’t worry Tanaka-san and thanks for your help.” The younger girl answered politely.


You’re welcome! I’ll mail ya tomorrow to let ya know when I’m in Tokyo!”


Ok. I’ll wait for your mail then.”


See ya!”


Bye bye.”


And with that, the girl hung up and...frowned. Her problem was far from settled as she didn’t intend to call her senpai, Michishige Sayumi, but there was one person she hadn’t call yet. In fact, she really was not in a hurry to give it a try but her situation so required, so, she dialed her number.


Moshi moshi?” A sharp voice answered.


Eri? it’s me!” The girl managed to sound enthusiastic.


Oh crap, Bocchi! Did you come back?! It’s been a while!” The older girl exclaimed loudly.


Don’t call me that way!” The younger retorted angrily.


But you like it and I’m sure you missed it in America!” The sharp voice teased happily.






Listen, I don’t have much battery left, so, I’ll make it quick. I’m in deep shit tonight. Would you...would you let me sleep at your home? I’ve got nowhere to go and...”


A repeating bip suddenly rang.


Eri? Eri?!”


There was no voice anymore on the other end of the line. Her generation mate just hung up.


That damn Eripon!” The girl growled with frustration.


She was now definitely sure she had nowhere to go tonight. She wondered if she could find a manga kissa* where she could take a shower and rest a few hours.




Unless she called that person. That very person…


The girl looked at her phone again. The screen was dark. She pressed a button to light it up but nothing happened. Her battery just died.


This is one of the worst day in my life, for sure!” She thought. She was more frustrated than ever.


She had to go to her apartment directly if she ever wanted to have a chance to sleep in a bed or on a sofa tonight. She was still not too sure about the idea since their relation had always been ambiguous and complicated. Moreover, they left each other on bad terms two years ago. They hardly talked since that fateful Valentine day.


Without realizing it, her feet were already going in the direction of the older girl’s apartment which was, strangely and thankfully, not far from here.


The homeless girl took some comfort in the fact that she could finally get rid of her travel bag which was really too heavy.







There she was, in front of the apartment’s door.


Thanks to a kind neighbor, the girl managed to sneak easily inside the building. She quickly found the right door since she came here a few times and her comrade never moved out of here since she moved in Tokyo in 2011.


The homeless girl gulped.


She needed to be brave. She couldn’t run away her whole life after all. She lifted a shaking finger toward the doorbell and rang. A familiar voice shouted.


Yes, I’m coming!”


The girl gulped again and readjusted the bag on her shoulder. She quickly reordered her hairs too to look better.


The door opened slowly, revealing a beautiful young lady with a pale face framed by long ginger straight hairs and adorned by oak tree colored eyes.

As soon as she saw who was in the doorway, she let the ladle she held in her right hand fall on the floor, her eyes widening in shock and her lips parting in an utterly surprised expression.


Sa...Sayashi-san?!” was all the shocked girl could articulate.


I...I’m home Ayumi-chan!” was the only answer, formulated awkwardly, she got.




Unrequited II, sequel to Unrequited (a SayaIshi fanfic)

07 December 2016 - 10:37 PM

Hi everyone,


Here is the sequel to Unrequited! Check out what happens next!

As always, reviews are much appreciated ;)


Rated M Fanfic!












Chapter 1: The Awakening




Ayumi slowly opened her eyes to find herself alone in the bed.


The space beside her was painfully empty and cold. Only her loyal stuffed animals remained in the bed but no trace of the jellyfish plush.


The girl was realizing that all of this was just a dream.


Tears were now rolling freely along her cheeks. Her heart was tearing apart, breaking.


Ayumi choked with painful sobs. She was stunned, hurt and terribly sad.

Yet, she didn’t understand why she was still surprised. After all, everyday was the same. She felt lonely and tired. It was as if a cold and merciless wind blew endlessly in her heart. Smiling was her duty as an idol but it was more and more difficult with each passing day.


Of course, she stayed in touch with Riho via LINE and She even talked with her on Skype from time to time but to not be able to be or to dance with her was a pain on a daily basis. Ayumi missed the ace and it was killing her slowly but surely.


She couldn’t help but wonder what she did to deserve this treatment, this pain.


As she wiped off her tears, she noticed that her room was very bright, the sun shining through the curtains. No doubt, it was a mid-to-late morning. Curious, she checked the time on her phone.


It was already 11.15 a.m.


She sure slept a lot! She noticed that Haruna called her a few times. She suddenly remembered that she was supposed to meet her friend at Shibuya at 11 to spend the day with her and her beloved senpai: Michishige Sayumi and Kamei Eri. The PonPon might be a part of it as well.


Feeling bad for not answering her phone, she called back her generation mate to apologize and warn her that she would be late.






Moshi-moshi? Haruna?” Ayumi said with a faint voice as someone picked up the phone.


Ayumi-chan? Are you ok? Did you oversleep?” Haruna asked with surprise and the concern in her voice.


“Yeah...yes, I’m ok...” The tiny girl answered without much conviction.


Did you...Did you dream of her...again?” Haruna asked cautiously, knowing how this very subject was a sensitive one.


“Yes...” Ayumi confessed with a quivering voice.


I’m sorry...” The taller girl said quietly. She knew how her friend suffered these last months and how she felt useless at comforting her.


It’s ok.” Ayumi managed to articulate, fighting hard to hold back her tears.


Ayumi, you should come and spend the day with us. We’ve got a few days off, it would help you clear your mind you know...” Haruna pleaded with concern in her voice.


Hum...” The tiny girl pondered, not really convinced.


Michishige-san is here, Kamei-san is here and the PonPon just arrived! We miss you...” Haruna continued on a soft tone.


Haruna...this dream was weird...It feels so real and yet so strange...” Ayumi began, eager to change the subject as she was not sure yet if she would meet her friends or not.


Strange? In which way?” The taller girl asked, intrigued.


“Well, all dreams are strange but this one was especially weird since Ikuta-san and you were...lovers...” Ayumi confessed, embarrassed.


Me? With Ikuta-san?!” Haruna exclaimed with a high-pinch voice. She was totally shocked and, without a doubt, quite red right now.


Oh...You’re talking about me?” A sharp voice got closer.


Yes, it seems you were dating Haruna in Ishida-chan’s dream last night...” A high pinch, and yet mature, voice concluded.


Oh...I wouldn’t mind dating two cute girls!” The sharp voice exclaimed, followed by Haruna’s squeal.


“What...what’s wrong?” Ayumi asked incredulously, not understanding the situation.


Oh, I’m just...hum...in Ikuta-san’s arms...” Haruna answered with a faint voice. No doubt, the girl was terribly embarrassed and totally red.


You’re still unable to take good care of a girl, how could you properly look after two?!” A warm and soft voice retorted indignantly.


But I’m such a hard worker~!” The sharp voice answered cheerfully.


Sure but you often fails...” The high pinch, and yet mature, voice retorted sarcastically.


Easy, easy!” A cheerful, and yet sleepy, voice tried to calm things down.


Maybe but you love me senpai!” The sharp voice pleaded with a cute and fruity voice.


No and I’m not your senpai: Gaki-san is! I prefer my cute and sweet Rihoriho~!” The high pinch voice retorted matter-of-factly but cutely at the same time.


Rah, not again! And I’m cute too!The sharp voice exclaimed with frustration.


Well...Rihoriho~ is cute, Ishida-chan is cute, Fuku-chan is cute, Haruna is cute too and Eri is super cute but...” The high pinch voice teased mischievously.


Ah ok I understand!” The sharp voice gave up, totally jaded. As she didn’t talk anymore, she was pouting for sure.


Well, Ayumi-chan, as you can hear, it’s quite animated here...” Haruna chuckled, slightly embarrassed.


“Ok, I’ll meet you if you’re willing to wait for me...” Ayumi suggested shyly.


No problem, we’ll wait for you!” Haruna answered on a reassuring tone.


“Thank you! See you then!”


And with that, Ayumi hung up.


Seeing her friends was not a bad idea after all, it would help her cheer up and forget a little this too realistic dream, forget about how she missed Riho. Still, as she ate a light breakfast and began to get dressed, she remembered all the strange events that occurred before this fateful day, the 29th October 2015, when the ace announced her graduation from Morning Musume.






-18th July 2015, Hello Project Summer Tour-



Ayumi and the now famous Dancing Club of Hello Project were rehearsing this day of July to be able to perform in smaller venues.

The major topic of the day was Riho’s absence. Everybody was talking and speculating about it. Only Ayumi stayed silent, still shocked by the ace’s sudden defection.


As the tiny girl was repeating her steps and struggled to stay focus on her work, she couldn’t help but hear a conversation between Yajima Maimi and Nakajima Saki from °C-ute. As everyone, they were talking about Riho and possible causes of her absence.


“So...Do you think it’s the end?” Saki began with her usual frankness.


“Well...I don’t know if Riho-chan is going to graduate but I wouldn’t be too surprised about it...We all know how things are not the same anymore in Morning Musume since Michishige-san’s graduation...” Maimi answered, lost in her thoughts. She was unusually serious.


“Sure you’re right but it would be such a shame for the Hello Project!” Saki noticed while frowning deeply.


“Indeed! And it would be very hard to find a girl of her skill level. I think it’s even impossible but it’s still her choice. She’s free to continue being an idol or stop if she doesn’t like it anymore. Her contract will be renewed, or not, in January. I think we’ll know very soon what’s coming...” The leader of °C-ute and Hello Project explained matter of factly.


The two older girls ended their conversation here and resumed their dance routine. Ayumi was looking at them with a stunned face. Slowly recovering her senses, the tiny girl turned her head to look at her bag where her cellphone was. She then hurriedly went in that direction and grabbed the thing with quivering hands.


She had to text Riho.

She had to make sure she was alright.

She had to reassure herself.


She breathed shakily and began to text:



Sayashi-san, are you alright?




The girl suddenly felt very shy. She knew she was blushing right now and decided to change slightly the content of her mail:



Sayashi-san, are you alright?

Everybody here is worried about you...”



Ayumi was definitely not satisfied with her mail. She feared it might sound too rash and make the ace feel guilty to not be here. She decided to text a lighter one:



Sayashi-san, you definitely must come back soon!

Harocon is a ton of fun and everybody miss you!

Take a good rest and come back in great shape!”



Ayumi pressed the “send” button and felt like a coward. Even under such circumstances, she was unable to express her feelings.

Maybe Riho would not come back but she just couldn’t believe it! She knew how her dance partner was tired this year and put under such great pressure since Michishige-san’s graduation but as all of them! Everybody in Hello Project knew ups and downs, but to leave like that...


To leave her like that was simply out of the question!


Ayumi couldn’t imagine herself dancing alone and her so cool and so determined ace leaving like that.

She couldn’t imagine her loved one leaving the group she dedicated five years of her life.

She couldn’t imagine Riho leaving her.


How was she supposed to dance without her?

How was she supposed to perform without the one she had admired and loved for years?

How was she supposed to keep on working? To keep on living?

It was impossible…


As all these thoughts ran madly in her head, the tiny girl felt distress growing in her heart. Fortunately, she was taken out of her dark thoughts by a response to her mail.


I don’t know if anybody is missing me but I’ll be back in 3 days.

Good luck for these rehearsals Ayumi-chan!”


As Ayumi read the answer, a single tear dropped on the screen of her phone.

This was not going to be the only one she would shed these next months...





The Sayashi Contest (A SayaIshi fanfic with fun, love and the whole Hello! Project)

25 March 2016 - 03:25 AM





Inspired by RIHO-DELI 151. If you haven’t listen to it yet, I highly suggest you to check it out, it’s worth it!



Don’t take this story too seriously, it’s just for fun! ;)







Chapter 1: An attractive concept




-During Hello Project summer tour-




Riho was taking a break at the catering. Drinking slowly and taking deep breath, she was doing her best to let go of the stress before going on stage. She still had two hours to kill but she already felt pressure going stronger each minute.


A staff member went to her and surprisingly talked about RIHO-DELI, her old radio show. The creative team thought about organizing a Sayashi contest for the next Hello Project DVD Magazine.


“A Sayashi contest?” Riho asked, intrigued.


“Yes, you don’t remember? You said in RIHO-DELI 151 that you wanted to organize a contest where all the girls who have body parts you like would compete to be the number one. You were even willing to offer one salary month as a prize.” The staff member answered seriously.


“Oh God, I remember! Yeah, that’s true and I loved Natsuyaki-san’s collarbone at that time…” The ace of Morning Musume confessed, embarrassed.


“Indeed! And now we want to organize this contest! It will be the climax of the next DVD Magazine!” The staff member pleaded enthusiastically.


“Ok, no problem for me!” Riho answered with the smirk she displayed when she was in good company (aka pretty girls), already daydreaming about the whole thing.


“Ok, be ready. Everything will be set in 15 minutes!”


The ace stayed still, lightly rubbing her cheek. Was she dreaming?




Another staff member took Riho to a small hall where the contest was supposed to take place. The four girls whom she talked about in RIHO-DELI were already there, staying still and indeed, embarrassed: her fellow Morning Musume members Mizuki and Ayumi, the ex-Berryz Kobou member Natsuyaki Miyabi and °C-ute member Nakajima Saki.


Riho was supposed to sit on a chair behind a desk and look at the girls ‘body parts she noticed and was quite fond of : Mizuki’s upper left arm, Ayumi’s lips, Miyabi’s collarbone and Saki’s mole on abs. The girls had to compete to please her and won the first place.


The ace sat and looked at the competitors with a big happy smile, ignoring her red cheeks. She inspired and began with a strong voice:


“Girls! You are all cute and beautiful but you were lucky enough to be chosen to compete in Hello Project…erm…the WORLD most famous contest: THE SAYASHI CONTEST! You all have ONE body part that is attractive, irresistible but unfortunately, just ONE of you can win the FIRST PRIZE!” Riho announced seriously, putting the emphasis on carefully selected words.


“God…what am I doing here…” Mizuki mumbled while placing the palm of her hand on her face in a tragic pose.


“All of this is very embarrassing…” Ayumi confessed while looking at her feet to hide her blushing cheeks.


“I still don’t understand why I was chosen in the first place! What’s so special about me?” Saki asked, totally lost.


“And what is the first prize?” Miyabi asked, intrigued, a playful grin on the face.


“The FIRST PRIZE is…I offer ONE MONTH SALARY!” The ace shouted enthusiastically.


The four looked at the same time at the girl with wide eyes and open mouths.


“The first prize is attractive yes, as much as each one of you, but only ONE will win it and I AM THE JURY! Now you must compete to persuade ME to choose you!” Riho stated while sinking into her chair and crossing her legs. She was now putting her usual and characteristic smug smile.


“And how are we supposed to persuade you?!” Ayumi asked on a quite panicked tone. She was redder than ever.


Saki and Miyabi looked at the shorter girl with tender smiles and exclaimed: “How cute!” while Mizuki was giggling nervously.


“I said something funny?!” Ayumi asked to her senpai, shocked and upset.


“No, of course no Ayumi-chan!” Riho began on a reassuring tone.


“Well, to be clear, you have to show the body part you know I’m fond of and showcase it in order to win!” Riho continued, still displaying the same smug smile. She was already enjoying all of this a lot.


Ayumi’s eyes widened in shock, she instantly put her hands on her lips and frantically shook her head.


“I can’t!” The Jukky member cried out, totally panicked.


“I believe in you Ayumi-chan! I’m sure you could show me your sexy lips and even kiss me!” Riho announced proudly while chuckling. She was indeed enjoying all of this TOO much.


“This nearly sounds like business sexual harassment…” Miyabi stated seriously, feeling sorry for the tiny girl beside her.


“Well…All of this sounds quite fun and all but I got work to do and…” Saki announced while turning to leave but was preventing from doing so by a staff member.


“Ok…I’m willing to compete but I don’t know what part of my body you like Riho-chan…” Saki began on an annoyed tone.


“Ah sure! You’re all competing here with a particular part of your body. Fuku-chan , you’ll compete with your left upper arm, Ayumi-chan with your lips, Natsuyaki-san with your collarbone and Nakajima-san with the mole you have on your abs.” The ace, and only jury, answered matter-of-factly while looking at a program.


“Looks like I’m wearing the right thing!” Miyabi exclaimed, relieved, while checking her low neckline tee-shirt. 


Mizuki took off reluctantly her hoodie to be in tee-shirt and Saki made a knot with hers to show her abs. Ayumi still hid her mouth with her hands.


All the girls were in rehearsal outfits.


“Now, let the Sayashi Contest BEGIN!!!” Riho shouted enthusiastically to the camera.




Unrequited, a SayaIshi fanfic (and a lot of guests involved!)

17 January 2016 - 04:51 AM

Hi again everyone,


Here is my second fanfic, Unrequited, which is a spin-off of 20, my first fanfic on the pairing ChisaMai (Okai Chisato x Hagiwara Mai from °C-ute).

This story is about the pairing SayaIshi (Sayashi Riho x Ishida Ayumi from Morning Musume) but there will be a lot of guests like other Morning Musume members, Michishige Sayumi, Kamei Eri, Tanaka Reina...


As always, comments are greatly appreciated but don't forget that english is not my native language, so, I count on your indulgence concerning spelling mistakes and other grammatical errors ;)


Rated T Fanfic!












Chapter 1: Senpai




Sayumi was waiting in locker room A where Kyuuki and Juunichi members were supposed to change clothes before rehearsals.  She asked them to go in the other locker room because she needed to talk with Riho. She heard, thanks to Iikubo Haruna, that she was in bad terms with Ayumi.


As a result, it cast a cloud on the group.


When dealing with Morning Musume ace was required, Haruna knew better than anybody that their beloved senpai was the best choice.


So, Sayumi was waiting for her adored sidekick. The young woman was thankful to her patient nature because the young girl was late this morning, as always. Suddenly, the door opened wide and a small frame rushed inside. Sayu, who was hiding behind the door, jumped on the poor thing.


“You surprised me! You surprised me!” Riho repeated while turning to see who hugged her.


“Michishige-san!” She exclaimed with a surprised face on which appeared quickly a big smile.


“Yes, I came to see my beloved Rihoriho~! How are you my love?” Sayumi asked before kissing the stiffed and blushing girl on the forehead.


“I’m… I’m fine! It’s nice to see you, you’re cute today, as usual!” Riho answered, knowing exactly what to say to please her sempai.


“Oh…don’t say things like this, you’re making me blushed!” Sayumi confessed, entering in the younger girl game.


“I’m just stating the truth.” The ace continued with a smile full of confidence.


“You’re too cute!!!” Morning Musume ex-leader exclaimed while hugging tighter the girl.


“By the way, are you feeling well lately Rihoriho~? No problem with the girls?” Sayu asked after a pause, well decided to make her sidekick talk.


“Nothing serious, don’t worry Michishige-san.” Riho answered with the best reassuring smile she could, still locked in her sempai’s arms.


“…even with Ishida?” Sayumi tried with a soft voice.


Riho’s facial expression hardened at the girl’s name and it didn’t go unnoticed.


“Oh crap! It’s already this late! I’ve gotta go and you must change and go to your rehearsals! How about we dine together tonight sweety? It’s been a while since the last time!” Sayumi suggested cheerfully.


“Sure! It would be nice!” Riho agreed while freeing from her senpai’s tight embrace.


“Ok, I’ll text you this afternoon! See you Rihoriho~!” Sayumi waved at her sidekick and left the room.


Riho stayed there, stunned and still not fully awoken. But, she was not stupid and she obviously understood that someone from the group told Michishige-san about her quarrel with Ayumi. Was it Haruna? Fuku-chan? Eripon? Whoever it was, for sure, it was a low blow! Riho was always pleased to see her senpai but not disposed this time to talk about the midget who was quite rude toward her three days ago.




While leaving locker room A, Sayumi saw Ayumi a few meters ahead looking quite depressed.


“Oy~ Ishida-chan! ”


When Ayumi saw her beloved senpai, she nearly jumped on her and snuggled in her arms.


“It’s good to see you Michishige-san!” Ayumi exclaimed with a large and bright smile on her face.


“Are you feeling well Ishida-chan? You looked so sad…” Sayumi asked with a face full of concern toward her kouhai.


“Yes, I’m ok! Don’t worry, I’m just tired with all those rehearsals for our next tour. I’ve got a hard time memorizing and mastering some steps…”


“And dealing with a certain ace…” Sayumi added to Ayumi’s much surprise.


“Well…yes…it’s quite tensed between us these days…” The smaller girl confessed with a red face.


“I know you have rehearsals today and you gotta go but why not dining with me tonight? We could discuss about this and other things…” Sayu asked out of the blue.


“Oh…Sounds nice! It would be a pleasure Michishige-san!” Ayumi answered to the invitation, delighted.


“Ok, I’ll text you this afternoon! Stay strong and keep faith Ishida-chan!” Sayumi cheered and quickly disappeared.




-3 days earlier-


Today’s rehearsals were finally over.


Riho had a shower, got dressed and was now ready to leave. It was 8 p.m and she was very tired and hungry. She decided to go to the catering to get some food before leaving.


On the way, she met Haruka with junikky members leaving the place. To her surprise, Ayumi was not with them. Since she wasn’t with Haruna and Eripon when they left, Riho thought she was with Duu but got wrong. She learned from her that she was still in the dance room to repeat steps she had a hard time mastering.


Worried about her dance partner, Riho decided to go see her once she had done eating. It didn’t take long since Morning Musume ace was known for her fast eating ability.


When she entered the dance room, she found Ayumi sweating and puffing but still repeating her steps in rhythm.


“Ayumi-chan, are you ok? I can help you repeating those steps if you want?” Riho asked with a soft voice.


“Sayashi-san? You’re still here?” Ayumi exclaimed, sure to be the only member left in the building.


“I was starving, so, I got some food at the canteen before it closed!” Riho answered with a satisfied look on her face.


“Good job! But you must be tired. You should get home, rehearsals begin early tomorrow…” The shorter girl said with concerns in her voice.


“Don’t worry and I can’t leave my dance partner in a pinch.” Riho answered with a sweet smile.


The young ace went in front of her comrade and took her arms to wrap them around her neck. In this tour, Riho and Ayumi finally had, to their delight, a 4 minutes dance session at each concert. Their dances were quite tactile. One of Riho’s hand rested on Ayumi’s hip while the other marked the rhythm.


At first, the older girl blushed heavily since they were alone in the room, maybe even in the building, and because of their closeness but then she concentrated on the rhythm and began to repeat her steps with might and will.


She didn’t see how her senpai often stared intently at her lips but at the same time, didn’t forget to give her a few advices to help her smooth the movement and perform it faster. At least, Riho stayed professional.

After an hour of repetition, Riho felt her partner’s arms quite quivering around her neck. She decided to call it a stop for today.


“Ayumi-chan, we should stop for today. It’s getting late and you’re tired…”


“No, I continue. I won’t stop till I haven’t fully mastered this part but you can leave Sayashi-san, I’ll continue alone. Thanks for helping me today! I really appreciate!” Ayumi answered with a thankful smile, yet tired eyes.


“I don’t think it’s a good idea. You’re exhausted and you could hurt yourself if we continue. We should repeat these steps tomorrow instead…”


“But I’m already late! I must master this without further delay!” The shorter girl pleaded to her inflexible senpai.


“It’s gonna be ok, I’ll help you catching up with me tomorrow Ayumi-chan, I promise. Now, go take your shower!”


Ayumi removed reluctantly her arms which still rested around Riho’s neck and left the room to go to the bathtub. When she went out, she saw, at her utter surprise, that her partner was in the locker room memorizing her last song while waiting for her.


“What? You’re still there Sayashi-san?!”


“Ah…yes, I was waiting for you, Ayumi-chan. I found it quite rude to leave you go back home alone. It’s late and…I have the last song to memorize, so, I still have work to do by the way…” Riho said with a sweet smile.


“It’s very nice of you but you shouldn’t worry about me. I live alone in Tokyo, so, I’m used to these kinds of things and it’s getting late. I’m sure you would be better at home…I hope you won’t have trouble waking up tomorrow again, our teacher was kinda mad this morning…” Ayumi answered with concern.


While talking, Ayumi was busy packing her things, trying her best to hide the red on her face.


“Call me and I won’t be late!” Riho suggested with a big charming smile.


“Call…call you?” Ayumi stuttered, her face redder than before.


“Yes, Kanon-chan calls me when we see each other on our days off to be sure I wake up!” Riho explained while remarking her comrade red face. Although, she was tired, she felt she was in a playful mood right now. It was always a pleasure to tease Daaishi.


“Ok, I’ll call you tomorrow morning and treat you some good food to thank you for tonight!” Ayumi promised, now looking her dance partner in the eyes. Her face was still quite red but her smile was brighter.


“Sounds good! I wonder what you’ll offer me tomorrow evening~” Riho began on a mischievous tone.


“Tomorrow evening? Don’t worry about that! I’ll repeat my steps alone or ask Duu if I need help.” The older girl stated while putting her coat. She was now ready to leave.


“Ayumi…It doesn’t bother me to help you…” Riho answered, now quite annoyed by the girl’s seriousness and stubbornness.


“And as I said, it’s very nice of you but you’re the group ace, our sempai, and you already have enough work and pressure on your shoulders to help me with my dance steps! Don’t worry! I’ll catch up with you before you notice it!” Ayumi stated with a smile full of confidence.


“I’m a far better dancer than Duu and if you want to repeat your steps with her so much, it’s because you never moved on from your whining tomboy…” Riho began with a mix of disappointment and anger on her face. Her tone was now harsh and cold.


“What? What are you talking about Sayashi-san?” Ayumi exclaimed, stunned by the way the conversation was taking.


“We have worked together for years and I’m just realizing now that you hated working with me all this time. I’m far from needed while Duu is…”


“No, Sayashi-san, you’re wrong!” Ayumi pleaded, her eyes widening in shock.


“Well, you can be sure by now that you’ll have to rely on Duu for repeating dance steps. Don’t you dare ask anything from me!” Riho concluded with anger in her voice. She then picked her things quickly and left the room, slamming the door in the way.


Ayumi stayed there, unable to move, still astonished by what just happened. All she could manage was mumbling in a weak voice:


“You’re wrong Sayashi-san…It’s because I care for you…”




20 (ChisaMai & YajiSuzu) fanfic

21 November 2015 - 03:33 AM

Hi there! ^_^

Here is my first H!P fanfic!
It took me some time to post it because I was not so sure of its quality but well...I wrote it, so, it's a shame to keep it locked on my computer!
All comments are greatly appreciated but don't forget that english is not my native language, so, I count on your indulgence concerning spelling mistakes and other grammatical errors ;)

20 is about ChisaMai pairing (Okai Chisato x Hagiwara Mai) but you'll have a slight bit of YajiSuzu inside too! :good:
There will be guests as Nakki, Michishige Sayumi and Kamei Eri.

BEWARE : Rated M Fanfic!


Chapter 1: The kiss

The party was now over. The girls ate and drank a lot and Mai was totally canned.  She felt she drank too much alcohol but she didn’t care, it was her birthday. She was now 20, an adult, and she had to celebrate it properly.
Chisato was, like always, at her side and seemed quite tired. It was 2 a.m and they still had to clean everything. Mai couldn’t help but sighed heavily.

“Are you ok Mai-chan?” Chisato asked with a look of concern in her eyes.

“No, I don’t wanna clean this mess” confessed Mai with an annoyed look on your face.

“But you know you have to. You lost your bet with Nacky and got drunk, so, you now have to clean. But! Don’t worry! You have Super Chisato to help you!” told the short girl with proud and a big smile on her face although her eyes seemed pretty sleepy.

“Well, great…” Sighed Mai, disappointed by the way the party was ending.

“What enthusiasm Mai-chan! I’m sure you would have preferred Yajima to stay with you but the tall airhead is busy taking home Airi right now.”

Chisato was now grumpy and looked annoyed. She got up and began to take empty bottles to put them in the trash can.

Mai watched the scene silently.  

Chisato was perfect: she was nice, fun, sweet, good at cooking and always ready to give up to her caprices because she loved her since the beginning. But she was short, too short and not to her taste. Chisato has always been her best friend, her childhood buddy and she couldn’t consider her otherwise.
On the contrary, Maimi was tall, beautiful, sexy, nice, sweet, charming and totally to her taste but she was deeply in love with Airi and engaged to her. What a pain! Her youth really sucked!

Mai didn’t understand why Chisato never moved on and fell in love with another girl. She said quite a few times to her that she was just her best friend but the shorter °C-ute member have continued to be too nice, too smiling and too comforting toward her. Chisato couldn’t move on with Mai around and everybody was well aware of it, except her who stubbornly repeated she had given up on the younger girl.

Maybe Mai was too difficult. She always loved Maimi but the tall girl only considered her as her little sister. On the other hand, Chisato loves her more than everything and would do anything to please her. Maybe she should just give it a try?

While all these thoughts twirled inside her blurry mind, Chisato was now back at Mai side and watched her worriedly.

“Mai-chan, are you sure you’re ok? I can take you home and clean alone the room if you want?” Chisato asked with a concerned look on her face.

“Oh shut up! Why are you always so…?” Mai began with an annoyed look on her face which changed quickly to a determined one.

“Eh?” Had just the time to say Chisato when Mai’s lips find hers.

“Mai-chan?! What’s this? You’re…You’re obviously not feeling well! You’re drunk! I…I take you home!” Chisato shouted. She was now brightly red.

“Oh shut up Chisato! Tell me you don’t want it so badly!” The younger °C-ute member scolded angrily while sitting astride on her friend’s lap.

“Mai-chan, I…I’m not sure it’s a good idea…” Chisato suggested with a faintly voice while her friend wrapped her arms around her neck.

“Shut up I said and let it go…” Mai answered with a longing look toward her best friend.

She then tried to kiss Chisato again. Although shocked and taken aback, the shorter girl managed to avoid the first kiss but unfortunately not the second. This time, it was not a simple peck but a deep one, which made her blush immediately and furiously.
Chisato tried to resist. She knew this was a very bad idea but strangely, her body refused to move. The third kiss was deeper and her mind went totally blank. The fourth kiss was passionate and Chisato totally abandoned herself to it.

When they broke the kiss, she took Mai with strength in her arms and began with a soft and sad voice: “Mai-chan…please let’s stop here. You know it’s not a good idea…”

“I’m an adult now Chissaa and I know what I want.” Mai answered with a tone full of confidence.

“You’re drunk Mai-chan, it doesn’t count…” Chisato pleaded, relieved to have regained her sanity.

“Yes, I drank a little too much tonight but I never felt so sure of what I want in my entire life! I just want you Okai Chisato, not Yajima Maimi or anybody else. Why don’t you trust me? I’m not a little girl you know…”

“Mai-chan, don’t  talk like that. I take you home. You’ll have a good rest and tomorrow you’ll feel better. Please get up…” The older °C-ute member asked while releasing the other girl.

Mai didn’t answer nor moved and just took Chisato’s face in her hands. Brushing away her bangs, she saw tears in the eyes of the older girl and began to kiss her softly on the lips to ease her fears.

“Don’t torture me like this Mai-chan. I know you don’t love me and you never will…”Chisato was now begging her best friend. Her tears were running down freely on her cheeks.  

“What do you know about my feelings? I never talked to you about that…” Mai answered in a soothing tone.

“You prefer Yajima, Mai-chan, since the very first day…”

“Maybe I changed my mind. I grew older Chissaa, I’m not fourteen anymore…”

Mai was still kissing lightly Chisato’s face but the girl didn’t move, still crying and paralyzed by sadness.  Mai then took her in arms and tried to ease her pain by gently stroking her back. Chisato wrapped her arms around Mai waist and buried her face in her chest.

“Don’t make me hope for something between us unless you truly mean it Mai-chan…Don’t play with my feelings…”  Chisato asked with a serious and saddened tone.

“I promise.” The younger girl answered solemnly.

Chisato lifted her head to look her loved one in the eyes. Her eyes were puffed from crying and lack of sleep but her face expression was now pretty serious, something quite unusual for anybody knowing the clown member of °C-ute.

She slowly made her way to Mai’s lips and kissed them gently while wrapping her arms around her waist. The younger girl kissed back passionately while wrapping her arms around Chisato’s neck and began to stroke her hair seductively.

As her desire grew stronger, Chisato was now caressing Mai’s back but the curves of the younger girl were not enough, she wanted to feel the smooth of her skin. So, she decided to take the piece of cloth off.

The tee-shirt fell on the floor and Chisato took a look at the upper body of Mai. She sure saw her quite a few times in bikini, for Alo Hello programs, but to look her in underwear was far better.

Mesmerized by her beauty and the fact that she grew to be such a beautiful woman, Chisato couldn’t help but take the younger girl in her arms and trail soft kiss on her neck. Intoxicated by her perfume, she wanted to smell it till the end of times.

Chisato’s hands were stroking Mai’s bra fabric and quickly found how to take it off.

Mai was now bare-chest and Chisato could caress her breasts as much as she wanted. She felt she never got tired of stroking them. Soft moans escaped Mai’s lips and her body was growing hotter each minute passed.

Chisato felt like she was in paradise. She was making love to the girl she loved for as long as she could remember. Her years of longing and frustration seemed so far away right now, as if they had never existed. She loved Mai and Mai loved her. Everything was strangely perfect. But right now, all she could think of was possess the other girl entirely, to explore each inch of her body.

Mai began to kiss Chisato on the lips again but not only passionately this time but eagerly too. The shorter °C-ute member understood that Mai’s desire was at its peak, she could not bear anymore teasing.

While Chisato’s left hand were still caressing Mai’s breasts, her other hand moved under her skirt. Mai’s grip on Chisato’s back tightened, her kiss went deeper until she was subjugated by pleasure.

And what should have never happened occurred.

-A few minutes earlier-

“Oh crap! I forgot my cellphone! I go get it!” Airi told to Maimi while running to the other room where Mai and Chisato were.

When she opened the door, she found the two girls kissing, obviously unaware of her presence.  Troubled and blushing, Airi closed the door and went back to the other room, forgetting her cellphone for the second time.

“Did you find it?” Maimi asked.

“Well, it’s there but Chisato and Mai-chan are busy kis…hum…cleaning the room. No problem! I’ll get it back tomorrow. I must go back tomorrow morning by the way…” °C-ute ace explained with a slight blush on her face.

“You’re sure you won’t need it?” Maimi asked with a sweet smile and a concerned expression.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m sure. If I really need a phone, I’ll borrow yours!” Airi answered with a goofy smile.

Taken aback by such boldness, Maimi could do nothing else than smile sweetly to her girlfriend. After all, she was used to Airi strange behavior.

Saki already went back home. Maimi and Airi decided to leave the place too, unaware of what was happening in the other room. A taxi was already waiting for them at the entrance of the building.

-The present-

Mai was peacefully resting in Chisato’s arms, sleeping on her chest. The shorter girl was lying on the cold and hard floor but was well decided to stay in that position, too scared to wake up her love if she moved.
To break the charm of this moment was simply forbidden. Chisato knew she might have made a mistake tonight but right now she was simply happy and never felt so blessed in her life. She could die right now, she wouldn’t have any regret.

Chisato was breathing Mai’s perfume. At peace, she couldn’t help but kiss her hair gently. She whispered softly:

“I love you so much Mai-chan…since the very first day. I would never have thought such a dream might come true. I will do anything for you…You can’t imagine…How could you imagine how much I loved you all these years…Each day, it was killing me inside. I’m so glad…it’s over now…I love you…I love you…”

“I love you too Chisaa…” mumbled Mai in her sleep.

Utterly surprised, Chisato looked Mai peaceful sleeping face. A small smile was on her lips. The shorter girl couldn’t suppress the big grin on her face and held her lover tightly. Moved to tears, she simply uttered before falling asleep:

“Thank you”