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04 July 2019 - 07:48 PM

I was quite suprised to see Riho performing in Babymetal since it's well known that she's more into Hip Hop and R'n'B (she's a Britney Spears fan after all) but it's good news since we can see her again and she seems to have a lot of fun on stage :) Plus, she has the chance to travel that way :D


I'm not too fond of Babymetal but if she's part of the team for the live in Paris, I'll try to attend the show. To be able to see Riho on stage would be pure magic!

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25 April 2019 - 09:41 PM





Chapter 10: Hangover




“Ayumi-chan? Are you ok?” Riho asked worriedly, staying in front of the bathroom door.


“I’m…I’m fine Sayashi-san, just give me five minutes, ok?” The tiny girl answered with a faint voice.


The ace stepped back and waited for her comrade to leave the room. It didn’t take long. Ayumi got out of the bathroom, staggering.


“God, I’m dizzy…” The older girl confessed, embarrassed.


“It’s ok Ayumi-chan, you just drank too much. But did you…you know…” Riho asked embarrassed but managed at the same time to put on her most reassuring smile.


“Yeah…sorry…” Ayumi said while looking away.


“No! No, don’t be embarrassed! It’s kinda common to puke when you’re drunk…” The ace explained.


“I’m not drunk!” The tiny girl retorted, outraged. She then rushed to sit on the couch, holding her forehead with her hand.


“Sure you are but it’s ok. It’s Eripon’s fault after all…” Riho said bitterly while making a funny face.


“She needed help and I decided to help her…it was stupid, I know, but she’s my friend…” Ayumi explained earnestly.


“It was not stupid. It was kinda brave…” The ace confessed with a sweet smile.


“Thank you.” The older girl giggled nervously.


“Although I don’t know how you can handle Eripon…” Riho chuckled.


“She’s a nice senpai. She is fun and I know I can count on her.” Ayumi mumbled with a faint voice.


Riho noticed how her dance partner grew very pale. She was tired indeed but sick too and going to puke again in the next minutes. She was definitely sure of it and needed to react.


“Ayumi-chan, I think you should go to bed. It’s already late and you work tomorrow…” The ace suggested on a soft tone.


“You’re right Sayashi-san but I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to stand up. I’m not feeling well…”


“Ok, I’m gonna help you. You can stay in the couch. I’ll sleep on the floor.” Riho said pragmatically.


“You can’t sleep on the floor Sayashi-san, I don’t have futon. You can take my bed.” Ayumi suggested with concern.


“Don’t worry about me! I can sleep anywhere!” The ace answered with her smug smile.


“I know and what I’m just saying is that I want you to rest well, so, climb up the stair and sleep in my bed!”


Riho managed to bring back her roomie home safely, impressed the whole time by how the tiny girl strived to not puke in the train and in the streets. She somehow resisted to her charms once they were finally back. Yet, she felt that the most difficult part of the night was coming since she was facing the infamous Daaishi’s stubbornness.


“Ayumi…listen, I can’t do this, it’s embarrassing, and you know it’s clearly not a problem for me to sleep on the floor or on a chair…” The kyuuky explained calmly and patiently, her cheeks blushing.


“Sayashi-san…we…we nearly fucked a few minutes ago and now you find it embarrassing to sleep in my bed?!” Ayumi asked on an incredulous tone which didn’t hide her irritation.


Shocked, the ace didn’t answer.


She was definitely not used to see her dance partner so bold and she was not so sure anymore if she loved or hated to have a drunk Daaishi by her side. And so, she stood still, her cheeks growing a crimson red.


“Are you gonna stay like this all night?! It’s embarrassing to stare at me like that!” The tiny girl complained while lying down on the couch and turning her back at her comrade.


“Ayumi, I can’t do this and you know it…” Riho sighed while making her way toward a chair.


Suddenly, she was grabbed by the hand and brought hastily to the couch by an unknown strength. Without having any time to realize what was happening, she was lay down, a small frame climbing quickly on top of her.


“If you refuse to sleep in my bed, then you’ll sleep on the couch with me!” Ayumi exclaimed with conviction before claiming Riho’s lips eagerly.


“Ayumi-chan, you know it’s definitely a bad idea!” The ace protested frantically before being silence by Ayumi’s lips pressed against hers.


Surprised, Riho’s eyes grew wide. She couldn’t believe how her dance partner could be so bold when she was drunk. She even shamefully regretted that she wasn’t like that more often.


Unable to resist the sweet yet guilty temptation any longer, the ace kissed the girl back when a miraculous idea popped in her head.


Maybe, she could be able to calm down Ayumi by being tender, by kissing her softly and maybe she could even make her fall asleep?


Having nothing to lose, Riho set her plan in motion. She hugged tightly her partner while kissing her back gently this time.


She noticed with surprise and delight than her strategy began to pay off. Ayumi was slowly calming down. The ace pulled out, kissed her tenderly on the forehead and put her head on her chest. The tiny girl, feeling comfortable, let go, slowly closed her eyes and finally fell asleep. She began to snore cutely too, which amused greatly Riho.


The ace was now smiling, enjoying her victory. She was doing her best to forget the strong taste of alcohol that was filling her mouth too, since brushing her teeth was definitely not possible tonight…


She preferred to remember the softness and plumpness of Ayumi’s lips.


She finally surrendered to sleep too with her dance partner on top of her, cradle comfortably in her arms and already drooling on her chest.






The sun was already high in the sky.


Ray of lights were piercing through the curtains of the living room to rest gently on a face granted with harmonious features and crescent moon shaped eyes. A sweet and satisfied smile was adorning the thin lips of this pure Japanese face.


The beautiful girl began to slowly stretch before yawning and mumbling a faint “Ayumi…love you…”.


She was hugging tightly something under the blanket, that covered her whole frame, and sometimes squeezed it with a satisfied smile.


Her eyes still closed had this so characteristic crescent moon shape which made her favorite senpai fawn on her so often.


A distant vibration sound suddenly echoed in the room. The girl frowned and growled but the sound echoed a second time.


She slowly opened her eyes and grabbed mechanically her cell phone resting on the coffee table. Before looking at the text on the screen, she squeezed lightly with her other hand the frame that was in her arms.


“Gosh…those Daaishi silly ideas…” The ruffled hair girl mumbled before letting the pillow she was hugging until a few minutes ago fall on the floor.


She went back to her phone and strived to focus on the email she just received. She began to read it and couldn’t help but make a face.



Riho, I do hope you’re ok.

Were you able to see your family and friends like you wanted to?

I’m fine, as much as I can.

I still dream to go to the beach with you and spend good time together this summer.

When will you be back?

I miss you.

Lin +++



Riho couldn’t help but make a face. Her American’s life was coming back too soon.




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25 April 2019 - 09:38 PM





Chapter 10: Christmas Lights



The tour was finally coming to its end but this year was special since the last date was in her hometown, Sendai. The weather was cold here.


No doubt, they were in North Japan.


Christmas was coming too with its beautiful lights and Miyagi’s capital city was already shining out.


Ayumi couldn’t help but sigh. It was finally the end of Prism, Riho’s last tour with Morning Musume. The girl was supposed to graduate from the group by the end of the month and yet they barely made any progress in their relationship.


The Juuky suddenly felt nostalgic. She remembered everything that happened during that fateful tour: Riho’s sadness, Riho’s tears, Riho’s conviction, Riho’s strength and more than everything, Riho’s hurt and honest face when she overheard Sakura and herself after the infamous Sayashi King Finals event.


The tiny girl recalled how her ace apologized profusely, and awkwardly, how she strived to explain her point of view and to redeem herself. Ayumi still found her blushing cheeks, her stuttering and her efforts cute to this day.


Yet, neither Riho nor her found the courage to go on a date.


She remembered meeting with her favorite senpai, Michishige Sayumi, in November too, how she took her hands in hers and told her right in the eyes that it was definitely a difficult time but a decisive one too and that she had to be brave and daring if she wanted to push her relationship with “her Rihoriho” further. She recalled nodded faintly to the older girl’s advices and crying in her arms.


And now Ayumi couldn’t help but frown.


Sure, she supported her dance partner to the best she could, always smiling and cheering up her depressed ace but still…she was tired to be sad, she was tired to be mad, she was tired to feel hurt, she was tired to cry every night and more than everything, she was tired to not be able to make a single move toward the one she had loved for so long.


She concluded that all of this had to stop. She had wasted enough time. It was the last date, the last night and she had to be brave, she had to be bold.


Tonight, she would ask for a date to Riho on stage, here, in her hometown, Sendai. She hoped it would give her strength and good luck.





It was already the final call before going on stage. All the girls were hugging to give each other courage and strenght.


Riho came to Ayumi and opened her arms with her usual smug smile. The tiny girl snuggled and hugged her back, putting on her brightest and most reassuring smile.


« I’m gonna miss Sendai so much, it’s a beautiful town! You can be proud of your hometown Ayumi-chan ! » Riho confessed, her smile faded a bit, turning into a nostalgic one.


« Thank you Sayashi-san! You can come back any time, you’ll always be welcome here! » Ayumi answered on a soft yet convicted tone.


« Man, I’ll miss gyuutan too! » The ace exclaimed.


“You could come to my house when you’re back in Japan, I’ll cook it for you! And we could visit the city together, we could go see the…”


Ayumi stopped, her enthusiasm fading suddenly, her eyes widening in shock. She finally got an idea, THE idea for their date and a perfect one, not less!


Riho was looking at her with curiosity and expectation, waiting for her to continue. Ayumi never could as the call rang. It was time to go on stage.





The concert went perfectly well. Ayumi never took her eyes off Riho and they caught eyes more than usual. The live was unfortunately coming to its end and it was now time for a last MC involving the dance partners, Mizuki and Erina.


“Riho-chan, did you go to see the Christmas lights during the taping of your graduation DVD?” Mizuki asked innocently, knowing it was the season for enjoying this type of scenery.


“Unfortunately not, we ran out of time! It must feel nice to spend an evening seeing Christmas lights!” Riho exclaimed with a mix of regrets and enthusiasm.


“Sayashi-san, let’s go together!” Ayumi suddenly suggested with enthusiasm and on a sweet tone, jumping at the opportunity her leader just served on a platter for her.


The three Kyuukies looked at each other, stunned and rendered speechless by the boldness of their kouhai.


“Oh…Oi!” Erina finally stuttered before laughing, enjoying the sudden courage of her Suberizu buddy.


“Is…is that an invitation for a date?” Riho asked inquisitively, still shocked by the proposal but obviously happy too since her usual smug smile was already growing on her lips.


Ayumi answered with a smile matching the ace’s one.


The audience, at first surprised by the sudden turn of the events, was quiet but fans quickly began to whistle and shout encouraging words.








Echoed loudly in the audience, making the tiny girl chuckle and blush.


It was already time to go backstage to prepare for the last song. The four girls went back, Riho running away to hide her trouble and her blushing cheeks, leaving Ayumi alone with the PonPon.


“I’m so proud of you Ayumi-chan!” Mizuki confessed with a broad smile while wrapping an arm around the Juuky’s shoulders and patting lightly the top of her head.


“You handled this like a boss Ayumi-chan!” Erina exclaimed while poking her friend and laughing enthusiastically.


“Thank you!” Ayumi chuckled shyly with a goofy smile, still not realizing what she had just done.


The three girls had just the time to drink water as the bell rang for them. Everybody ran on stage for the final.





The girls went back on stage for the second encore. During the MC, Ayumi talked about Riho’s impending graduation, her feelings about it.


Seeing the tiny girl getting so emotional made the ace cry. It was her last concert in Sendai, the last day of her last tour, her last moments with her fellow Morning Musume members, her friends and this special girl, the one she fell in love with. There were too much “last” indeed.


Riho couldn’t hold back her tears anymore.


As they placed on the stage, the ace was still sobbing and the sigh made Ayumi cry too. Seeing her loving one sad, or worse, crying, always broke her heart. How she would love to hug her and to comfort her right now! Unfortunately, it was not possible, not yet, since it was time for the last messages. Everyone shared their feelings about this tour and the upcoming graduation of their comrade.


Riho’s turn came. Still crying, the girl gulped and managed to articulate a few words.


“Since yesterday, when the last spurt of the tour started, I thought it was important I wrote my thoughts on my blog…” The kyuuky said, referring to her dance partner who blogged as she would keep a diary.


“But I’m so happy to receive everyone’s warm support…” Riho confessed while looking at the Morning Musume members.


“…to be able to see Ayumi-chan smile a lot…for me…everyday…sorry, I’m crying!” The ace continued while looking only at her dance partner who was shaken by violent sobs.


“Sorry, I know it’s too early for that! Huh…” Ayumi apologized, trying her best to put on a smile.


The messages continued, the dance partners doing their best to calm down and dry their tears. Riho glanced at Ayumi again to find the tiny girl staring at her with longing red and puffy eyes. She suddenly began to whisper something but not a single sound came out of her mouth.


“Thank you Sayashi-san, I love you.”


Was what the ace read on the girl’s lips. Stunned, the kyuuky couldn’t take her eyes off her. Noticing her friend’s trouble, Kanon gently took her hand to lead her to her position.


The last song’s intro began.


Taken out of her reverie, Riho came back to her senses and sang her lines like she used to do but this time, Ayumi’s sad face whispering these simple words of love never left her thoughts.







Sorry for this sooo long wait! >___<


As an apology, a pic of the 9th world's wonder comeback with ou Daaishi ;)




Of course, our One and Only is still playful...




...and loved by her favorite senpai ^^



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07 April 2019 - 04:46 PM

Great! Love Sayu's backstage photos!

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06 April 2019 - 11:03 PM

I just recovered so, I can finally write my feelings about my beloved Riho's comeback ^^


First and the most important thing : I'm so proud of her!


To be honest, I was a little worried when she graduated from Hello Project in 2018. I trust her words and I knew she would be back but by the time, I assumed it would take more time and I was ready to wait 2 more years and then, out of the blue, she was announced at the 2019 Hina Fes! What a wonderful suprise! I couldn't believe it! In march, I counted each day!


Some people said that she would do just a MC but I couldn't believe it because, it would have been so stupid of UFA to use her comeback that way! So I waited.


And then, the 30th march came...


Seeing her on stage was like the sweetest dream I ever had! Her dancing was terrific, her low voice was so cool (althought she failed a bit at the high note in One Two Three but well, she hadn't sing for 3 years!) and she even lost weight! She is cooler and more gorgeous than before!


Her interactions with Ayumi were sweet (as a SayaIshi fan, I thank her from the bottom of my heart!) and it was heartwarming to see the other members so happy! It was as if a long time friend finally came back home!


Gosh...what a day it was! 2019 best moment for sure!



Did someone check Matsuoka Mayu yet if she still breathing? ^-^  ^-^

I was wondering the exact same thing... Did she blog or twit something abiut it? Did she went to the concert??



Well, I think Matsuoka Mayu fainted while Riho appeared on stage and then cried for the rest of the day ^^"

We didn't hear about her yet because I think she needs time to recover ;)



I strongly recommend you to read this awesome interview of Riho :




She's never been so honest and frank in an interview. You can see how much she matured in USA :)