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Hello! Project 2018 New Member Audition

15 July 2017 - 06:47 PM

Announced on the opening day of Hello! Project's Summer 2017 Tour ~HELLO MEETING~ 2017/7/15.



Official Audition Website: http://helloproject-...ceaudition.com/
English Coverage: https://hellonewsser...-debut-in-2018/

Application Round: 2017/7/15 - 2017/8/14

Audition Requirements:

- Must be among the ages 9-17 at the time of application.

- Must not be affiliated with any other agencies at the time of application.

Audition Winners may be added to ANY existing Hello! Project group, a new group, or join the Engeki Joshibu Theater Club.


To commemorate Hello! Project's 20th Anniversary next year, Hello! Project is getting their own AbemaTV regular show. This year, Hello! Project is having an audition for their 20th Anniversary. To make this a memorable audition, they will have a TV camera follow the audition. Its been 7 years since a TV camera followed an audition. In addition, Abema video will also upload separately on their site, the unpublished footage and original stories from the audition. Just search "ハロプロ".

In the studio, Hello! Pro OG members and active H!P member will be watching the 20th Anniversary auditions.

starts 11/13 9am~10am
title : Shoujo-tachi no Ketsudan ~Mitchaku!! Hello! Project 20th Anniversary Audition #1



from mr. A


Also, it seems that Yaguchi, Yasuda, Kumai, Ayacho, Kanatomo, and Sayubee will be a part of the show too.


The Hello! Project "Infographics"

24 April 2016 - 06:03 AM

This thread is for the purpose of discussing / sharing "infographics" or graphs/charts highlighting facts and stats of various Hello! Project groups (i.e. Member tenures, lineups, single history, member age, member colors, etc.).


Someone named Sato Ryu AKA "Visualizer X" was the first to create these "infographics" and still does updates on them. Since being popularized, others have started to create their own infographics similar to the ones made by Visualizer X.


Being a huge stats nerd, these graphs are EVERYTHING and I look at them often. Actually, the reason I am a fan of H!P is because of the Morning Musume chart made by Visualizer X. I thought it was the coolest, prettiest and most well-put-together thing, and it made me appreciate the group's whole concept.


Below are the updated infographics along with facts/information about who makes them.


Visualizer X info/facts (via. Hello Project World):



Visualizer X graphs LATEST UPDATES! (UPDATED: 8 JUNE 2018):







Utamurashima info/facts (via. Hello Project World):



Utamurashima (twitter @utamurashima) graphs LATEST UPDATES! (UPDATED: 1 JULY 2017):