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In Topic: GEM (Girls Entertainment Mixture)

27 June 2016 - 04:32 AM

I don't mean to insult Maho at all, she sometimes looks unstable mentally and physically.
It is not weird because she is just 17!
Leadership is very stressful task.
I am not sure she can performance as she does if she becomes a leader...


26 June 2016 - 09:26 PM

Whoton, did fans get penlights that were synchronized to certain colors at different times? I know these are common at arena concerts, but I think this could be the first time for iDOL Street (not counting the Sutorigu concerts which used penlights for voting). Although it didn't seem like everyone was using them.

Yes. Fans tentatively got penlights that synchronized by signal from Avex at the idle street carnival.

At the tour final of SUPER GiRLS right before carnival, they didn't distribute it.

I think this is the first attempt in the iDOL.

In Topic: iDOL Street

26 June 2016 - 11:23 AM

I predict Yuki will remain leader until the time she graduates.

I agree her performance is inferior to other members but her MC is better than others.

In my opinion, when it comes to the next leader, there is no candidate in GEM....

In Topic: GEM (Girls Entertainment Mixture)

26 June 2016 - 10:59 AM

As an audience who saw their concert some times, my concern is that other audiences are always same.

And I have to say the average age of the fans is getting high. I hardly see the fan of kid such as elementary school student or junior high school student.

In other words, they failed to get new fans so the capacity of Budokan is always too large for GEM(and also other iSt groups).

I believe this results from the fail of promotion strategy.

Even if GEM performances greatly, who knows them under no promotion circumstance?

I am really sad such a great skilled idle group is not well-known in Japan and the world.


25 June 2016 - 09:49 PM

Hi I joined iDOL street carnival in TDCH yesterday.

New five members... it surprised me a lot!

All members except Hotaru Ishibashi were Street sei in each district.

I am not sure who Hotaru is, but as far as I hear from an interview movie, she had an audition and joined the group.

I cannot say that new comers could cover the graduation of two important members right now.

I am looking forward to seeing the mixture of new and old.


Group leader was changed from Rika Shimura to Ami Maeshima. This is also big change.

Though I like Rika as a member of Supaga, I think she is not right person for a leader.