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Best Singers/Performers/Dancers in Hello!Project?

03 August 2015 - 09:40 PM

Fairly often, usually in a single thread, the off-topic discussion of 'who is the best singer/dancer in HP?' pops up. Here is a thread dedicated to just that!


Obviously, there is some difference between 'best' and 'favourite' but I suppose they kind of tie together. For me;


Best dancers;  


1. Riho

2. Manakan 

3. Nacky

4. Ayumin 

5. Takechan 


Best singers; 


1. Airi  

2. Meimi 

3. Chisato

4. Sayubee

5. Maro

6. Sakura

7. Maachan (I know many dislike her voice but I think she can be quite versatile with it) 

8. [bias] Ayapan [/bias] 

9. Takechan 

10. Murotan/Fukuhime


(But in terms of preference it'd be Duu>Meimi>Sayubee>Ayapan) 



Also - I trawled through this sub-forum but in the case that this is already a thread, apologies and please lock :)

HP deleted off iTunes?

18 January 2015 - 12:37 PM

Not sure if this requires a thread, but anyway.

All of Hello Project's songs have been deleted from iTunes UK and Europe. I've contacted UpFrontLink over fb and it would be really great if others could do so too.

Also, are the songs still on iTunes US?

Orange Port (オレンジポート)

23 November 2014 - 08:02 PM

Orange Port (オレンジポート) is a Japanese idol group formed in August 2012.

It currently consists of 11 members.

The idol unit is based in the city of Numazu in Shizuoka Prefecture.

The audition was held in August 2012. The members were selected among 130 applicants.

Orange Port hold regular live performances in Shizuoka East Area, and they participated in Japan Expo in Paris Nord Villepinte, France, in July 2014. 

  • Label : FMF Records
  • Agency : Fujiyama Music Factory
  • Produced by: Yanagiman


Koike Hime (小池 姫)

Tamura Honoka (田村帆野佳)

Watanabe Yuuna (渡辺結菜)

Nagano Minami (長野みなみ)

Masaoka Rino (正岡紫野)

Koike Shuri (小池珠璃)

Sumiya Ayu (住谷愛癒)

Yamada Akiho (山田青雅星)

Tsuyuki Juri (露木樹里)

Nagai Moeko (永井萌子)

Ishida Yuyu (石田結々)

Runa Saotome (早乙女るな)

Saya Umehara (梅原沙耶)


Former members -

Suzuki Hikaru (鈴木輝)

Takiguchi Natsuho (滝口夏帆)


Discography -


Singles -

23/02/2014 : With U / Yell 


Yell: (Live ver)



With U: 





23/02/2013 : Go with You… Soshite Arigatou (Go with You……そしてありがとう。)


Juri dancing to Exo's Growl: 



They will be releasing a new album this July!