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What are some of your H!P Unpopular Opinions?

28 January 2016 - 09:14 AM

Here in the H!O Hivemind, we must praise the goddesses or risk bashing by their worshipers.

This thread will allow you to express your unpopular opinion.

Keep in mind that Unpopular Opinion =/= Hate


Think it of it as H!P Confessions (does that still exist?) except without the shade and hate.


Here are mine:



Tsubaki's singing is not even that bad except for Ami's. Only reason Kobushi's better is bcoz they're in sync and they have Hirose and Inoue




Juice=Juice is arguably the best H!P group rn






Nakajima Takui's cool and all but I honestly don't really like the songs he wrote



Well that's it for now. How bout yours?


Where do you see your H!P oshi(s) in 10 years?

19 November 2015 - 07:50 AM

I have a lot of oshis sooo I guess Ill do just Maimi.


In 10 years hopefully she's married TO ME OF COURSE LOVERICE X MAIMI OTP SHIP IT to some handsome man




Also wishing that she fulfills her dream as a full-time actress.

She has expressed many times on wanting to become an actress.

Over the years she's acted in a lot roles but they weren't too famous.

I'm not expecting her to reach Ishihara's or Gouriki's level but I just wish for one hit drama or movie and I'll be at peace.

Rise to the top Maimi!



Anyway that's where I see my oshi in 10 years. How bout u? 

What do you want your oshi to do in 10 years? Married? Famous? STILL AN IDOL?


Well I'm gonna sleep now BYE

Should H!P start focusing on variety talent?

11 September 2015 - 07:04 AM





It has idols that can dance and sing well. Some of these idols can keep up or equal that of Japanese ARTISTS.

They have very beautiful idols too.

"How about variety?!" said the anti/non-fan


That's true.

When you think idol, you don't really go "daang she must be talented" (depends on the person).

Usually you associate idols with being good-looking mixed with a likable personality.


The last time H!P had maybe had SOME variety talent was Plat Era (right...?).


I really think H!P should focus on variety as much as they do talent. Idols are entertainers soooo really making people laugh should be part of their thing. I really see nothing negative about this besides accidentally or unintentionally saying something controversial.

Looking through a business perspective, you can get alot of exposure for the idol and the group. While doing so the idol can promote the group by word of mouth or just by her presence. Getting casted into lots of shows especially the big ones will get you that $$$$$$

Eventually, the group or the whole company can get their own show.


I'm really worried for H!P.

They're progressing but it's very slow. Sorry to compare but 48s are on a continuous fast pace despite their top status while Stardust are also expanding. More and more idol agencies are popping up and adding to the competition. Lots are also looking into talent and some are getting beautiful hafus and gaijins.

I really think variety can fix their situation.

Lots of door of opportunities are open but it seems like all H!P is doing is ignoring these doors or blocking it themselves


Maybe it's just delusional me.


What do you guys think? Should H!P look into variety?


H!P Idol(s) you can see becoming the face/faces of H!P in the future?

09 August 2015 - 06:11 AM

Recently, we've had Sayu,Airi and Momochi but Sayu has graduated and Airi and Momochi are getting old (which means they might graduate soon).


When it comes to the face(s) of H!P, they are not only beautiful but highly skilled in one area or many areas.


Who are your choices? Here are mine:


1) 3rd Gen Anju

First we have Aikawa Maho. She has this cute awkward air around her but what's intriguing about her is her "alien personality". She's just really weird as in she'll just suddenly blurt out something mid-conversation or talk about the moon in her blogs. If done right, this could be funny on TV.

Second we have Murota Mizuki. She's already good at all things but you can see her growing more. Her expressions are also great.

Lastly, we have Rikako Sasaki. The girl's just dang beautiful, heck calling her beautiful is almost an understatement. To add, strong dancing and enthusiastic performing is almost high-class although singing sucks. The expressions and reactions that she does screams "idol".


2) Kobushi Factory's Inoue Rei

The moment I saw her I oshinen her (sorry if I mispelled that). Her look is very unique, to me it's kinda like a mix of South-East Asian and Far East beauty. Imo, she's also the best singer in her group. Rei's experience on Oha Suta would also improve her talking skills.


3) Juice=Juice's Miyamoto Karin

This girl is just highly skilled. Great vocal control,sharp dancing, fun performing ; doesn't that just scream ACE?! She's quite cute too. She could honestly become the next Airi.


4) MM 15's Nonaka Miki and Sato Masaki

First Nonak! Plays piano like a pro, singing and dancing is great. Her English skills is also good coz there have been more foreign fans since ever, and that office knows it.

Lastly, MAA-CHAN. Plays piano AND drums. She even has experience in composing (?). This girl also has that "alien personality as she is unpredictable. Girl's hilarious and she's like the cutest girl that MM has gotten after Sayu.


To the plebs that might ask, YES I chose some of my oshis but hey I stated my reasons. If I wanted to be a total delulu I could've been like MY OSHIS >>>> WALL >>>> YOUR TRASH FAVES.




So did you like my choices? Who are your choices?

Where do H!P idols live?

22 July 2015 - 08:24 PM

Been wondering for a long time. Where do H!P idols live?


All these girls are from prefectures across Japan.


Do they live in dorms in Tokyo?


Or they just do work in Tokyo and go back to their home prefectures?


I mean alot of these girls are young, while it is possible I can't see them living by themselves.


There was a question at Pocket Morning about what would they do if they won the lottery or something like that.

Kananan said "she'll bring her family to Tokyo from Osaka". Sooo does Kananan live by herself?


Sure Osaka is close to Tokyo but it still takes time to get there.


Sooo yeah