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Ainori あいのり.. Japan's Reality TV program by Fuji TV.

26 January 2006 - 07:31 AM

Taken from wiki..

Ainori (あいのり?), literally "Ride together", or "Car pool" but can also be read as "love ride", is a popular television program in Japan on Fuji TV. It is a reality program where seven young men and women travel the world riding a pink bus. The goal of the program is for the riders to fall in love and return to Japan as a couple. When someone has decided they like someone else, they ask the driver (a native of the particular country they are traveling in) for a ticket. They then present the ticket to the object of their affection. Then, usually the next day, the person can kiss the one who presented them the ticket, and they will return to Japan together. Otherwise, they will say sorry, and get back on the bus, while the one who presented the ticket is left to return to Japan alone. After people leave the bus, new people are added to the program. They are seen on the side of the road with a painted cardboard sign (appearing to be hitchhikers) and brought aboard after a self-introduction.

The show is full of moments of cat-fighting between the contestants, and sometimes a large bond that they had developed during the course of their trip. For example, this summer, a girl developed a physical ailment for which the doctor prohibited her from riding on the bus, or any other prolonged sitting position. Because of this, the only solution seemed that she would have to be sent home, and be elliminated from the show. However, the group came to the decision that they would ditch the bus, and walk for the rest of the trip (while carrying around all of their baggage), just so the girl could remain with them.

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ainori

how i discovered this:
Bored.. nothing much to do.. so went surfing around.. found this site http://www.japan-zone.com/ after googling for something which i forgot what.. (by the time of posting.. ::D: <.<")

Makes you wonder what's your opinion on registering to alot of BBS.. and how active you are.. and what's your comment on each BBS.. in terms of facts, usefulness, friendliness, content.. etc.. (this should make an interesting separate thread in the "general" section.. :wink:)

Anyway back to the main topic, so I browsed around their forum (no regist. required.. lucky~..) and found several interesting articles regarding how to live in Japan etc.. (we should have one too.. anyone experienced enough to write ? :XD:D ..I was also trying to find how many authentic Japanese actually are on the BBS itself.. hehehehe.. (go check the site out to understand what I mean.. :()

So again.. back to the main topic.. (<.<") I found in one of the topics, they were talking about j-dorama.. so I found this Ainori.. and there's this guy who keeps track of it.. http://www.sylvainbo...m/wpblog/?p=107 by Sylvain of that BBS.

Anyway.. to end my lengthy post.. (catches breath.. -.-") ..just check it out.. I was reading the summary/hardsubs.. and it really seem interesting.. Japanese Reality TV.. c'mon.. there's nothing wrong about it.. ::D:
so what are you waiting for ? go go go.. :D

laters~ -Izu-

Izu's Technical Randomness.. anything goes..

21 January 2006 - 07:34 AM

I'll just quote this from my recent post.. hahahaha.. :XD: So here it is folks.. the brand new opening of "Izu's Technical Randomness.. anything goes" ..but not really anything goes.. just helpful stuff.. :P~

Just a handy tip, I'm usually more aware of spams, viruses.. and since torrents is one my essential daily usage.. that too.. :blink:

I was thinking of creating a new thread.. but naah.. since this is usually random and I'm usually-really the lazybum type.. here goes..

Virus Updates as of 2006-Jan-20th

Subject: Nyxem.E is becoming *more* widespread..

The Prologue..
Nyxem.E is becoming more widespread. This is a destructive mass-mailing worm that also spreads using shares. In addition, it tries to disable security software and might overwrite user files on certain dates.

The 'Nyxem.e' is a mass-mailing worm that also tries to spread using remote shares. It also tries to disable security-related and file sharing software as well as destroys files of certain types. It is similar to the 'Email-Worm.Win32.VB.bi' that was found a few days ago.

The Source..


hmm.. maybe I'll make a "Izu's Random Technical Stuff.." thread.. <.<"

Torrent News

20 January 2006 - 11:51 AM

Just discovered this today..

BitComet 0.61 [Jan 10, 2006][3,030KB] is out..

(heh if you're just like me, and just realised that.. well you're lucky that you now know.. <3~)

ps. ..PS! PS! PS! keep this as a topic/thread for updates/news regarding torrent stuff.. especially the client software (or any tech-related to it).. so no versus "vs." thingie here.. or.. problems etc here.. just want the source coming from their site or any other news related.. comments? well, keep them a minimum, don't want this place to be cloggy.. :<3: btw.. I'm only into BitComet, anyone else who uses others, please do help put something in.. just basic info will do.. like I did above.. :wink: ^^

Hm, I guess I'll continue by adding others..

BitTorrent - The Official BitTorrent Home Page
- BitTorrent Client: Latest (4.2.2), Beta (4.3.5)
- website: http://www.bittorrent.com

Azureus : Java BitTorrent Client
- client: version (
- website: http://azureus.sourceforge.net

BitTornado TheSHAD0W's EXPERIMENTAL BITTORRENT CLIENT. a Degreez project ·
- client: version (0.3.14a)
- website: http://www.bittornado.com

ps. that's it for now.. it's chilly at the moment, and i'm frozen.. just feel free to help add.. i'll most probly keep on editing this post instead of adding new replies.. laters~ <3 :wink: