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Hello_Baby > Sayashi Riho is leaving us..

Posted 30 October 2015

I wrote this during a long card ride yesterday expressing some of my feelings in light of the recent news. It was a really sad day for me and i'm sure it was for many others in this fandom.

Today will be remembered as one of the saddest day in my time as a fan of hello!project/Morning Musume. Sayashi Riho has announced her graduation very suddenly and u...

Hello_Baby > My top 10 H!P songs of 2014

Posted 30 December 2014

Though it's had it's share of disappointing/sad moments (berryz hiatus announcement, Sayumi's graduation, ANGERME....???) 2014 has been an over all really great year for hello project. Though i've only been in this fandom a short time 2014 was the year my love for hello! project really kicked off. So with 2014 coming to an end I decided to rank some of my...

Hello_Baby > 14 Shou ~The message~ review

Posted 17 November 2014

As I'm sure most of us know Morning Musume '14 has released their 14th and final album under Michishige's leadership entitled, 14 shou ~The message~. I am neither surprised or disappointed with this album. That is to say it was pretty much what I expected to hear following Morning Musume's EDM trend over the last 2 years. Even so I found that many of the...

Hello_Baby > Hello! Project Remix

Posted 28 October 2014

As much as I love hello project music in it's authentic glory, I always enjoy listening to music I already like with a new twist.

Remix's are always fun to listen to not only because of their new take on a song, but because they're always fan made. Sadly because of h!p's smaller world wide fan base, remix's (not to mention good quality one's) are a less...

Hello_Baby > Morning Musume 12th Gen: First impressions

Posted 01 October 2014

I'm sure most of us by now have seen that Morning Musume has announced it's 12th generation members! So far it's been announced that they will participate in handshake events this fall and become full members in 2015 as a part of Morning Musume '15. It has been an exciting morning indeed and I for one can say that I'm both satisfied and excited to see wha...