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You want it? Say So...

26 October 2020 - 04:01 AM

Riho and Kanon have been best friends for years, but Kanon developed a crush on Riho. She never let her know this for fear that their friendship would end, so she suffered in silence, but not tonight, she wanted to impress her at Sayumi's reunion party at one of the five star clubs.  
Sakura, her confidant came over to get ready with her before the event. They were upstairs in their bedroom, the radio playing "Two-timer" by Cleopatra.
"I'm so nervous Sakura, do you think she'll say yes?" Kanon whined while Sakura applied eyeliner and mascara to her lashes. "Of course she will, how could she say no to you while you look like this?" Sakura smiled. "I hope she doesn't say no, what if she tells the others? I'm going to be SOOO embarrassed." Kanon scrunched up her face. "Hold still, I'm almost finished....and there's literally nothing to worry about, you guys have been tight all of this time not being able to see each other, she's gonna be so happy to see you. Now stand up and turn around." 
Kanon did exactly just that, opening her eyes to look at herself in the mirror. She gazed at her reflection in awe. She wore black leather thigh high boots, a red mini skirt and red silky top that accentuates her cleavage with her her long hair flowing down her back. Her makeup gave off a cat-like appearance. She looked like a vixen. She loved everything about the look. "Woah...I wouldn't say no to me either..." Kanon said. "That's more like it. Now let's go." Sakura spritzed some of her perfume on before dragging Kanon out of the room. They got inside of Sakura's lavendar car and sped off. 
They were fashionably late to the party, being met with paparazzi as soon as they got out of the car. There lies a red carpet leading up to the door. They got out and gave their keys to a 
valet parking attendant and walked down the path, stopping briefly to pose and wave at fans who can't get in. Everyone was shocked by Kanon's appearance and were eager to snap photos of her. She gave them the show they wanted and eventually walked inside. The room is very large, there were strippers dancing on poles on stage and hanging from the shiny rings/hoops on the ceiling. A lot of H!P's current and former staff talking, dancing, and roaming around, as well as the H!P group members who were 21+. There was a VIP section for Morning Musume members, Sakura and Kanon instantly made their way over there. As soon as they passed through the curtain, the girly chatter started to die down as they looked at the entrance. Nakazawa Yuko and the elder members got up to give them a warm welcoming hug, the smell of pineapple tequila leaving their breaths. "Oh my gosh Kanon-chan, have you lost weight again, you look like a beautiful mature woman!" Yuko said bluntly. "Yes I did Nakazawa-san, thank you." Kanon smiled widely. 
A little later on, they eventually met up with 9th and 10th gen, except Riho was nowhere to be found. After catching up a bit, Sakura asked where Riho was. Mizuki spoke up "Where else could the ace be? On the dance floor, we all decided to sit and rest, can't keep up with her." The group turned to watch Riho in the middle of the dancefloor, dancing her heart out, she caught the eye of many of the girls around her.
"Well I guess it's time I try" Kanon said confidently and sashayed off into the dancefloor. Sakura turned and looked at Duu and titled her head in the direction of the main room, "Wanna dance?". "Sure," Haruka said, taking her hand. 
-cue "Baby" by Madison Beer-
Kanon made her way through a sea of attractive girls, some of them softly grazing their hand on Kanon's body as she passed them. She could see Riho's head getting near the closer she got. Eventually she made it right behind her and realized she was dancing very closely to another girl. She rolled her eyes and decided to start dancing sensually and freely, like she was the only girl in the world when the beat dropped.
"If you wanna be my baby, know I'm gonna drive you MAD...."  
Others formed a circle around her, cheering her on. Riho eventually noticed too, peering her eyes to see who it was gaining all of this attention. She realized it was Kanon and her eyes widened, she looked like a Goddess on the rainbow tiled floor. Kanon locked eyes with Riho, forming a devlish smirk on her lips as she rolled her hips. Riho gulped the rest of her liquor and tossed the cup before immediately joining the younger. They danced too close for comfort and Riho couldn't keep her hands off of her waist. 
When the song finished, Riho pulled her best friend in close for a tight hug, "I'm so glad you're here, so...so glad." Riho said in her ear in between panting. "I missed you so much....how about we chat somewhere else?" Kanon parted first and looked into her eyes. Riho gave a silent nod and grabbed her hand to run. They ran past Sakura and both exchanged winks, "Go get em girl!" Sakura screamed while she grinded on Haruka.
Riho led her up the stairs to a private room upstairs and hurridly closed the door and locked it before leaning on the frame to catch her breath, "Whew...finally some fresh air...". Kanon looked around, the room looked like a high end suite with a personal bar, lounge chairs, a balcony that showed the skyline and a luxurious bed. "Did you rent this out?" Kanon asked. "Yeah, well Sayumi gave it to me free for a few nights and then it's back to New York." Riho said. They both poured drinks sat down on the lounge chairs and began catching up on what's been going on between them while they were apart. Kanon finally decided to speak up about her feelings for her best friend, Riho paused. 
"Really?". "Yeah...I've liked you since 2013..." Kanon looked down and fiddled with her hands. "Why didn't you just tell me?" Riho took another sip and smirked. "Because I thought it would ruin our friendship and make you act weird around me if you didn't like me back." Kanon looked up and noticed Riho's smirk, "Why are you looking like that?" "Because it's funny, if you want me, all you have to do is say so. I would've been your girlfriend." "Will you be my girlfriend now?" "Of course I will." They both giggled before eventually gazing into eachothers eyes, Kanon leaned in quickly for a kiss and pulled away. Riho was shocked for a moment. "Gosh, I'm sorry...." Kanon looked away in embarrassment. "No...it's okay...don't stop." Riho pulled the younger's chin back to her so their lips would meet again. 
-to be continued-

"Come over..." (DuuxSakura)

14 June 2020 - 05:18 AM






"The names Kudo Haruka. Better yet, call me Duu." A husky voice passes through her lips before taking a drag out of her cigarette. "What can I say? I'm a lover of all women, short tall, large, thin, you name it....

I used to think....why be tied to just one woman when there's so many different flavors to try?" She laughed under her breath. "There's never a night where I go home alone." 


Duu enters the coffee shop, dressed in black pants with a white oversized shirt that's halfway tucked into her pants. She orders her favorite, a French latte. She decided to take a seat in one of the booths, farthest from the door and waits for her order. She leaned her head back on the seat and ran her fingers through her hair, sighing lightly. Just then, a cute girl with a half up do enters the shop, wearing a purple mini dress with flowers printed on it. Duu kept her eyes on the girl, examining her up and down. The girl felt her gaze and decided to look to see who was staring. She locked eyes with Duu and immediately felt chills all over her body, causing her to look away  very quickly. Duu smirked 'Bingo...' she said in her mind before getting up and walking over. The girl ordered her drink but was unable to find her wallet in her purse, making it a perfect entry way for Duu to pay for her drink. "Oh, thank you...you didn't have to." the girl looked stunned. "No, it's okay, I wanted to....Wanna go sit with me until we get our drinks?" Duu asked. "S...Sure..." She then lead the girl to the same booth and they both sat down across from eachother. 


After they sat down, Duu stared intently into the girls eyes, making the girl squirm uncomfortably. “What’s your name?” Duu asked. “Masaki…” “Pretty name….I’m Haruka, but you can call me Duu.” “Nice to meet you…” Masaki nodded her head in greeting. “So what are you doing outside this late at night?” “Just got out of ballet practice. It’s been a long day.” “Really? You look like you do well at it.” Masaki blushed and smiled a bit, “Thank you, what about you?” “Eh? Well, I was studying and really craved a french latte, so I ended up here.” Duu said, tugging at her shirt collar a bit, making the shirt droop forward, showing a little bit of her collar bone. Masaki couldn’t help but look there, then her eyes went straight up to Duu’s lips. Duu noticed this and smirked ‘Bingo…’


Next thing the poor girl knew, she fell back on Duu’s bed, watching her taking off her clothes. “I remember you said you’re into ballet, right? I wanna see how far you can stretch tonight.” Duu said in her sensual husky voice before jumping on top of Masaki, ripping her clothes off. Masaki felt compelled to let out her inner beast, it was something about the way Duu made her feel, like she was the sexiest, most beautiful girl in the world, even if they met just hours before. They kissed and fondled each other before the main event. The rest is history…


“She fell in love with me that night, now she won’t stop stalking me and showing up at different spots. I regret that encounter…” she takes another drag before letting the smoke leave through her lips. “That was usually how my nights go. Show up to all the lady spots....see a babe who could use a good f***, slide in and help them out, it’s simple really...not until I met her…”


It was early morning, right before dawn, Duu couldn’t sleep all night, so she got up and put on some jogging clothes and started walking fast paced  around Hello!Project campus. Her eyes were glued to the ground, so it was easy for her to bump into someone, and she did. She fell on her back, eventually leaning up on her elbows, holding her head in pain. “Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry...are you okay?” a voice, which sounded like a melody said to her. Duu looked up at the source of the voice. Big brown eyes were staring back at her worridley, her hair was a little past her shoulders blowing in the wind. She had on a black mini dress with ruffles at the bottom. Her pale skin shown brightly from the moon’s light. Her hand reached out to Duu. Duu looked stunned, but took her hand and got up, “It’s okay, it was my fault. I should’ve watched where I was going…” she said before clearing her throat, getting her act together, “Sorry..” “No it was my fault...I was in such a hurry to go back to my dorms and get some sleep.” the mysterious girl said before putting her hair behind her right ear. “Really? You’re going to the dorms to sleep?” Duu said, confused. “Yeah, I take night classes, just got done with my singing lesson.” “Oh okay...I’m Haruka Kudo by the way, but you can call me Duu…” Duu said, now reaching her hand out to the girl, flashing her charming smile to test her out. The girl held Duu’s squeezing it a little bit, “My name is Sakura Oda, nice to meet you...Duu?” she giggled, but seemed to not take the bait. Just then, Sakura’s phone rang, she let go of her hand and looked at the screen, before meeting eyes with Duu. “I really should get going, I like to be in the dorms before the sun comes up. See you around?” “S-Sure...see you..” Duu replied before watching her figure as she walks away. This was new for Duu, surely her little signals would hook girls in, but she couldn’t even get Sakura to stay for more than five minutes. 


“There’s something about that girl….”



Head Over Heels (9th gen fanfic)

03 January 2017 - 09:49 AM








(Hello all who's reading this. This is my first H!P fanfic that I'm doing so there will be rough patches in the mix. I decided to write this fanfic because I've always liked Ninth gen more than any others before I realized it, especially the pairings within it. ((Sayasuzu, PonPon, Mizushi, ZukkiPon)) I know it seems all over the place right now but it will get better, trust me. Anyway's enjoy!)





It was summer of 2011 when I first saw her. We were both auditioning to be in 9th gen for Morning Musume. She walked past me, her hair flowing behind her as she walked. I couldn’t help but stare. I also remember the first time she opened her mouth to say a word to me, I tried playing it cool but I ended up freaking out inside. I could tell she felt nervous as well. Ever since then, we became good friends, but I could never bring myself to tell her how I feel. I didn’t want our friendship to be ruined because of my stupid confession. Heck, I can’t even tell if she feels the same way in the slightest. The best thing I can do right now is play it safe and wait for the right time…


Present time: October 2014


Kanon’s alarm went off, instantly waking her up to reality, the hotel room where the 9th gen were sleeping. She reached over to stop the annoying sound before sitting up in bed. Riho groaned beside her as she turned the other way. “Riho-chan...wake up..we have to get ready for the photo shoot today,” she said as she poked at Riho’s arm. Mizuki and Erina were already up, getting ready in the other rooms. The younger two finally rose up to get ready and meet the rest of the members outside. As they got on the bus, Riho and Kanon sat beside each other.


“Ergh...I didn’t get much sleep last night.” Riho sighed and slumped back in her chair, looking out of the window. “Well of course you didn’t, you kept going on and on about how you needed cider.” Kanon responded. “Hey, you know I like my cider. I can’t sleep peacefully until I get it.” she turned to give Kanon a cranky look. “Well as the ace of Morning Musume’14, shouldn’t you be more responsible in making sure you are well rested? You’re booked until Saturday.”. “We come back to the hotel so late that when I actually get comfy, it’s time to get right back up. Cider helps me deal with it.” Riho said. Kanon looked at her for a minute before speaking. “I notice you always go out of the hotel room for like 30 minutes and then come back and slip right into REM, why is that?”. Riho’s eyes widen, keeping her head turned to the window as she fiddles with her sleeves. “How the heck do you notice something like that?” “Because you always hit your foot against something on your way out because you’re blind.” Kanon poked her head as she got up to step off of the bus with the others. Riho kept her mouth shut as she walked beside her.


They eventually went into the dressing rooms and did their hair, makeup, and wardrobe before doing solo shots for the new music video. Riho went first among the 9th gen and they huddled around the tv to watch her there. Kanon’s eyes were glued to the TV as her cheeks began to turn red. “There goes that smug smile.” Mizuki joked as she cuddled with Erina. “I don’t think she’ll ever let that go, especially when Michishige-san pointed it out.” Erina said, making them both giggle. Erina noticed Kanon getting lost in thought and decided to nudge her a bit to snap out of it. “Yes?” “If you’re gonna hide the fact that you’re in love with Riho, please do a better job. She could glance over here any moment and catch you looking like that ya know.” “Sorry..” Kanon looked down. “Why don’t you just tell her how you feel this Saturday? She’s free right? Ask to hang out with her.” Mizuki insisted, her tone of voice calmer than the delivery her light green partner gave.

“I can’t tell her how I feel. What if she rejects me? Then I’d have to show up to work seeing her face and it would be awkward as hell? I’d rather not go through that.” Kanon shook her head. “You never know until you try, look for the small signs. By watching you two, I personally think she likes you for who you are, she just doesn’t like showing her emotions that much.” Mizuki said as she got up. “Well, it’s my turn.” She turned and walked toward the set where Riho came from. They shared a high five and a yay. Erina got up from her seat and switch to one farther back, to leave an empty space by Kanon to be filled by Riho. Riho did just as expected and sat right beside Kanon. “How did I do?” “Y-...You did awesome as always.” Kanon smiled at her. “Thank you.” Riho locked arms with her, turning to watch Mizuki’s solo shot. “Hey...Riho-chan…” Kanon blushed even more, not taking her eyes off of Riho until their eyes met again. “Yeah? What’s up?” “Would you like to hang out Saturday? I was thinking of having karaoke night.” “Sure!” Riho smiled. “Aww look at you two, going on a date?” Erina joked behind them. “Oh shut up Erina, focus on your precious Mizuki.”


It was Saturday afternoon that Riho and Kanon finally got out of the clutches of work and into play. They went to a theme park and finally sat down for a picnic in the grassy area after getting on roller coasters. They opened up their lunches and took a bite. “Mmm..I miss days like this…not having to worry about work and just taking the time to enjoy the sun.” Kanon said, looking up at the sky. “It has been a while hasn’t it...us not being able to hang out together like we used to…” Riho’s voice trailed off. “Right. With all these new assignments, our schedules have been clashing. I missed you.” “Me too. This is refreshing for a change.”. Kanon paused a moment before speaking, “Do you think management will find out about Mizu and Eripon’s relationship?”. “Dunno, I think they would rather them be together than to date a guy unknown to them.”


Kanon leaned back while eating, nodding as a response. “To be able to be unstoppable when together, to only have them on your mind, wanting to be with them all the time, it’s something I truly admire from their relationship…” Riho stared into space as she praised the older two. Kanon’s face lit up, “I feel the same way Riho-chan….there’s actually something I want to tell you..”. “Hm? What is it?” Riho locked eyes with her. “I-..” Next thing she knew, a small toy ball hits her head, followed by loud laughter. Riho tries her best to hold in her laughter as MaaDuu approach. “Ouch! Why would you do that?” Kanon whined, rubbing her head. “That was all Maa-chan.” Duu pointed at Maa and raised her hands innocently. “YurushiteNyan!” Maachan posed and laughed sinisterly before sitting and clinging onto Riho. “What are you two lovebirds doing here?” Riho snickers a bit before petting her head. “We were walking around, got bored and then spot you two sitting here. Promise we weren’t stalking.” Duu said, sitting beside Kanon and taking her hand.


“You just interrupted an important conversation we were having.” Kanon pouted. “How about we make it up by taking you two out to karaoke? How does that sound MaaMaa?” Duu looked at Maa and winked. “It’s funny because Kanon-chan and I are going there right now.” Riho stood up. “Waaah! Double date it is then! Let’s go!” Maachan grabbed Riho and ran off. Duu pulled Kanon along, trying to catch up to the other two. “Wait! Who said you could come alooooong!?!” Kanon yelled and sighed. They eventually made it there and booked a room. It was pretty small compared to the others. “I call first dibs on a duet!” Maachan screamed, making the girls cover their ears in pain. She picked the song “Dreaming Dancing Doll” by M Three (sub unit of Fairies). “Oh I remember them, they were our rivals back in the Renai Hunter days!” Duu exclaimed before standing beside Maa, grabbing a mic. The song started and everyone rocked along. The elder girls started doing wota chants to cheer them on. When the song ended, Duu surprised Maa with a kiss on the cheek, sending Maa to go into tsundere mode.


“Well I guess it’s our turn. What song do you wanna do?” Riho looked through the music section when it landed on “Only You”. “That one.” Kanon exclaimed. MaaDuu snickered. The song started and the ace stood up, dramatically walking around the table as she stared at her green partner. She followed her lead, getting up as well, twirling around the table.


R: Itoshi no kimi e

K: Itsumo no Yell for you

R: Choppiri bukiyou na watashi, Massugu aisuru kara.

K: Tsuranuite ne


In this moment, I am thankful to have this one moment with her in a long time...


What is this I’m feeling...a spark…? Kanon-chan…




The lights dimmed as the disco lights flew around the room. There was a lot of tension in the room, so much so that MaaDuu felt like they shouldn’t have been in the room, their eyes were glued to their senpais.


Mizuki arrived and booked a room beside the other 4 with her close classmate, unknowing of their presence. She walked past at first, but hearing the familiar voices, she took 3 big steps backwards, looking into the room through the window. She saw them singing and dancing together, Riho taking her hand and twirling her. She felt a small twinge of regret in her heart, she also couldn’t deny that there was something there, waiting to come into the light. She rested her hand on the glass, longing to get through.


The ended it off in a pose. Applause quickly followed in the background. Riho turned to Kanon and gave her a high five ending in a hug. She then noticed a shadow of a girl quickly turning and walking away right outside of the door.