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In Topic: Who would you want to date from MoMusu

24 July 2006 - 03:31 AM

:w00t!: Sayumi!! The embodiment of pure beauty and kawaiiness! And the only momusu girl who can diffuse a nuclear bomb with her cute little nose hairs! Heck, she's so beautiful I'll even date her long after she's been dead!! :blush I've been in love with Sayumi since she was a tiny fetus in her mother's womb!! :P I adore her so much I would let her drop a 10-ton elephant on my head anytime!! :P I'm so obsessed with her beauty I use to tattoo the lovely image of her face all over my raw brain!! I would even date her sexy shadow if I could!! :rolleyes My dream is to one day marry Sayumi inside a live erupting vocano so we could have the most explosive wedding ever! :w00t!: Sayumi is mine, mine, mine and only mine!!!!!!!!! Muahahahahahaha!!! :c16: