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just want to say that Nacchi is the love of my life!

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i'm an oldschool fan, i have been a fan of mm since happy summer wedding. what i cant stand from the so called mm fans, is when they say, i'm not a fan of the OGs, or i dont care about the OGs, the OGs are not important, the OGs are over etc. if you arent a fan of the OGs, you are not a morning musume fan.

ok, so this list changes a lot:

My Fav Current MM Member list:
2. Takahashi Ai
3. Niigaki Risa
4. Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi
5. Tanaka Reina
6. Mitsui Aika
7. JunJun

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My All Time Fav MM Member List Top 5:
1. Abe Natsumi
2. Kago Ai
3. Yaguchi Mari
4. Niigaki Risa
5. Goto Maki

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My Fav CPs:

regarding Nacchi

1. Nacchi/ Risa
2. Nacchi/ Aibon
3. Nacchi/Mari
4. Nacchi/Kame
5. Nachi/Maki
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Current MM

1. AiLin
2. EriLin
3. ReiLin
4. SayuLin
5. AiSayu
6. KameSayu

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My fav voices
1. Abe Natsumi- my fav voice of all time, nacchi's voice has a soothing power. it heals me everytime i listen to her.
2. Takahashi Ai- powerful, one of the best singer in Jpop not just Hp
3. Linlin- 2nd best singer in mm, i say she is better reina, reina cant do what linlin did in the acoustic version of Aozora ga Itsumade mo Tsuzuku You na Mirai de Are!.
4. Fujimoto Miki/ Matsuura Aya- i can never decide which one i like more, so they are the same. i love aya's version of first love by utada hikaru, maybe even more than the original. mikitty's voice is so sharp, she overpowers anyone that sings with her, especially during live.
5. Kago Ai- Aibon, i love her voice, its sweet and nice to listen too. i loved sakura-gumi's songs a lot, and aibon really did deserve to be the lead singer of the group.
6.Yaguchi Mari- Yaguchiiii! i love her voice too, she can do sexy beam! and the come on in say yeah motto miraku night, and i love her in as for one day. love love her in minimoni.
7.Goto Maki- i miss Gomaki, she improved so much, at first she was one of the worst, esp in Akai Nikkichou, even danielle sang better than her at that time. but look at her now. wow!
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Least fav voices

1. Kusumi Koharu- i dont think i will ever like her voice, or the way that she sings.. never. there are some songs i love by her, like balalaika, sugao-flavor, and hapi hapi sunday. the songs itself, but i can never finish it bc her voice annoys me so much.
2. Ilda Kaori- i like johnson, and i like her usual talking voice, but her singing voice.. really isnt my cup of tea, how can i describe it? its too thick? but yossie's voice is thicker than hers, and i like yossie's, but just not Johnson.
3. Ishikawa Rika- i like rika, she dances really well. but she is one of the worst singers of mm, and the worst in v-u den, but she gets the most lines. oh well.
4. Michishige Sayumi- definitely one of the worst of all time, but i only hate her voice sometimes, probably bc i like her too much.
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FAV MM songs
1. Ai araba it's alright!- i loved mm at that time, probably my fav mm, even more than the golden period. of course it's nacchi's last song, listening to this reminds me again how much i love mm, and the mm that i love.
2. Resonant Blue- this spot used to be shabondama, but after resonant came out, wow!! i love the dance, the opening when the 8th gen starts, and aika's point to the camera! <3
3. Shabondama- i sing this everytime when i go the karaoke, and when i say rika's dialogue, my dad would look at me in disdain, lol he understands japanese, and my mom would just look at me in amazement.
4. A memory of summer 98- haha i bet most of the new fans dont even know this song. its the coupling of summer night town, i love yaguchi's ver of this in hello pro hour. it's a very touching song.
5. furusato- this is nacchi's song, my dad likes this, he asks me to sing this song everytime when we are at the karaoke, i wish my mom would understand the lyrics like me and my dad do, she would really appreciate this song. lol

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