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sengir's fictional corner

18 November 2010 - 01:25 PM

Welcome :)

In here i'm gonna post everything i write or wrote involving the hello project. - yeah, i know, that's just stating the obvious. ;)

My first two fictions already made their way into the one-shot thread, so i'll just repost them here for the sake of completeness. Also i started a chapter fiction which is at the second chapter at the moment, and i expect it to be around ten chapters or so. Once this thread becomes too big i'm gonna manage an index in this first post.

So yeah, hope you'll enjoy this litte fictional corner of the forum. :)

And most importantly: I'd love to hear any sort of critique. So if you just like or dislike something that i wrote, please go ahead and tell me. And if you go even one step further and tell me why, that would be awesomeness right there.