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In Topic: Akiyama Mao (秋山眞緒)

28 July 2020 - 08:22 PM

Happy birthday Maopin ❤❤

In Topic: Tsubaki Factory (つばきファクトリー)

25 June 2020 - 11:38 PM

By any chance, does someone know if the dokkiri prank part is uploaded somewhere? Ive seen it a long time ago and would love to see it again <3 ^-^


^ Thank you


Quote from [email protected]

Tsubaki Factory FC event ~Camellia Fights! vol.7 Camellia Party e Youkoso!~ (Welcome to the Camellia Party!) - 3rd Anniversary event @ Yamano Hall 4/29/18

MC Suzuki Keita

1."Suzuki Keita's Camellia Dokkiri Grand Prix"

Today's 3rd Anniversary event, Tsubaki Factory was setup by Suzuki Keita in a dokkiri prank for the first time ever. He had help from a production cameraman who place 7 hidden cameras to capture their reactions. The cameraman tweeted after the event. They setup Tsubaki members Yamagishi, Asakura, and Ono in an English speaking prank with a foreigner named Ms. Ganna. Tsubaki members Ogata, Niinuma, Tanimoto, Kishimoto, Onoda, and Akiyama were setup with a fake hero audition prank with a fake director.


In Topic: Haga Akane (羽賀朱音)

15 June 2020 - 08:15 AM

ikr? I have high hopes for the next singles <3

In Topic: Need help?

15 June 2020 - 08:14 AM

glad it was fixed - thank you for your help :) :respect:

In Topic: Need help?

10 June 2020 - 10:57 PM

I accidentally deleted my avatar and now I don't have any avatar as I am unable to add a new one :(


I always receive an error "Failed to set a new photo"