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In Topic: 16 H!P fans-only quizzes

22 February 2016 - 02:30 PM

Name: derpyusagi
1)When did you become a H!P fan?

Around 2007/2008

2)How did you become a H!P fan?
I start following H!P because I like Kusumi Koharu and Buono (back then I don't even know that Koharu was in Momusu AND they were in the same agency. Shame on me)

3)Why you love H!P?
I love their songs, their weird dances, and the girls! But I like Tsunku-san the most. (lol)

4)In your opinion, what's the best way to show your love for H!P?
Hmm, maybe buying their goods? But I rarely bought their goods- So maybe talking to other fans would do and in my case, I like singing so I'll spread my love to H!P with doing plenty cover songs~

5)Who's your fave H!P member?And why?
For now, Funaki Musubu. I really like her powerful dancing and singing!

6)What H!P unit is your favorite?And why?
Morning Musume, they shared a lot of memories with my childhood.

7)Who is your fave solo H!P artist?And why?
Ofc Matsuura Aya, because she's amazing! (Plus she once played in a movie with Ninomiya Kazunari, which I love XD)

8)Your Fave H!P song(or single or album)?And why?
For album, I really like H!P Kenshuusei Album "1.Let's Say Hello!" and for single... Maybe Help Me, because this single have some beautiful B-sides songs!

9)Had you ever met H!P memeber(s) in person?(not including public performance such as concerts or musical)
Sadly, no... But I'll meet them in the future! (Maybe?)

10)If you could meet your fave H!P member(s), what would you do?
I'll shake their hands, take a picture of them, shake their hands, asking for a sign on my cd's collection, shake their hands again, and faint. Maybe.

11)Had you ever go to H!P concert(s)? If you had, what concert did you attend?

12)What H!P products do you buy most often?
I only bought 1 Momusu single (bonus poster) and ANGERME's poster... :')

13)What's your most-valuable H!P treasure?
Once back then, I bought an anime-magazine that included Buono's biography and a small Buono postcard, with my own money TuT

14)How did you get H!P vids and music?
Mostly download- I hope that in future I'll be able to buy it~

15)Had you ever dreamed about H!P member(s) in your dream?
I had, a lot! Mostly is that they held a concert in my country and I can meet them face-to-face while talking my broken-Japanese with them~

16)Leave your message for H!P:

I hope that H!P will be bigger and bigger, and I hope that they'll last as long as possible!

In Topic: Who is the VERY FIRST Hello! Project girl that you saw?

22 February 2016 - 02:05 PM

Kusumi Koharu!


When I found out that she's the one who sang Kirarin Revolution's op (and be Kirari's voice actor too), I start watching all her music videos~ I think it was 2007/2008?

In Topic: How did your favorite become your favorite?

22 February 2016 - 02:02 PM

Let me talk about Funakki


Back then, when they announced that nobody past the Morning Musume's 12th generation audition, I'm actually a bit curious about the girls and start looking after them while they're on kenshuusei. After that, someone upload a live rip of their "Rock Erotic" performance on nama tamago, and I'm shocked that there were a small girl who sang without a cutesy voice. Since then, I started following her activities, and eventually every time I saw her performing, I can't stop smiling looking at her powerful dance with a small body XD Even thought I would like to see funakki being a solo singer/duo unit, I'm still glad that they put her on Country Girls~



Sayashi Riho


And now I'll talk about my oshi that graduated last year, Yasshi. Actually she's the one who bring me back to Morning Musume and Hello!Project. Back then on 2008, I really like Morning Musume, C-ute, and Buono. But because I didn't know how to follow their activities (I didn't know that this kind of forum even exist), I pull myself back. On 2012, I found Morning Musume's One Two Three MV on youtube, and I start liking the red girl (which is Riho). Time passes, and so I started to like other members like Fukuchan, Odacchi and Maachan. To me, Riho is a very special person, even thought I didn't really consider her as my most favorite in Momusu. It's all thanks to her that I'm back to this fandom.

In Topic: Of the current groups, who's your favorite in each?

22 February 2016 - 01:39 PM

C-ute : Suzuki Airi

Morning Musume : Sato Masaki, Fukumura Mizuki

ANGERME : Wada Ayaka, Aikawa Maho

Juice=Juice : Miyazaki Yuka

Country Girls : Funaki Musubu, Yamaki Risa

Kobushi Factory : Inoue Rei, Ogawa Rena

Tsubaki Factory : Niinuma Kisora

In Topic: Top 20 Hello!Project Member Ranking

22 February 2016 - 01:00 PM

1. Funaki Musubu 

2. Inoue Rei

3. Sato Masaki

4. Fukumura Mizuki

5. Suzuki Airi

6. Oda Sakura

7. Hirose Ayaka

8. Wada Ayaka

9. Yamaki Risa

10. Ogawa Rena

11. Inaba Manaka

12. Yajima Maimi

13. Kudo Haruka

14. Nonaka Miki

15. Aikawa Maho

16. Fujii Rio

17. Niinuma Kisora

18. Onoda Saori

19. Hamaura Ayano

20. Iikubo Haruna