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テルテル坊主の涙 > Top-10 2016

Posted 20 August 2016

About time to make up my mind on my current favourite idol ranking list, before I forget.

1. Kago Ai


Well, I must confess that she still has the 1st place only due to her brilliant past. To me she was near to perfect as an artist. I still support her to some degree (What? Really? Didn't you unfoll...

テルテル坊主の涙 > MM 1-6ki members most shining PV character ranking

Posted 06 August 2016

[Nostalgic mode ON]

So.. all of sudden a melody of DEF.DIVA "Suki sugite baka mitai" started playing in my head and I had no choice but to search for PV and watch it again. Actually, I watched not PV, but some performance of that song.

Since I keep all HP PVs in the same folder, I decided to watch some more and after few clips I decided to make this ran...

テルテル坊主の涙 > Top-10 2015

Posted 27 August 2015

Here is my current top10 of favourite japanese female personalities

1. Kago Ai (the one and only, my 1st love among idols, the only reason I became interested in idols)
2. Yaguchi Mari, Kamei Eri, Honda Ruru, Ikuta Erika (N46)
3. Goto Maki, Matsuura Aya, Toda Rinne, Ootani Masae, Hatanaka Seira (N46)
4. rest of MM 1-7 gen members
5. rest of H!P...

テルテル坊主の涙 > Top-10 2014

Posted 15 August 2014

Here is my current top10 of favourite japanese female personalities

1. Kago Ai
2. Yaguchi Mari
3. Kamei Eri
4. Goto Maki, Toda Rinne, Ootani Masae
5. Ishikawa Rika, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Tsuji Nozomi, Abe Natsumi, Ishiguro Aya, Ichii Sayaka, Iida Kaori, Fukuda Asuka
6. Nakazawa Yuko, Matsuura Aya, 5ki, 6ki, Melon Kinenbi girls, Country Musume girls, Koharu K...